How to make a screenshot (screen shot) program without

By | 10.12.2018

To make a screenshot (screenshot)

Often the need to make a screenshot (screen capture), to capture the new error window with the program settings or for something else. I will tell you about two ways that will help to do it.

How to take a screenshot

  1. The operating system
  2. With the help of a program Screen Capturer

1. The operating system

The process consists of two stages:

When we see what we want «taskinstance» press the PrtScr button. thus, in the buffer there is a picture of the desktop. To do now the file with the screenshot of starting «start» — «Programs» — «Accessories» — «Paint». Or at a command prompt (start — Run) enter the command mspaint

In the window opened by the program «edit» — «Paste» and see that the picture of the screen appeared in the workspace.

Now just save the image to disk: «File» — «Save as…», choose the folder where you will save, specify a file name and type select JPEG. Save!

If you need the Windows only programs, not the whole screen, instead of the key PrtScr, use Alt + PrtScr. In this case, the buffer will get only the picture of the active window of the program.

2. With the help of a program Screen Capturer

If you often have to take screenshots or the first method you just seemed to long and complicated — you can make the most of the program Screen Capturer dedicated. When the program is running, it while pressing PrtScr gives its window, where you can use the mouse to choose what you want to capture: whole screen, current window, select another window or select area of the screen. To keep in the buffer, and once to a file, send by email or print. Simply select the desired option

Thus creating screenshots much easier!

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