How to install visual bookmarks in Google chrome

By | 10.12.2018

How to install visual bookmarks in Google chrome

Intentionally or accidentally, it is a fact that annoys many users is no visual bookmark Google not provided.

And in vain, because the presence of tabs gives an additional extension of the functionality of the browser. To make all the settings yourself quite easy even for an inexperienced person. How to do it correctly, and why you need to do is take a closer look.

Why set

Modern users are already spoiled enough a variety of additional functions and extensions, the more of them there are the browser – so it is easier, nicer to work with him.

Everyone has their favorite pages that he visits most frequently. And not to search for hours need an address in the journal, memorize it or write in the notebook, you can quickly and conveniently place it in the tab. The time savings is undeniable, install visual bookmarks for google chrome so certainly worth a lot of time and effort it will take.

What makes it visual bookmark in the browser? Convenience, first and foremost. All bookmarks come up in the top row as soon as a new tab is open. Thus you will immediately be able to see all of your favorite sites (they will be shown a picture), and one click to select and open the desired right now.

Isn’t it really quick, simple and convenient? The creators of the Yandex for its users came up with a very good app with which all your most visited sites will pop up in a new tab in the form of graphic icons.

Bookmarks in the Chrome web store

So, in Google you can only view the list of the most recent visited sites and delete some addresses of them. But in order to create bookmarks, at its discretion, you need a special program. Download extension free in the online shop from the creators of the browser.

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

In the online store Chrome do not need to buy – all the bobs for free:

  1. start a browser, go to the page of the online store Chrome;
  2. you will then need to click on the link to install the extension, bookmarks, speed Dial;
  3. the screen will pop up a window with a list of all files – your data, your history, bookmarks, etc. — to which is accessed. You need to give permission for access. To do this, click install;

    Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

  4. after installation is complete, you will need to click on the plus sign next to the tabs. A page will open where you will be editing all of the tabs. First along image you will just see a black image;
  5. if you want to change the background, font and other settings on the page, you need to double-click on an empty space, go to settings – on the screen POPs up a small menu and manually to carry out the necessary operations.

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

What else can you do? For example, display the bookmark on the screen.

To do this:

  • right-click on the desired page, in the shown menu click on «Extension»;
  • to install the bookmark in the desired order by dragging them to the desired position with the mouse;
  • in order to remove a bookmark, you should right click on it.

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

Available such entertaining feature as attaching the logo to the page. To do this, go to the selected website, click on the bookmark and select «Edit» in the menu. Should pop up a window, you will be asked to link the website logo. Make it in the right column, then click «Update».

video: installing visual bookmark

Best Chrome extension — Speed Dial

Many users are already familiar with this program, an extension like Speed Dial 2, and argue that nothing is more powerful and faster to install and handle tabs are not met. What is so fond of this app?

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

It’s very simple – it allows you to completely change the appearance of your bookmarks and add the sites to export your personal settings, monitor statistics, and perform many other actions.

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

A very big advantage – the program can be downloaded completely free, it is in the catalog web store Google Chrome. Just select it from the list and click «install».

For convenience, after you download the app will prompt the new user to go through a tour – so you can once again see that gives you this modern application and how to use it. And then you can import your bookmarks, create thumbnails (there can be up to 36!), to change the background.

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

To thoroughly understand all the features of the application AIDS Dial, it is recommended to enter the settings menu.

A lot of them, you can customize and modify to your taste almost everything, not only the background and the image of the site, as well as conditions updates the list of bookmarks (frequency of visits, for example), the number of columns, etc. In the sidebar menu, you can view all the saved bookmarks and the ones that you visited recently.

How to install visual bookmarks from Yandex to Google Chrome

Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

Here are step by step instructions on how to quickly create visual bookmarks on Yandex for Google Chrome:

  1. open a browser to start, and click on the plus sign in the top row to open a new tab;
  2. next, log on to «Yandex. Bar.» It is a separate app developed by the makers of Yandex. It includes a variety of services, including installation of visual bookmarks;

    Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

  3. you will open the page «Yandex. Bar» option that can complete all procedures for your browser, in this case – for Google Chrome;
  4. choose the big button «Install» and press it. The program will start to boot. On the screen POPs up warning that you’re downloading possibly dangerous files from the Internet. To tell the system that you really agree with given team and want to make a start-up file, you need to click the button «Run»;
  5. wait for the download visual bookmarks, Yandex. Then click «Next». It will need to click several times until the screen does not pop up the message «Ready»;
  6. the program for viewing Internet pages needs to restart itself automatically. If not, close the program manually. Then again open the browser;
  7. you will immediately see a picture of the sites that come in the most. Program Yandex itself defines them and takes the form of a graphic icon in the visual bookmark for quick launch;

    Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

  8. the default bookmark nine. If you open any of them in the upper right corner you will find a menu for settings. In order to remove a bookmark, simply click on the cross. To update the favicon, press the two round arrows;

    Как установить визуальные закладки в Google chrome

  9. if you need to manually adjust the address of the website, or would like to set the automatic update page, choose the middle button. In the lower right corner there is a icon that looks like a gear. It can be used to change the background image of the page. She will serve in that case, if there is a need to remove some bookmarks, or add a quantity greater than the stipulated nine.

As a summary we can say: the browser Google Chrome provides by default, not all functions are available, for example, in the Opera. But the good this browser is that it allows you to download and add a variety of apps and extensions. Moreover, you can find them in the online store Chrome and download absolutely for free.

Learn more about your favorite browser, don’t miss the latest updates, do the work and stay on the Internet faster, more comfortable and interesting.

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