How to increase the quality of the stream Xbox One on Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

How to increase the quality of the stream from Xbox One to Windows 10

Как увеличить качество потока с Xbox One на Windows 10

It is no secret that in the process of developing Windows 10, Microsoft has paid particular attention to the gaming functions of the operating system. Just think about the new Xbox app, which among other things allows you to stream Xbox One games on PC to play even when the TV is occupied by someone else.

This feature works over WiFi or LAN connection, and allows you to stream not only games, but all the dashboard console, including the applications on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet with Windows 10.

Microsoft has provided the opportunity to intervene in the quality settings of the stream, adjusting it depending on the capabilities of your network in three levels: low, medium and high. But even with a high value some items, especially on larger screens can be slightly blurred.

Fortunately for gamers, there is another level of quality settings («very high»), which, although hidden from the eyes of users and were not officially documented by Microsoft, can be enabled with a few not very difficult steps.

So, if you want to enhance the quality of streaming, bringing it to the maximum, follow the instruction below:

  • Navigate to the folder C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalPackages. If the AppData folder does not appear, verify that you have enabled show hidden files and folders.
  • Navigate to the folder whose name starts with Microsoft.Xbox.App, and inside it open the LocalState.
  • Open the file userconsoledata using any text editor.
  • Change the value of the variable IsInternalPreview from false to true.
  • Save the change and close the file.

Restart the Xbox app. If all steps have been performed correctly, you will see a fourth mode quality stream (note that you may need to reinstall an Xbox app).

Of course, to take advantage of the effect of this modification you will need Wi-Fi or local network that will be able to cope with the streaming of the highest quality. In other words, your connection must have a very high bandwidth.

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