How to make a beautiful frame in word (Microsoft Word 2007)?

By | 10.12.2018

How to make a beautiful frame in word?

Probably many of you know that with the help of a text editor Microsoft word, you can create ads, book covers, pages for magazines or Newspapers and even postcards. The functionality of this program is huge and a sin it not to use it. Today we will consider one interesting feature of the frame.

The framing document often have in order to make it brighter and make more beautiful. After all, the nicer the sheet with the text features a beautiful ornament than the usual white paper.

So now let’s look at the user manual which will help you to make a beautiful frame in your document.

First, you need to go to the tab «page Layout«.

Как сделать красивую рамку в ворде (Microsoft Word 2007)?

Next, click on the label «page Borders«.

Как сделать красивую рамку в ворде (Microsoft Word 2007)?

Which opens a dialog box with the title «Borders and shading». It will immediately draw attention to the left part of it, which is called «Field». Make sure that the page border is framed (see screenshot below).

Как сделать красивую рамку в ворде (Microsoft Word 2007)?

Now let’s move on. In this dialog you can choose:

  • A type of the future boundaries of the document (frame);
  • The line type, which will be outlined in the sheets;
  • The color and width of lines.

The functionality is quite extensive, the main thing that you have enough imagination to create beautiful frames.

That will give you a small sample box that I get:

Как сделать красивую рамку в ворде (Microsoft Word 2007)?

In the same dialog box, there are still some features that we have not considered above.

For example, a drop-down list called «apply to«. I think you guessed why it is necessary and what function does. To set the application of the framework can be to:

  • The entire document;
  • This section;
  • This section (only 1st page);
  • This section (except 1st page).

The name cook for themselves.

I would also note that under the drop-down list of «apply to» is a button called «Settings«, clicking on which will open the dialog box «Options, border and fill«.

Как сделать красивую рамку в ворде (Microsoft Word 2007)?

Here you can set:

  • Margins (top, bottom, right and left), but above all from the drop-down list, select «Ratio» — edge of page or text.

To help you unpack you will help sample, which is also located in this dialog box. That is, using the section «Fields» you can set the indentation of text from your frame. Nothing difficult in this, a couple of times practice and you can find the necessary aspect ratio.

In the end I would also like to recommend users who can’t make a nice frame in Word – download ready options on the Internet. A lot of them and most are free. But I think all of the above is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

Personally, I have to create a beautiful frame always choose the type of «Surround» and the color is softer (which would not stand out against a white sheet of paper). Thus, you can achieve the beautiful appearance of the document and not ruin its readability.

This, perhaps, everything, I wish you success and good luck in your experiments.

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