How to install Windows 7 if Windows 8

By | 09.12.2018

How to install Windows 7 if Windows 8

To date, the operating system is the eighth version of the production of the company Microsoft is quite comfortable and extremely functional. However, many users remain faithful to the previous version. And there are a lot of reasons. If necessary, you can carry out the installation of the previous version of the OS. It is enough to perform a number of specific manipulations.

You need to install

For the operation of this type will require:

  • the distribution of the operating system;
  • documentation supplied with the personal computer.

On the computer that was originally a v OS.8, BIOS, in the basic state, is simply absent. It was replaced by UEFI – Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. This innovation allows to protect your PC and prevent the launch of various «rodinov». When you start using UEFI PC checks the signatures of boot code. Unauthorized signatures will not run.Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

Because UEFI makes it impossible to quickly and easily install a different version, without the implementation of additional actions. Another difficulty is the layout of the disk drive. Operating system eighth version is required GPT GUID Partition Table. For the standard BIOS uses MBR.

Settings BIOS

To install Windows 7 over Windows 8 can only pre-configure UEFI. To get into the settings menu, you need much detail to see documentation on your computer. The standard method of incorporating the Bios (pressing F2 or the Delete key before booting) does not help. For example, to get into UEFI on Sony laptop, you can click Assistant in the off state.

If you go to menu Unified Extensible Firmware Interface failed, then you must run in a strict order of actions:

  • find the menu called «Secure Boot»;
  • activate the mode «Disabled»;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • find the item «BootMode»;
  • with the buttons «+» and «-» translate it to Legacy (or CSM).

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

When all of the above done, you can proceed to install Windows 7 or even earlier versions of the operating system. Issues likely will not occur.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the item called «Boot» — it simply is not. In this case, you must select «Secure Boot» set to «Disabled». In such a situation it will be impossible to installation of the OS prior to Windows 7. As earlier simply not able to function GPT partition.

In this case, you will need the following:

  1. PC with 64-bit OS;
  2. is inserted in the drive disk with the distribution;
  3. flash memory, which amounts to at least 8 GB.

When the computer is ready for use, you must run the command prompt (always as administrator) and execute the required commands (after each input press Enter):

  • diskpart – starting utility for working with hard disk drives;
  • list disk – allows you to see how is mounted into a PC USB flash drive;
  • select disk X – select the flash card;
  • clean;
  • create partition primary;
  • select partition 1;
  • active;
  • format quick fs=fat32 label=»Win7UEFI»;
  • assign;
  • exit.

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

After the implementation of all the above commands, you must perform a number of operations (final stage):

  • xcopy Z:*.*V: /e /f /h – the symbol «Z» refers to the distribution located in the disk drive of your computer, V – character representation of the flash card;
  • xcopy V:efimicrosoft*.* /e /f /h V:efi;
  • xcopy C:windowsbootefibootmgfw.efi V:efibootbootx64.efi – there will be a question in English, answer it it is necessary by pressing F;
  • Z:bootbootsect.exe /nt60 V.

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

When all the above steps are completed, you must eject the inserted into the USB flash memory. It will be a distribution of Windows 7, which will be possible without any difficulties to be installed on a laptop or a computer already equipped with Windows 8.

Convert GTP to MBR

To convert the partition from MBR to GTP with the loss of existing data on the disk and saving them.

To perform the conversion without loss of all available information, you will need to run the app Paragon Hard Disk Manager, and then:

  • in the main application window to select the desired title and click right-button of the mouse.
  • the context menu opens, in which you want to select the item called «convert from GPT to MBR»;
  • agree to apply all changes and click on a special button located on the toolbar.

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

After completion of conversion process you will need to restart the computer.

The second method requires the presence of a distribution of Windows 7. Run the installation, and at the moment when required to carry out the partition selection, we get the error.

Then do the following:

  1. start the console with the key combination Shift+F10;
  2. run the utility to work with disk partitions with «diskpart»command;
  3. with the command «list disk» find the disk you want to convert;
  4. choose the command «select disk #» section, which will be required to work;
  5. run the command «clean» – it will clear the disk of all the present information;
  6. execute the command «convert mbr» — will have been converted.

When the conversion is complete, you can proceed to copy the operating system seventh edition.

Video: Install Windows

Putting the boot disk

If all operations will be carried out from the disk, it is mandatory to change the boot mode via UEFI Boot.

This can be done in the following way:

  • go to UEFI Setup Utility;
  • find the section titled Boot Option Priorities;
  • select the next Boot Option #1 disk drive.

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

Similarly, you need to do when you need to install with the usual flash card. After the connection is rebooted, and the same manipulation. It is necessary only instead of disk drive select the flash card.

How to install Windows 7 on Windows 8

If advance preparation was carried out properly, the copy of the earlier operating system problems most users won’t. It is important to ensure the right amount of space on your hard drive, and also according to your PC requirements.

The installation process

Before starting to mount the product v from Microsoft. 7 on a personal computer, which was previously a v.8:

  • to convert the partition to MBR.
  • to set the priority boot loader disk drive.

The installation process is as follows:

  • after starting the PC you must click on any key, thus giving consent to start the installation;
  • the operating system will download all required files;
  • a window opens in which you select the language, time format and keyboard layout and click «next»;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • click on the «install» button and select the architecture type and operating system;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • get acquainted with the terms of the license agreement, accept them and click on the button «next»;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • choose the type of installation and the desired section;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

    pafter performing all steps above will start the installation process includes the following steps:

  • «copying files»;
  • «unpacking files»;
  • «setting components»;
  • «installing updates»;
  • «completing installation».

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

When all the above steps are completed, the operating system is already installed. The last step is to configure the settings.


Parameter setting is carried out only in a few steps:

  • enter «user name» and «computer name»;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • select the password for the account;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • enter the product key;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • selected security settings;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • specified time zone;

    Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

  • configures the network.

After the step of setting the network environment is started directly the OS itself. And you can safely proceed to install drivers and programs.

The driver and software

The driver for the PC that is running an earlier OS version, you can find online on the official website of the manufacturer. You can also use special software that looks for and installing drivers automatically.

Как установить Windows 7 если стоит Windows 8

By far the most popular apps are:

  • «Device Doctor»;
  • «Drive Pack Solution»;
  • «Driver Genius»;
  • «DriverMax».

In Windows 7 installed on a PC that had Windows 8, you can use all apps intended for v. 7. Problems when properly implemented configuration and installation should not occur. It is important to remember that not all applications running in v.8 will work in v.7.

The installation process is in this case associated with a lot of different nuances. First of all, remember quite a complicated Bios setting, and the peculiarities of working with the GTP-type. But subject to precise instructions without any difficulty to install the earlier product from Microsoft.

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