How to install Windows Vista from USB drive to laptop

By | 10.12.2018

How to install Windows Vista from USB drive to laptop

To install OS in the presence of the drive is quite simple. However, when you want to do this using a USB drive, many users have problems. In fact, such a procedure is very simple, and it can handle any man.

What we need

In order to install Windows Vista, you will need the distribution. It can be downloaded on the official website or third party websites. Commercial sales are terminated.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

Though Vista is relatively old OS, some users are interested in its minimum requirements.

Those are:

  1. processor with a clock frequency of at least 900 MHz;
  2. RAM — at least 1GB;
  3. free disk space: 15 GB;
  4. the availability of access to the Internet (for the further registration).

Preparing bootable USB drive

Certainly, inexperienced users may think that will be enough to throw off the distribution kit on a disk and all. In fact, to start the OS installation started, you will need to produce some manipulations.

Utility UltraISO

After downloading the distribution, it must in a certain way to write to the flash drive. This will help us a lightweight and easy to manage utility UltraISO.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

Important! The previous version of the OS, for example XP this program will not be able to record correctly.

To make a simple USB flash drive bootable, do the following:

  • application UltraISO. This can be done on the official website. It is distributed free of charge.
  • open the program, and always with administrator rights;
  • click on the tab «file»;
  • then, in the list that appears, select «open»;
  • open the needed image on the hard disk;
  • click «open»;
  • this will open the image, that is, all the files contained in it;
  • after discovery is required to record on a USB flash drive. To do this, select the main menu item «Bootstrapping»;
  • in it, select the capture an image from the hard drive;
  • a panel opens in which you need to choose write method «USB-HDD». This measure is necessary in order that the system correctly identified the device to run. Only in this case she will be able to correctly interpret the data;
  • line Disk Drive is the name of the future flashes;
  • Important! If you have inserted multiple USB devices, check this item.

  • next, click the record key. You will see a message stating that this operation will delete all files from the drive. Confirm;
  • wait for the write to complete.

Video: Windows Vista Installation

Command line

If you do not wish to clutter the computer with unnecessary software, you can create a bootable drive using command prompt. Press «Win+R». The app opens to perform.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

We then need the following commands:

  • DISKPART — indicates the command interpreter;
  • list disk — shows the active drives;
  • select disk x (x is the disk number) — selection of a specific drive;
  • clean — formatting the drive;
  • create partition primary — create the partition;
  • select partition x (X — number) — select;
  • active — activate section;
  • format fs=NTFS — erase all files from the drive
  • Exit — terminate the process.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

You need to enter them in the same order.

Install Windows Vista from USB drive via BIOS

Preparing everything you need, you can proceed to the main scope of work.

The boot priority in the BIOS

To start the installation of Windows Vista from USB drive to the laptop, you need to set a specific order of loading.

To enter in this menu immediately after you start the computer press any system button. Most likely, the name key will appear in the message on the screen.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

If it does not appear, you can try the following options:

  • F2;
  • F3;
  • F4;
  • F8;
  • F11;
  • F12;
  • Del;
  • Enter;
  • Backspace.

Upon entering this menu, you need to find the Boot. In it you will see a list of different devices, with digital marking. They represent the order of the boot.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

You need to make in the first place was USB-HDD (depending on the motherboard version name may vary). To change the order used F5 and F6 (or «-» and «+»). In the end, be sure to select the option «save and exit».

The installation process

Restarting the laptop. If in the previous paragraphs done correctly, a system message appears asking to press any key.

So, do the following:

  • initially a window will open allowing you to select the language for further work. In addition it is possible to define the time format and keyboard layout;
  • select the «install» button;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  • Please note: there is an item «system restore». In case of any problems with the OS, this tool will allow you to fix it.

  • next, a window will appear with the serial number. It can be found at the bottom of the laptop. If not, you can skip this paragraph, but it is likely that this will lead to errors. This measure is necessary in order that the system can determine which version should be put;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  • entering your key, click «next». A license agreement will appear. Read (optional, of course) and press again «next»;
  • a window appears with the setup type selection. Click on «full». Now you will need to choose the section where you want to install the OS. By the way, at this stage you can edit the existing hard drives. In particular, it is possible to separate them, delete, or format;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  • Tip: it is best to format all drives. This eliminates all sorts of problems (especially viruses).

  • if you intend to install a second OS, it is strictly prohibited to unpack it into the existing system partition;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  • having dealt with the partitions, click next. This will start the installation program.

Now you only need to wait a while (about an hour). The system will do everything automatically.


After unpacking and copying the files, you’ll need to make small configuration of the system.

  1. the first thing you need to determine the user name. It is best to write it exclusively in Russian letters, as otherwise there may be some mistakes;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  2. you can then create a password, but not necessarily;
  3. in the following paragraph you will be asked to choose a computer name. It is necessary to write in English;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  4. this will open the following options to configure automatic protection. It’s better to use the recommended settings. It will protect your laptop from hacker attacks. You can also defer this choice by setting all the settings later;
  5. in the next paragraph you want to assign the date, time, and the time zone to use;

    Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

  6. push start. After some time it will be a welcome Desk.

Drivers for OS

The main scope of work is completed, but not less time consuming task is the search of drivers. Where can you find them? The ideal option would be a special factory drive (it is usually given when buying a laptop). But what do you do if its not? There may be several variants:

Use the official website:

  • go to the official Internet resource of the manufacturer.
  • then in the search box enter the identification code of the laptop. It is written on its bottom and consists of 12-16 numbers.

Tip: if you enter just the model laptop, there is a chance that new software will not work. The fact that many stores like to alter the «guts» of PCs and laptops.

  • click search;
  • the result should be a set of necessary drivers.
  • upload it and install.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

However, not always such method can be used. The identification code may be erased or the manufacturer to be too unknown. In this case, you will have to search for drivers manually.

Doing it this way:

  • click «my computer» and a context menu;
  • in the window that appears click on «device Manager»;
  • displays a list of all the equipment. This requires alternately select each device and write its identification code;
  • to do this, call the context menu for the desired device and select «properties». Next go to the tab «information». It will be presented to the ID;
  • copy this set of letters and numbers into a search engine. As a result, he will be given the necessary information.

Как установить Windows Vista с флешки на ноутбук

If you do not wish to use this method, you can make everything a little easier. In particular, you will need to download some boot loader (for example, X-Driver). Is a utility that diagnoses computer and will automatically download and install the correct driver to the latest version. The only problem might be to find a working version.

Important! The software is actively working with developers of virus toolbars. So when installing do not forget to remove any unnecessary ticks.

To use the above software requires a fast and stable Internet connection. If it is missing, you can download the driver package. They will be Packed in a single archive. You will need to run autorun and follow the instructions. Remember that the package weighs quite a lot (on average from 1 to 10 GB and more).

As you can see, nothing complicated about it. If you strictly follow all the instructions, you can easily achieve the desired result. Do not forget to immediately get a good antivirus (NOD or AVAST). The fact that Vista is considered the most vulnerable to the effects of harmful files.

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