How to improve efficiency when working with Windows Explorer

By | 10.12.2018

How to increase efficiency when working with Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer (aka file Manager) is an application that every user of the Windows operating system uses very often. Even some advanced computer users avoid third-party file managers (which are often much more functional), and tend to use the native Windows file Manager. And although many of you pay not enough time to expand the functionality of your favorite browser by installing various add-ons, I’m sure not all of you know that the same can be done with built in Windows file Manager to make working with files even faster and more efficient.

In this article we will not dwell on the built-in features of Windows Explorer, and will only talk about third-party solutions and modifications.

Add «copy to folder» and «move to folder» in context menu

Explorer context menu (right-click menu) consists of various commands that make working with files. In this menu, however, not all teams that could be there by default. For example, I really missed such commands as «copy to folder» and «move to folder», which simplify the process of copying and moving files. After a short Internet search I learned that you can add them by modifying the registry.

Как повысить эффективность при работе с проводником Windows

So you don’t have to mess with the registry, I created two files with the extension .reg that add the context menu commands. To add them, double-click on one of the files with the left mouse button. This in turn will cause two dialog boxes. In one of them, click «Yes», and the second click «OK». Then do the same with the second file.

In case, if you later want to remove these commands, I created two. reg file that will help you with this. All four files are Packed into an archive, and you can download it from this link.

Edit menu «Send»

Menu «Send» in the Explorer context menu it is also necessary to simplify the operations with files or folders. By default, it consists of commands that allow you to send file/folder via e-mail, Fax, on the desktop, on removable media or to add to the archive. Actually, the send to menu is a simple folder that you can open and easy to add your own shortcuts, or remove from there existing.

Как повысить эффективность при работе с проводником Windows

To open the send to folder, press Win + R. this opens the Run dialog. Enter in the command shell:sendto and press Enter.

Remove the extra context menu (right-click menu)

Many third-party applications can integrate into the context menu, so over time it will cause disorder in it. Remove the programs involved exclude them from the composition context menu. But what if you uninstall the program you don’t want, but want to remove it from the context menu? For this purpose you can use CCleaner tool that will help make your right-click menu a little less cluttered.

Как повысить эффективность при работе с проводником Windows

However, keep in mind that CCleaner will be listed, not all context menu items, but only those that were added by third party programs.

Add tabs

In Linux file managers tab is long enough. Moreover, there are tabs in the file Manager Mac OS X Mavericks but Windows Explorer remains without this useful features – it’s not even Windows 8.1. Considering that Internet Explorer was the last of the most popular browsers, which adds support for working with tabs, it’s safe to say, in the file Manager Windows this function will be a very long time, if ever.

Как повысить эффективность при работе с проводником Windows

Fortunately for us, there are a number of third-party tools with which you can easily add tabs to Windows Explorer, and it enables you to simultaneously keep multiple folders open in one window. One of those tools I can recommend QTTabBar, but I personally use the Clover app which adds tabs in the style of Google Chrome. Our review of the Clover you can find here.

Improve the dialogue file copy

Dialogue file copy in Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows is not very functional. He has issues with conflict files and no way to pause the process of copying files. When there is a conflict of files, or another problem, the copy process stops awaiting action from the user, instead of leaving it to last and continue copying remaining files. In Windows 8 this problem is gone, but you are not required to upgrade to Windows 8 to get advanced dialog file copy. Just install TeraCopy (it supports all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP) and in the settings enable integration in Windows Explorer. Thus, whenever you copy/move/paste/drag files in Windows Explorer to perform any of these operations in action is to join TeraCopy.

Как повысить эффективность при работе с проводником Windows

The program actually replaces the native dialog to copy the files, and gives you much more possibilities. If at some point you might want to get back to the standard copy dialog files, you can always disable TeraCopy. Furthermore, TeraCopy adds itself as an option in the context menu, so you can run this utility only when you want.

If you can give other useful tips to improve Windows Explorer, share them in the comments below.

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