How to login to router configuration — user manual

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How to login to router settings — instructions for user

With the ability to connect via wi-fi, as well as using a network cable and routers provide a comfortable Internet access on various devices. But to get started router Internet connection directly in the settings of the router.


For proper operation of the router requires a connection of the respective wires to its connectors. These sockets are on the back of the router and have one common standard, so that the connecting wires will not cause you difficulties.

  • First, you need to do is connect the power wire of the device.
  • the next step is to connect the cable that provides access to the Internet. The connector for it has the name «Internet» and usually highlighted in a different color or is at some distance from the rest of the inputs.
  • for full access to the router settings you need to connect a computer using wired connection. this requires a normal lan cable which comes with most routers. To connect the cable between the router and a computer using any of several lan connectors, marked on the router corresponding reduction.

Как войти в настройки роутера - инструкция для пользователя

The inclusion of the router

To enable the router depending on make and model, use the corresponding button or switch on the rear panel of the device. Some routers do not have such keys and are enabled immediately after connecting the power wires.

Steps how to log into router settings wifi

All that is required to log into the settings menu of your router – a username and password. If you don’t know them, the manufacturers always indicate the factory options on the back of the device: login the login menu, and password is your password. In most cases, the username use admin and password or is not used or the same login. In addition to a username and password to log into the router settings on the rear panel indicates the address of the router in the network. In most routers, the address is or To go into the settings, you must open the browser and enter the specified address into the address bar. After that you will be redirected to the login page in the router menu, where you must enter your username and password. Access settings marshrutizatora allows you to make changes to individual settings, change the password for the wi-fiа as well to access the router settings. Typically, configuration of routers are split into relevant categories. Despite the fact that the interface in many routers is translated into Russian, there are some models which are available only in English.

Как войти в настройки роутера - инструкция для пользователя

Entrance to D-Link

The entrance to the settings of the router d link is virtually indistinguishable from the ways to access the settings of routers from other manufacturers. The only difference is just the ip address of the router to access the settings menu, to enter you must enter the address

Entrance for Asus

The entrance to the settings on your router ASUS runs, and other devices that feature is the same values for username and password – admin.

Login to TP-Link

How to login to router settings TP link? Settings to access settings routers TP-Link are identical with the default settings of the Asus router. Therefore, to access the interface, you enter the address and use admin for Password fields Loginи.


For cases where incorrect settings of the Internet or you connect a router to another provider, it is possible to reset to the original version. Thus, you can get the router settings in the form in which they were when purchased. Also, users often forget the password to access the settings after changing the factory password. Resetting the device you can reset the settings and use the default passwords to access the router settings.

Как войти в настройки роутера - инструкция для пользователя

There are two ways of resetting the device to factory settings:

  • The first method involves resetting the software, it runs via the web interface of the router. Such a method is suitable only users who are allowed to access the device menu. If you need to throw a password, it is recommended to use the second method. A soft reset of the router in interface looks like «ResetFactoryDefaults», in Russian it is more common as «Reset».

For routers TP-Link this option is located under «System tools». It is sufficient to choose the parameter «Factory settings» and click «Restore». After that, the router will reboot within a minute.

To reset Asus routers you need to go to the settings section in the «Administration» and click «Restore» next to «Factory settings». For resetting, the router must be restarted.

Settings routers from the manufacturer D-Link are reset to the original version with the function «Factory settings» in the interface «System».

  • The second method involves a hardware reset. Restoring settings is done by pressing a special Reset button, usually located on the back side of the router. These buttons as on other types of equipment located in a special cavity, which protects the button from accidental presses. So to reset you will need a pen or pencil with which you need to hold the button for 6 to 15 seconds to until the indicators on the front panel does not light or does not blink. After downloading the settings of the router will be installed by default.

Important! After the reset you will need to reconfigure your Internet connection settings of the router.

Video: setting router TP-Link TL-WR743ND as a wired router

Install the firmware

Firmware router not only help to increase the functionality of the device, but also to solve some problems. It should be mentioned that a failed firmware upgrade can result in a complete failure of the device. To reduce the possible risk of the firmware only runs with the cable. There are many unofficial firmware for different models, but to avoid breakages of the router it is recommended to install the firmware provided by the manufacturer of the device. Such contingencies like power outage during firmware router, can also lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, during firmware, connect the device and computer to the uninterruptible power supply.

Как войти в настройки роутера - инструкция для пользователя

To execute the flashing you need to perform several simple operations:

  • download and verify the new firmware for your device. Different firmware versions available for download on the websites of the manufacturers of the routers.
  • to reset the device to factory settings.
  • disconnect the Internet cable from the router.
  • to open the web interface and navigate to the firmware update (FirmwareUpdate).
  • some models have automatic search for firmware file, to upgrade such devices only need to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • if your device does not have this feature, you will need to manually specify the location of the new firmware.

During flashing, in any case you cannot shut down or restart the device. After the operation is complete, the success message appears, the firmware installation requires you to restart the router.

New password

To change the access password to the web interface of the device need to go to router settings and choose the appropriate category for TP-Link this section is called «System tools». To change the password or login you must enter your current password and click save.

Как войти в настройки роутера - инструкция для пользователя

To change wi-fi password go to settings wi-fi network (wireless network/wirelessnetwork). In this section you can set a new password for wi-fi network and choose a security type. There are 3 methods of encryption keys, each of which involves its own level of protection, the most recommended type is WPA/WPA2 which provides the highest degree of security for your router.

How to get through the browser if you forget your password? Unfortunately, to enter the settings menu required a login and password, recover, which is possible only in case there are saved backup settings of the router. To view the passwords from a backup, it is sufficient to download the software RouterPassView. There are several standard versions of the passwords, maybe one of them was installed for your router:

  • the empty string
  • «password»,
  • «12345»
  • «admin».

If you have changed the password and cannot remember it, then the only solution is to fully reset the router to factory settings. After a reset to enter the settings you can use the standard login and password.

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