How to install password on USB flash drive

By | 10.12.2018

How to set a password on a flash drive

Stick – incredibly convenient way to store information. Currently this is the easiest way to carry gigabytes of information, sometimes very personal or even confidential.

The main advantages of flash storage are:

  1. resistance to vibration;
  2. easy to use;
  3. compact;
  4. energy independence.

Why protect a flash drive

The compactness is a definite plus! However, the small size of the stick the chances of its loss increase. Is it possible to put on a flash drive password? Of course! To protect their sensitive information on a flash drive and not let the finder of it to the person to read and use for personal purposes, of course, you need to set up a password.

Review of programs to protect


Starting with Vista operating system, Microsoft has provided users with a means to protect data. This program is for the protection is called Bitlocker. Supplies are just for the operating system aimed at corporate users such as Windows Vista/7 editions Enterprise, Ultimate and Windows 8 all variations except RT.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Bitlocker is a decent, though imperfect, the program to encrypt the data on the logical disks that will make the password on a usb flash drive. Encryption of information is complete, that is, encryption is applied to all data on the media. Bitlocker is a much more flexible program, unlike the standard programs for setting passwords.

BitlockerToGo is available only to users of Windows 7 and older, was developed specifically for removable media, you can also install Vista/Windows XP.

To set a password on a flash drive, it must be connected to the computer and from the context menu (click right mouse button on the label of your USB drive in «My computer») and select «Turn on Bitlocker». In the window that appears, choose the protection with smart card or password.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Once you have set the password, the system prompts you to save or print a special recovery key that performs the function of the answer to this question. So when you decide to change, to change the password, the program will ask for the key.

To open the settings menu, BitLocker, anytime you can open the context menu of the flash drive partition «Options to manage BitLocker».

The Program Rohos Mini Drive

This small and totally free application does not require administrator rights, but it does not set a password on the entire flash card.

The program Rohos Mini Drive creates password-protected sector with a total volume of not more than 2 GB. Like most analogues to protect the use encryption method of AES algorithm with 256-bit key.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Rohos Mini Drive also has the ability to grant access to non-encrypted data of the entire local system. That is, this data is easy to access from another computer system.

The Program TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is a great free program to encrypt and store data. With its help you can create an encrypted container on unlimited GB. After creating the container, you can dump all the data you need, and the encryption happens automatically.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

When you create a volume (encrypted container), you can also choose a file system, by default the program uses FAT. In order to work with the container, you will need the TrueCrypt program itself. Opening it, specify the location of your secret files and then enter the password, and open the archive itself. Everything is quite simple.

This container with the password you can copy from one computer to another, to open from a flash card, send it via email. And even if he is in the hands of others, to decipher it without knowing the password is virtually impossible.

How to put password on USB flash drive 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

There is not much difference, what volume is your drive. In any case, you can use one of the following tips:

  1. if your drive is not more than 2 GB, then you can use the trial version USBSafeguard, RohosMiniDrive, or use the same BitLocker, you can also archive the files.
  2. if the drive has large amounts of, for example 8, 16 or 32 GB, we recommend either purchase a license USBSafeguard, or use the same BitLocker if you have Windows, or use a free program to encrypt data is TrueCrypt.

Working with device memory

Especially for those who work with a device such as a USB flash drive, for the first time. When working with flash drives, at first glance transparent, still, there are some nuances.

When you connect to the connector on your device, it gets out of the autostart (applies to Windows).

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Choose what you need when you connect the flash drive to the computer:

  1. open folder to view files. This will launch Windows Explorer. It may not open due to viruses or faults. In this case, information from the stick you can get with the program Guide;
  2. to use this drive for backup. This means that you can use this media for backing up and archiving important files;
  3. to speed up your system. This function is designed to solve the problem of lack of memory on your computer using a flash drive.

And don’t forget about a safe shutdown. The notification panel is an icon called «safely remove hardware and eject media». Clicking on it, you will be able to extract the desired disk without any harm to the system.

Video: how to remove write protection from USB drive

If you want to remove the password

Small flash drive is easy to steal or borrow time, protection from foreign hands and eyes she does not have, of course, if the advance is not to think and block removable media from unauthorized access.

On the stick you can set the password with specialized software, such as USB Safeguard.

Famous manufacturers of flash media are launching their devices with already «sewn» on the cryptographic applications. In any case, to remove the password from a flash drive, it is better to memorize it and then typing it into the appropriate field of the program used to protect data, remove.

With USB Safeguard, delete link button DecryptAll if the check box Anddelete. Applications for the renowned brand Transcend have the item «Deletepassword».

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Absolutely, all these programs have a similar interface to deal with which is not difficult even for a child.

But we will answer the popular question: «Your password is forgot how to remove and install a new one?» If the password is lost, read or format the flash drive for future use is not possible. (It’s great, as otherwise the password would not make sense).

Of course, you can hire the services of people who really know how to handle such awkward situations with the password. Or you can hack free using special programs, but it is done at your own risk, your computer could get unwanted viruses.

Unfortunately or fortunately, for flash drives built-in software protection in 95% of cases is impossible to access the data.

Of course, the only working way to get into a similar situation in the future, try to come up with safer password, which you in any case can not forget.

If connection requires a password

This means that the flash drive has a password set. If it is installed you then have a chance to find out what is stored on the flash drive are negligible. If it was installed you, remember or locate the password entry to unlock.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку


Why to format the flash drive:

  1. viruses on a flash drive.

    If you have suspicions that your carrier was infected and the antivirus does not respond, then go ahead and format;

  2. you can’t write the file on a flash drive weighing more than 4 GB even if the drive has a size of 16 GB.

    Why is this happening? Most flash drives today come in FAT32 format, which does not support file transfer impressive size, such as movies or images. Therefore, many change the format of the flash drive to NTFS;

  3. the flash drive is slower.

    This happens after cleaning your device from junk files. In place of the deleted files remain in the clusters. Formatting will solve the problem.

How to format a USB flash drive. Types of formatting.

There are two types of formatting:

  1. a quick format. The data that you have deleted can be restored. For a quick format, the system will not check the disk for errors and not fix them, so the process happens faster than the full;
  2. a full format. Data cannot be recovered.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

It will check for errors and if you wish, it will be possible to fix them. If you have spare time of about 1-2 minutes, it is better to choose a full format, if not quick.

The easiest option is to format the USB flash drive is the shortcut of the removable disk, right-click and select «Format…».

When you do this, you will see the «Formatting Removable disk(G:)».

Next, make the needed steps:

  1. select the desired file system: FAT or NTFS;
  2. the size of the cluster, leave it as is;

    Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

  3. after fill in the field «volume Label. The volume label is the name of the flash drive. The name on your taste;
  4. then click «Start» and wait for the media will be formatted.

Password without software

The easiest method is, of course, set passwords on the files. To do this you need a packer, such as AdobeAcrobat, WinRAR or 7Zip.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

They are the most popular archivers, with which the files can be easily protected and preserved. If you have the desire and proper knowledge of them, of course, possible to crack, but for the average user it is almost impossible.

Как правильно установить пароль на флешку

Create a protection with USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a portable app that runs directly from USB drives and, therefore, administrator rights on the computer you do not need. When the encryption uses an algorithm AESc 256-bit encryption.

The trial version of the program, the size of the drive is limited to 2 GB. Therefore, if you decide, for example, to encrypt 4 GB of your information, you will have to buy the full version of the program.

To download this program on Mac, Linux and Windows. In order to install it, download the file usbsafeguard.exe and place it on your USB drive. Open it with your stick and write the password for the disc lock.

If you want to remove the password from a flash card, then open the downloaded file usbsafeguard.exe in the dialog box, enter the password of the lock Procedure should be repeated each time you wish to lock the drive, so try to remember what status the drive is unlocked or locked.

Video: USB Safeguard 4.0 — set password

Of course, this software features USB Safeguard is a plus. Now you will have the opportunity at each entry to change the password.

Also in the settings you can specify after how many time the media will be blocked. That is, after a specified number of minutes of inactivity, the stick will be re-established password.

To put password on a USB flash drive is sometimes very useful. This will save you from unpleasant disappointments in the form of loss of important documents. You can use the standard archiver for files and programs to protect, for example, USB Safeguard.

Through this article, you will also learn how to format, nuances in working with flash, you know what to do if you lose your password. Good luck to you in this simple business!

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