How to install Windows 7 on Windows 8 laptop

By | 09.12.2018

How to install Windows 7 with Windows 8 on the laptop

Reinstall Windows 8 into Windows 7 is quite simple. To do this, you do not need to have any special skills.

Enough the computer, as well as distribution with the operating system. Installation can be performed with a variety of storage media: hard disk, CD-ROM or USB sticks. This feature makes the process especially simple.

Why the need to reinstall

Sooner or later there comes a time when there is the need to reinstall your operating system. The reasons for the implementation of this action has a great variety.Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

But most often it must be done in the following situations:

  • in the result of reckless action on the personal computer have been recorded virus, Trojan, killed the OS;
  • for some reason need a newer version of the OS;
  • the disk is heavily fragmented, accumulated a large number of fatal errors;
  • OS is unofficial.

Often requires a new installation in the case that the personal computer started to run very slowly and by clearing OS with the help of specialized tools to cope with this problem is not possible. Also, not rarely a prerequisite for the normal operation of any application program is updated or a new version of the operating system.

BIOS setup

One of the most important steps of installing Windows is to configure the BIOS. It is required when installing from disc, drives. In order to start the installation, you must first go to the BIOS itself. There is no universal way to perform this operation. It all depends on the BIOS manufacturer or model of the laptop.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

Most often on modern PC the BIOS from the following manufacturers:

  • ALR (Advanced Logic Research) – F2, Ctrl-Alt-Esc;
  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) – F1;
  • AMI (American Megatrends) – DELET, F2;
  • Award – DELET;
  • Phoenix – Ctrl-Alt-Esc, Ctrl-Alt-S.

To determine what specific BIOS there under the cover of the system unit, is quite simple: after powering up the PC the screen usually displays a logo and a proper title. Every manufacturer has it is individual. Going through the BIOS in the settings menu download, you need to install the first device, which is used to load.

Each BIOS menu is different:

  • Phoenix;

    Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • Award;

    Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • AMI (American Megatrends);

    Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices);
  • ALR (Advanced Logic Research).

After selection of the desired unit has been made, you must restart the PC. Changes are immediately saved, you can then safely proceed with the installation.

The process of reinstalling Windows 8 to 7

In some cases, the new operating system is not very good. Since not all PCs have sufficient performance for comfortable work. In such cases, the reinstallation of the 8th windose on the same OS, but the 7th version.

A very important feature of OS 8 version is the need to implement various manipulations with it to disable the special protection system.

This can be done through the BIOS by going to the appropriate menu item:

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • go into the BIOS;
  • find the item called «SecureBoot»;
  • set to «Disabled».

Also want to replace the parameter value «BootMode:

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • go to the «Advanced» -> «System Configuration»;
  • the option «Boot Mode» change from «UEFI Boot» to «CMS Boot».

Without this operation, to launch the 7th version would be impossible.

After the protection is disabled, you can proceed directly to the installation. It runs as follows:

  • in USB2.0 insert a special, pre-prepared USB flash drive;
  • the computer restarts and runs the initial startup window where you select language, locale and time format;
  • after clicking next, you will proceed directly to the installation process – just click on «Install»;
  • in the opened window select the method of installation – a full installation or upgrade;
  • when choosing a necessary to stay on the device where sufficient available Unallocated space.

Video: Install Windows 7

The layout of the Winchester into sections

After performing all the above steps Windows7 will automatically convert to a standard MBR. To perform this conversion can also be in manual mode. To do this, press Shift+F10. This conversion is done through a special command line.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

Here you should enter the following command:

  • diskpart;
  • sel dis 0;
  • clean;
  • convert mbr;
  • exit;
  • exit.

After the above mentioned operation is done, click «update». In the corresponding window appears a new section.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

The second way to create a partition is standard.

For its implementation must perform the following steps:

  • in the corresponding window select the desired drive;
  • click on «drive options»;

    Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • to format the partition;
  • click on next.

The operating system will automatically perform all necessary operations. This method is the most simple and fast. Useful for less experienced users who can not use the special console. The only drawback is the inability to save the second operating system.

There are some features related to MBR, they impose some restrictions on the use of equipment and the implementation of some actions.

The most important features include:

  • boot record is the first sector of 512 bytes;
  • after the boot sector is information about the main sections (located under the scheme LBA).

It is in LBA is the most important problem – this scheme does not allow you to use hard drives larger than 2 TB. Today is a big problem, as many PCs (even laptops) are equipped with similar hard drives. Remember this limit.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

Another limitation associated with the MBR is that you cannot use more than 4 sections at a time. But with such a nuisance can be overcome pretty easy, just «extra» to do «placeholder» – advanced sections. But this method of solving the problem can lead to some inconveniences in the case of the installation of the OS.

Very often, when using MBR, the problem of data integrity. Since the information is stored as a single array. And availability of bad sectors leads to the impossibility to access to all other information.

Continue the installation

When all of the above described operations are performed, starts a standard installation of Windows.

It includes the following stages:

  • copying files;
  • unpacking;
  • the installation of the components;
  • installation of updates;
  • the completion of the installation.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

The implementation of each phase is displayed on the computer screen as a percentage. This allows to estimate the total amount of time that will be spent on the operation. When installation is completed, you will need to restart personal computer to make the changes take effect.

After the required reboot will be in the newly appeared window enter:

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

  • username;
  • the name of the computer.

When all required fields are filled, click «next». A window will open where you can set a password for the administrator account and prompt for the password. It is recommended to set a password that will give the maximum opportunity to protect your PC from use by unauthorized persons.

The next step is to enter the registration key. Usually it is available at the bottom of the box from the disk containing the operating system. In the absence of a key you can simply not enter, and Windows will be launched in test mode. He has no limitations in functionality, but its validity is only 30 days, after which it will need to be activated.

Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

Clicking on «Next», the user will see the settings window of the personal computer protection. The system recommends that you select the first item, but if you have some experience it is still recommended to defer a decision. Since some of the settings, default is not convenient. They are somewhat limited capabilities of the computer.

The penultimate step is to configure date and time. With the help of special tools you can choose:

  • time zone;
  • month;
  • year;
  • number;
  • time.

    Как установить Windows 7 с Windows 8 на ноутбук

After clicking «Next» will be prepared by the Desk for the first use.

All OS regardless of the version have their advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore often necessary to perform a reinstallation of later to earlier. This process has a very large number of different nuances. For the most part they are all related to dividing disks on separate partitions, and other peculiarities of various kinds.

Installation, Windows any version as automated as possible. This allows it to perform even in the absence of experience in such operations. Just enough to get a working distro and all the necessary drivers.

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