How to install image on your desktop computer?

By | 10.12.2018

Installing images on the desktop of the computer

Today none of the desktop personal computer can not do without the installation of attractive images. Well, download beautiful pictures on your desktop on websites post on their pages matching Wallpapers. As a rule, on such sites, a very large number of images, so everyone will find what he likes.

Wallpaper for decorating your desktop operating system can be assigned to each individual user. They can change depending on whose account is in an active state. Many users decide to download the beautiful pictures not only for installation on the desktop of your computer, but also for aesthetic pleasure.

Как установить изображение на рабочий стол компьютера?

To install images to your desktop in the latest versions of the operating system, you only need to call a special menu by clicking the right button of the mouse on the screen. Next you need to choose the category called «Personalization» and find a set of backgrounds for your desktop. Here you can make a choice not only among the standard images, but also among the pictures downloaded from the Internet and photographs from personal collections and albums.

There is also an alternative and easier way of installing images on the desktop. Here it is necessary to find a suitable image on the Internet or open the downloaded image using any program to view images. Then just click the same right-click the image and select installation on the desktop.

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