How to get root rights to any Android device

By | 10.12.2018

How to get root rights to any Android device

Often the user of a smartphone or tablet running Android, you need to Transact making any major changes to the functioning of the device. To do this, you must have root rights.

What it is

Root devices running Android OS is required when performing any operations entailing serious consequences. To be able to do so, you need to activate a special account, which is sometimes called «your administrator password» in the other Unix-like systems. It has an ID of «0».

This account gives access to:

  • system data;
  • hardware resources.

With rooting user can without any problems to do with the machine whatever. Today, there are over two dozen ways of obtaining root rights on the device under control of OS Android.

What you may need

Need the considered mode can perform the following operations:

  • re-flashing or restoring old versions of the OS on the device.
  • delete any data:
  1. advertising;
  2. applications;
  3. standard multimedia files;
  • change the background, icons and other important elements of the interface relating to visualization;
  • edit the system applet;
  • increase the duration of use on a single charge of the battery;
  • speed change operations of the device through various manipulations;
  • increase or decrease frequency of the processor;
  • create your own version of firmware for the device.

Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

In addition to the above there are also many other that you can perform using the account type under consideration. Not rarely necessary enabling Ruth to repair in case of any problems not related to electronic components. Often the camera just does not want to join in the usual way, the mode allows you to fix it.

Methods of obtaining of the rights

To root and Android in many different ways. The easiest way to do this is via a specially designed app.

The most frequently used:

  • SuperOneClick;
  • Unlock Root;
  • Z4Root;
  • Framaroot.

Some utilities must be installed on the PC, they function only in the Windows operating system – using USB gadget connects to the computer. Others simply set them on a tablet, smartphone. Work via PC in most cases much easier and more convenient.


SuperOneClick need to install on your PC.

After the preparatory stage, you must perform the following steps:

  1. you should make sure that the mode «USB debugging» is turned off;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  2. with the help of USB cable connects the gadget to a PC;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  3. open the SuperOneClick program, click on the appropriate button;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  4. when in the main window will appear stating «Waiting for Device», turn on USB debugging;
  5. exploit called RATC will perform all the necessary operations and displays «Starting ADB Server…»;
  6. USB debugging should be turned off, and then re-enable until you see the text «Waiting for device».

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

After performing all the above actions will be possible to perform any operation, trebouxia full access rights. SuperOneClick can not only unblock the rights of Ruth, but also again to block them. This can be done very simple, just follow exactly the steps above, by clicking «Unroot».

Unlock Root

Unlock you want to install on a PC to communicate with the device. To get the appropriate permissions, you must run in a strict order of actions:

  1. download and install Unlock PC;
  2. connect the gadget using a special USB cable;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  3. install all the necessary drivers to interact with the gadget;
  4. to run the application Unlock;
  5. in the opened window, click on the start button;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  6. if the user did everything correctly, a window will open — it is necessary to select the device, interacted;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  7. after selecting, the app will automatically perform all necessary operations.

This utility is also, like other such applications, not only to unlock full access, but again lock it.

Just click the appropriate button located in the bottom left of the screen. After completing all steps, you must restart the device, pre-unplugging it from the computer.

Video: Android rooting


Z4Root is another app for getting rooting access on your tablet or smartphone. It is extremely simple, there is no need to perform any complex actions.

To gain access you need to:

  • to install the application on the device;
  • to run the utility;
  • running the application, click «Temporary» or «Permanent»;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • when the operation is completed the screen will display a special alert.

An important feature of this program is the lack of need for a computer for rooting support. Which is a big advantage over the similar, but require a PC.

Using this utility avoids the need to purchase a USB cable, install drivers. Simply download utility from any public source, it is completely free.


This utility allows you to root without using a computer. For her work satisfied with the device.

To get access account with ID «0», must be performed in a strict order the following:

  • the executable file is downloaded directly in the device itself or in the root folder of the memory card;
  • you need to allow installation of programs not from Google Play.

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • after installation, you should launch the utility (if the CA will issue a warning, allow the tool to perform any action);
  • if the launch program is successful, the user is required to select the option called «Install SuperSU» and to stop any exploit the exactly defined exported, suitable for a particular device;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • if successful, the device will display a notification.

With this application you can perform the reverse process. Simply click on the appropriate button.

How to obtain root using Kingo Android ROOT

Despite the abundance of various programs to obtain the rooting without a computer, work through PC a little bit easier. In addition, not all of them are universal, many are not suitable for any models of devices running the Android operating system.

To date, a universal way to open rooting is Android Kingo.

To root using a computer, setting him on the program, very simple. You will need only a few clicks of the left mouse button.

You must perform the following steps:

  • Downloaded Kingo Root on PC and installed;
  • the program runs in administrator mode (click click on the shortcut, select «run as administrator»;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • the machine is activated the USB debugging mode;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • the device connects to PC;
  • the program automatically searches for and installs all required drivers (this is the advantage of the front the same software – the process is automated);
  • after successful completion of the previous stage, a window will appear in which you must click on the button «Root»;

    Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

  • the implementation process will be displayed in text mode, the application window after it is finished the user will see a notification.

When the process is complete you should disconnect the device from PC and then reboot it.

There are certain nuances concerning the work of the programme. If earlier the computer was installed Mobogenie, you should remove it. As it will prevent proper operation Kingo, open access to the root account will be impossible.

A separate category for this program are devices from Sony. For successful operation they need to carry out unlocking bootloader using Sony’s Bootloader Unlock.

Как получить root права на любом Android-устройстве

To do this, simply download the utility, install it and click on «UnLock», after connecting the device to PC through USB cable. Upon successful completion of this activity, you can begin to use Kingo.

Some action on the smartphones and tablets are often possible only if you have access to the account with ID «0».

It is very important very carefully to perform such actions as untimely disconnection from PC, power off, or something like that can simply «kill» gadget. Therefore, in the absence of necessary knowledge it is better to consult specialists.

If the owner of the smartphone or tablet are an experienced computer user, it can safely get to work. Selection of special programs is very large, which allows without any difficulty to select a particular model of gadget.

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