How to increase the cache size in Opera

By | 10.12.2018

How to increase the cache size in Opera

Often users face the problem of displaying the video files of high quality online. The most common reason for this is the low quality of Internet network and related problems.

The best solution problems with downloading the video, especially when its duration is much higher 5-10 minutes, or quality 420p above, will increase the cache.

What is the browser cache

The cache is called the system file store where a large load not only videos, but pictures, browsing data, their display parameters. He is used to, turning to a particular page, did not need constant download the data again.

This is done in order to increase the display speed of the sites and at the same time to reduce traffic consumption and memory used for processing. File caching – the operation is temporary, that is, overflow the allotted space, the oldest data is overwritten and new ones added. It is very convenient because there is no need to clear the cache manually, but only if there were any glitches with the browser.Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

Everyone has noticed that when opening a large file online, such as a movie, you need to wait until he is «upload». This is what cache. Part of the downloaded video gets into it and plays there, while the next batch of flow pumped.

Why make more

Modern websites are becoming heavier, becoming overgrown with plugins and additional functionality. Thanks to them it is more convenient to use.

However, because of this having trouble downloading the video stream because of the load of RAM. In addition, if you have low speed Internet, when multiple active functionals, requiring swap for animation or movement of the plugins, loading of the website will be unbearably long.

Quality video and audio playback online also constantly improving. And the growing volume of occupied space for swap. In this regard, the setting of the default browser is not enough and requires an increase in cache size.

And the main reason why you may need to increase its size, is not quality video streaming, and online games. They use the free space for the full program, loading the graphics and broadcast sound.

Video: the browser cache

How to increase the memory cache in Opera browser

Each browser has its own settings for displaying web pages. In them is the management of disk space that can occupy the cache. To increase the cache in Opera you may need at any time because, by default, allocated a total of 20 MB of memory. It is very small.

Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

Usually, a separate place is used for the following data, stored when you visit a particular system:

  • the graphics and animation of the image;
  • the display settings page;
  • authorization data;
  • information about the page.

Enlargement methods

There are two main methods of increasing the cache. Many will argue that the way a lot more. However, if you do not use third-party programs and to equate the command browser from the address bar to manage settings, then it really is.

Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

The settings window of the browser

The first and most simple way to increase the cache is to use the settings.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. to open the main menu control settings. This can be done by clicking on the letter «O» in the corner or «Alt» button on your keyboard;
  2. select «Settings» and then «General settings»;

    Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

  3. go to the tab «Advanced»;
  4. in the right menu find the item «History»;

    Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

  5. to change the setting to required.

    Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

The size limit specified is 400 MB. So if you need a larger swap space, go to the next method.

Changing the file operaprefs.ini

There is another option to increase the cache size in the Opera. To do this, find the folder that may be hidden, as is the system. It stores the custom settings for applications and interfaces APPDATA. There is a folder named Mozilla and a file called operaprefs.ini, which is used for storing settings and browser settings.

Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

Before you modify the file, it is recommended to make a backup by copying to another directory. You can edit it with Notepad. To change the cache you need to change the value of the field «Size» (Rus. — the size). Note that the size is specified in kilobytes (for example, the default value = 20 MB = 20 000 KB).

Field «Size» can be found by using the search function, which in Notepad is invoked with the key combination «Ctrl+F». After editing the file, don’t forget to save the changes. It is worth considering that the cache size is set even after the file is limited to 999 MB.

Not to look for the file, you can invoke editing it directly from Opera browser. To do this in the address bar you must type the command: about:config then, using search in a page, or manually find the «Size» which is under «Disk Cache» and specify the desired number in kilobytes.

Как увеличить размер кэша в Опере

If you have experienced problems with displaying content, not in a hurry to change or reinstall the browser. Try to change the settings use the cache in Opera, and maybe it will solve your problem.

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