How to know what laptop components are subject to upgrade?

By | 10.12.2018

How to know what laptop components are subject to upgrade?

Как узнать, какие компоненты ноутбука подлежат апгрейду?

In recent years, mobile technologies are developing very quickly. Until recently, for example, a fast solid-state drives (SSD) were inaccessible luxury for most ordinary users due to their much higher rates compared to hard drives. Today you can find models of SSD devices cost less than 35 rubles per Gigabyte. At the same time to replace the hard drive to the SSD remains the most effective option to upgrade the laptop – the difference in performance is, to put it mildly, impressive. However, this is not the only way to improve the mobile system. Yes, the notebooks provide a modest possibility of replacing or adding new hardware components (for example, to replace the video card, which is equipped with a laptop computer is almost impossible, although there are models that allow you to connect an external graphics card), but there are upgrade options supports any modern laptop. And what exactly? There are several relatively quick and easy ways to find the answer. About them we will discuss in this small article.

The easy option

Here we will talk about useful and free online tool from Crucial is a company that develops and sells SSD drives, computer memory and other «glands». Of course, it is designed for the needs of their customers, but is public, so you can use it freely and no matter what kind of laptop have.

The tool is available at this address. It’s called Crucial Advisor tool and consists of a series of drop-down menu to select the brand, series and model laptop. All this information can be found on the label that is usually pasted at the bottom of the computer.

Как узнать, какие компоненты ноутбука подлежат апгрейду?

Putting the information needed to identify your device, the tool will tell you which components of a laptop can be replaced. For example, if the memory is expandable (replacement) Crucial Advisor tool will tell you what type of memory modules compatible with your device. Today the market offers a great variety in this respect, so it’s important to know what type of memory supported by the laptop – otherwise you risk to buy modules that just will not be your work. In General, you should pay attention to the type (DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4), speed (1600 MНz, MНz 1866, 2133 MНz, etc.) and memory voltage (usually 1.35 or 1.5 volts).

Как узнать, какие компоненты ноутбука подлежат апгрейду?

Another common upgrade is the ability to add an SSD or replace the conventional hard drive in this device. In this case, the tool will show whether you need a SSD in a traditional form-factor (2.5 inch), or if your laptop comes with expansion slots M. 2, offer to buy a module to extend the current disk space.

The more difficult option

Crucial database Advisor, no matter how extensive it may be, does not contain all of the model laptops. Don’t be surprised – today, computer manufacturers offer a huge variety of modifications of their products, many of which are only sold in certain countries.

If your search in Crucial Advisor nor to no avail, then visit the laptop manufacturer’s website. Highly recommended to find a regional version of the official website. On the website in the support section find the so-called service manual (Service Manual) for your model laptop. Almost all manufacturers publish these documents on their websites, and not infrequently it contains specific guidelines for updating or servicing (replacement of certain hardware components).

Some useful clarification

Even if your search was not successful, this does not mean that an upgrade is impossible. It is highly likely that the laptop to be specific sight upgrade – for example, just replacing a hard drive to the SSD, and connect the SSD in addition to hard drive. Some models support this option, although it is not always officially documented. The secret is to replace the optical drive, which today are very rare, but many manufacturers continue to equip their device.

Как узнать, какие компоненты ноутбука подлежат апгрейду?

It can be easily removed from the body of the laptop (need to Unscrew just a few screws) and put in its place a second hard drive or SSD. However, it will also need to purchase a special tray (HDD Caddy), which will set hard or solid state drive into the Bay, freed from the optical drive.

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