How to install Windows 7 over Windows XP

By | 09.12.2018

How to install Windows 7 over Windows XP

This article will explain in detail how to install Windows 7 on Windows XP. At the end of last year the Corporation Microsoftобъявила that version Hrpulse will not be updated. In this regard, this issue remains highly relevant.

What do you need

Still a lot of users who are loyal to XP. This is due largely to the fact that «seven» is very demanding on the old computer to install it. In the era of rapid development of high technology, and even software products have become very demanding.

Owners of old iron, nothing remains but to use the older system. This allows to achieve the normal operation of the system. Those users who have decided to install «Seven», was sometimes stunned by the terrible lethargy of his computer.

However, updating their equipment, the lion’s share of people immediately decide to update Windows. This allows you to use all innovations of modern technology.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

Next, consider what you need to have a computer that the operating system worked flawlessly:

  • processor with a clock frequency of at least 1 GHz;
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) and 2 GB (for 64 bit);
  • at least 16 GB of free space on the hard disk. If the version of your Windowsвключает additional software (office, antivirus, drivers, etc.) will need much more;
  • Internet access (for subsequent registration);
  • video card compatible with DirectX 10;

Tip: this condition is necessary only for modern games. If you intend to only use office programs, then it can be omitted.

  • some features may require additional hardware (e.g. TV tuner or flash memory);

If you are sure that your equipment fully meets these requirements, you can proceed with the installation. Browse all options through the control panel, then select «system and security», in which select the tab «system».

Configuring the BIOS

The first thing you’ll need to do some setting in the BIOS. Many inexperienced users it seems difficult operation, but it is actually quite simple.

Do the following:

  • you will need to change the order of loading. In particular, you will need to run the boot disk (or stick). Don’t forget in the future to change this setting, otherwise the system will try to start from USB drive if one is inserted;
  • to do so would be in the BIOS. Immediately after starting the computer, press the Del button (in some versions this button is need to press F2, F10 or even a space). Then you will need to find the item responsible for the selection of the boot device;

    Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

  • after that you need to log into this item by clicking on Enter;
  • then open the tab for Boot Sequence (in some versions the name may be different);

    Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

  • in the opened tab you will need to set the boot priority so that it starts with the correct device (drive or stick);
  • at the end of the press ECI select save settings.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

That’s all, now when you next start the computer the system starts with the right device and the installation will begin. Also in the BIOS you can immediately perform additional configuration steps, for example, to increase the intensity of coolers. However, if you are slightly familiar with BIOS, it is better not to do in order to avoid mistakes.

How to install Windows 7 if is Windows XP

Before installing you will need to transfer all files from computer to removable media for installation of the OS is better done with formatting disks. If there is insufficient space, some of the files recorded on file sharing.

Having made all the preliminary manipulation, it is time to begin the main procedure. Almost all the latest version of the OS installed in the automatic mode, so it usually does not cause difficulties even for most experienced users.

Run the installation wizard, you can go to do other things. The system will do everything itself, and you will only need to specify some additional parameters.

The installation process

After switching on, the computer will immediately begin installation of the operating system. The entire process is automatic, so usually does not raise problems.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

The only thing you’ll need to make some adjustments:

  • the language in which the system will work. However, it can always be changed via the control panel;

Important! Select full installation, as this will eliminate additional difficulties

  • the creation of partitions. You can share all the disk space into several parts. It is recommended to make a separate partition for Windows;

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

That’s about it. Now you will only have to wait for the installation to complete. At the end a window will appear in which you will need to enter the user name and password (if necessary).

Some versions end in themselves enter the user name (usually the standard «Administrator). If desired, you can edit this parameter.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

If you did not do formatting partitions, one of them (most likely in C) save all files of XP. You want to remove them to avoid mistakes in the future.

Here’s how:

  • open the start menu and in search type «disk Cleanup». Displays a list of found items among which to choose the very first;
  • window appears select the drive. You need to choose the one on which were installed the previous OS and press «OK»;
  • in the opened window select «clean up system files»;
  • next you need to select the check box next to the item «previous installation» and click «OK.
  • upon completion, click «delete files»;
  • after a few seconds, the junk folder will be deleted.

Put the driver

Now just have to install drivers for all your devices (video card, chipset, network, sound, etc.). If you have a driver disk specifically for your computer (it is usually issued at purchase), then you’ll have to insert it and to trust the instructions.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

However, if it is not, you will have all equipment to pick up the driver.

This can be done in several ways:

  • take the documents from the computer and see in them the names of all the equipment. Then by name to find the required driver;
  • in the absence of the documents you will need through the properties to see the device identification number and using it to do a search. You can also use the data from the item «device instance ID»;

    Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

  • another solution is to install the driver pack (a collection of all necessary programs and utilities);
  • if the computer that needs the operating system is reinstalled, there is an Internet connection, you can download the program to automatically search for drivers.

Now you can with confidence to judge what all the work is done, and you coped with the task. Don’t forget that you will have to reinstall all the software. Therefore to get in advance of the distribution so as not to have problems in the future.

Besides, the software products that run in XP may not work in «seven». Therefore, before the transition to this system should get a more modern software products.

Как установить Windows 7 поверх Windows XP

As you can see, it’s quite simple process and strictly following all the instructions, you will certainly cope with this. If necessary, you can Supplement the system with various additional utilities.

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