how to load an OS from a flash drive

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Ways to load OS from USB drive

CD/DVD drives today are outdated. Have come USB drives.

The need to boot from the USB device could arise in the solution of many problems:

  • installing the new operating system;
  • run in Live Cd mode;
  • to treat your computer from viruses and malicious programs;
  • to fix errors that occur when loading the operating system;
  • pre-install additional drivers.
  • scan hard disk for problem sectors;
  • start the operating system installed on a flash drive.

In many systems default to boot from the USB drive disconnected. Because of this, the user who wants to use the bootable flash drive, you may experience problems changing settings.

Features boot from the USB device

The sequence of device selection for the run is determined by the Bios – embedded firmware, designed to provide access to the operating system to the device API.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

To boot the system from pendrive, go to Bios and change the start order or use special boot menu. But it is not always easy to do, because the versions and types of firmware may be different on different motherboards.

If you need to boot from the USB or any other storage device, perform the following steps:

  1. to insert the disc or USB flash drive;
  2. to turn on the computer or reboot it;
  3. to enter the Bios or Boot menu and choose the USB device;
  4. if the connected devices, the system will automatically offer you a list to select.

Most modern motherboards works through a technology called UEFI. It’s not just more convenient GUI for the Bios firmware, and new software with more features and flexible settings.

Motherboard running uefi, has received many new abilities, for example:

  • to control the temperature of different devices and in this regard to increase or decrease the fan speed;
  • to adjust the frequency of overclocking of CPU and GPU CPU on those motherboards where it is provided by the developer;
  • working with many of the Bios settings of the special software under the Windows operating system.

Video: in the BIOS to select a boot device

Asrock H77M-ITX

The easiest way to boot from USB drive – to use the Boot Menu (boot menu). For every modern motherboard. To find out which combination or a key you can do it, often enough to read system messages. In an extreme case, it is necessary to refer to the documentation of the Board.

Asrock H77M-ITX can run with the button «F11». The first attempt might not be able to get to the menu, so you may need to press the key several times. In case of failure, just restart the computer and try again.

As a result, you should see a blue background that says Asrock UEFI setup utility. Menu «Please select boot device», select the desired device to load.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

To configure the startup order of devices in BIOS Asrock H77M-ITX, you must perform the following steps:

  1. to enter into Bios using the keys «F2» or «Del»;
  2. go to the parameter selection computer starts, which are in the Boot menu;
  3. choose the topmost section called «Boot option priorities» (boot option priority);
  4. to choose Boot option number 1. This menu should be the device that you want to launch – in our case a USB flash drive;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  5. if drives working through USB ports, you must specify the desired, from which you will be booting in the menu «USB Device BBS Priorities»;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  6. after completion please save the settings and exit the Bios. This can be done with the button «F10». In the window that appears to confirm the save and reboot, selecting «Yes».

After the computer restarts, you should see the getting started with flash.

Motherboard ASUS P8H77-I

To be in the BIOS on computers with ASUS motherboard P8H77-I can be exactly the same as described in the previous section, using the keys «Del» or «F2». In the selection menu of devices to boot can be accessed with the button «F8».

The firmware interface is very different from the previous version. But the name is different the settings menu is almost identical.

To simplify the action provides the primary mode settings and advanced. In a primary setting, that is, in the main window, in which you find yourself when you download the Bios, there is a choice of priority run. In the picture it is marked as USB with uefi.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

If after restarting the system boot from the stick is not started, switch to «Advanced mode». This can be done by using the more button or by pressing «F7».

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

To configure priority, you must do the following:

  1. go to the menu «Download», activating it;
  2. find the item «USB Support» and assign it the parameter «Full initialization»;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  3. go to change priority, activating the «boot Option number 1», where you need to select the USB device;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  4. if your device is not detected as bootable, it may not be on the list. Then you need to find the section «the order of the boot hard disk» and change the priority of running away;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  5. if you changed the order according to paragraph 4, it is necessary to ensure that the priority has changed. If not, select the device itself;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  6. now you have to save settings and exit, that can be done by pressing «F10».

The computer is rebooted, it should start to run from USB. If not, try to change the port and retry the operation.

How to boot from bootable USB drive in Award Bios

The new motherboard is running uefi, it’s much easier to set up. However, the need to boot from the stick can also occur on the older systems. The settings for using bootable USB storage device can be slightly different, though the principle of operation discussed earlier, it is the same.

One of the most renowned Bios is Award. There is no menu to select the priority of the run. Therefore, immediately go to the BIOS settings.

In order to boot from a flash drive on a computer with a motherboard running Award, you must perform the following steps:

  1. to get into the BIOS setup any of the old sample with the button «Del»;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  2. go to section advanced settings selecting Advanced BIOS Features;
  3. by default, the first device to boot «First Boot Device» is a drive (Floppy). It needs to be replaced by USB-HDD;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  4. press «F10» to save the settings and exit. In the confirmation dialog box to choose «Yes».

If running with the required storage was not made, need to check another setting: go to «Integrated Peripherals» must be enabled USB controller.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки


The system management firmware is more modern, so there is already a selection menu of the sequence run. It is activated with the button «F11». To get into the BIOS setup using the keys «Del» or «F2».

To select the boot priority you need to:

  1. to go to Boot menu;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  2. to change the option «Hard disk drives» by selecting the desired disc;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  3. then go to Boot device priority and select the priority, putting the first USB device;

    Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

  4. save and exit with the button «F10» on the keyboard.

Phoenix-Award Bios

Phoenix-Award Bios is quite rare, and the firmware it is a bit unusual. There is support to display the quick menu select a boot drive, it is invoked by pressing the key «F11».

Interestingly, in the menu Phoenix-Award you will not find the USB HDD. But to the other plug thus gadgets, for example Zip, CDROM and Floppy. To run from USB drive you need to choose Hard Disk, and then appears in the list of the necessary USB-HDD.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

In terms of management priorities in the Bios, this is done almost identical to AMI.

The difference is that in Boot menu, select the following options:

  • with the buttons «+» and «-» to change the order. The first should be removable device (Removable Device);
  • activating the Removable Device and pressing the «Enter» button, select USB from the drop-down list.

Способы загрузки ОС с флешки

The ability to boot from a flash drive produce virtually any Microsystem Bios. Knowing keyboard shortcuts and the necessary menu items, you can quickly change the priorities of the launch.

More modern motherboards with uefi provides a lot more possibilities in managing your system. If necessary, you can run different operating systems from different drives and to control any software.

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