How to improve communication Wi-Fi: simple and effective ways

By | 10.12.2018

How to improve wifi connection?

Today, with the Internet available on a huge range of devices (phones, tablets, TVs and some appliances) to use conventional cable to access the network inefficiently. Thanks to modern routers providing wifi connection to the Internet can come from several devices in the apartment or house.

However, due to the fact that now almost everyone has a router, the signal begins to «hide». To strengthen it enough to use a few recommendations:

  1. The easiest way is to buy a new router. The fact that the Protocol transmission speed of the wireless signal is constantly changing, therefore, it is possible that the old equipment is obsolete. Today a new router that transmits a signal with a speed of 300 Mbps can be bought from 300 UAH.
  2. If the signal has deteriorated after moving to a new home or after moving the equipment, it is quite possible the reason for the poor signal can be a concrete wall or other partition. In this case you should try to install the router as close as possible to the center of the room at a height of about 1 m from the floor. If the signal improves – then the reason is obvious.
  3. If someone else’s network (routers neighbors) are working on the same frequency, it can also lead to poor communication. Under current standards, this equipment can work using one of 13 channels. More modern routers allow you to change the channel. So if «air» is overloaded, quite a bit of digging around in the settings of the device.
  4. Most often routers are equipped with antennae capacity 2 dBi. If the signal is bad, you can buy a more powerful antenna — 10-20 dBi. To fit her with a metal object, or wrap the foil makes no sense.
  5. If the router is equipped with several antennas (in some devices, their number reaches 5-6), then buy new elements will be unprofitable. It is much easier to establish a point of distribution of the Internet signal repeater.

It is also worth considering that the problem may lie not in weak router, and not powerful enough hardware. If you play online multiplayer games on old laptop, how strong the signal «machine» do not pull this load. In this case, only purchase good-quality desktop computer with a powerful graphics card and more memory.

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