How to format a USB flash drive to NTFS in Windows XP

By | 10.12.2018

How to format a USB flash drive to NTFS in Windows XP

Many people periodically have to deal with the problem of copying on a USB flash drive of the file exceeding 4 gigabytes. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, formatting to NTFS is available by default, while the NTFS format of Windows XP is not supported.

So, how to format the flash drive to NTFS in Windows XP.

What is FAT and NTFS

FAT and NTFS is the file system, which is a way of organizing and storing data on media (flash drive, hard drive). Information should not only record, but also to organize. A simple way to organize the information are the files and folders.

In today’s time the most common file system on user computers is NTFS, which has replaced the FAT.

The FAT file system found on modern computers is very rare. The main disadvantage of this file system is that it has the maximum amount of disk that is only 2 gigabytes.Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

This file system was installed on the computers recently. The system has more benefits than FAT. But it has its drawbacks. NTFS is much better to store data, but also demanding of computer resources. On top of that if the hard drive has a download of over 90 percent, the system will start to work slower.

Thanks to the NTFS it is now possible to recover lost data.

When you need to format the flash drive

Formatting is the process of creating a file system on the drive. After formatting deletes all stored data.

Formatting flash drive is for the following reasons:

  • insufficient space.
  • changing the file system;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • the drive suffered from virus.

Measure the dimensions of the cluster

When you perform operations to format, you can specify not only the file system, and cluster size. Because of this, most users wonder what the cluster size must be specified when formatting.

To choose the cluster size you must consider what files will be stored on the flash drive.

If files are to be stored on the flash drive, small (text documents, photos, etc.), you should choose small volume of the cluster. If the drive is intended for storing large amounts of files (music, video), it is best to choose a large cluster size.

Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

A cluster is a minimum unit of capacity that is allocated on the flash drive for data storage. The main feature fill of clusters when data is to create a mark on the cell filling (happens even if the cell is not completely filled).

If the cluster size is 256 bytes and a file that is stored has a size of only 1 byte – the cell becomes unsuitable for recording and storing other files. The cluster size affects the speed of data exchange between a PC and a flash drive.

File systems have a different range of cluster size:

  • FAT cluster size is 64 kilobytes (65536 bytes).
  • FAT32 cluster size is from 1 to 32 kilobytes (1024-32768 bytes).
  • NTFS cluster size is from 0.5 kilobytes to 32 kilobytes (512-65536 bytes).
  • exFAT is the size of cluster is from 0.5 kilobytes to 32 megabytes (512-33554432 bytes).

How to format USB flash drive under NTFS

To properly in the system to format the flash drive to NTFS under Windows XP first we need to change the optimization of the drive.

  1. first, you need to the shortcut of My computer on the desktop and choose the flash drive;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  2. then, clicking with the right mouse button on the desired flash device, go in the appeared list and in the bottom of the list click on the Properties function;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  3. during the transition you need to select the tab of the Equipment;
  4. in All drives click on the drive and the bottom of the window Properties.
  5. then you should go to the Policy tab, click on Optimize for performance and click on the tab OK.
  6. after all manipulations can be made to work on the formatting.

The proper procedure for formatting a flash drive includes the following items:

  • in My computer select the drive and click on it right mouse button. In the list that opened, select the Format…;
  • then fall out the window, it is necessary to choose a file system;
  • after that you must set the cluster size (how to choose the cluster size discussed above);
  • then you set the volume label;
  • and click on the tab to Start.

After that the flash drive is formatted in NTFS under Windows XP.

It is known that the FAT32 file system prevents the copying of a file, weighing over 2 gigabytes. So they have users, issues often arise regarding how to format the USB flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS.

Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

There are several ways of how the system to format the flash drive.

File conversions without data loss

To avoid losing data during the conversion, you can use the standard utility «convert.exe» but first, you must check the disk for errors.

  1. you need to do is right-click the drive and choose in the drop down box Properties;
  2. then you need to navigate to tools and select validate;
  3. after clicking on the tab to check a window will appear to Check the disk, check Parameters, it should be noted all the points.

Preferably before conversion close any programs you to prevent errors during operation, which can be lost access to the drive.

The utility is located on the local disk (C:)/Windows/ System32/convert.exe.

It is invoked by typing the command line:

  1. start;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  2. to perform;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  3. start of the program;
  4. cmd;
  5. OK.»

In the opened window you need to specify the following: convert -> (letter of the removable disk) -> : /fs:ntfs /nosecurity /x.

You must then click on Enter. Once completed the conversion, you must type exit and again press Enter. This utility allows you to convert file system without losing data using the command line.

Extra keys to the utility convert:

Convert volume: /FS:NTFS [/V] [/CvtArea:imapala Carnevale] [/NoSecurity] [/X]:

  • Volume — specifies the drive letter;
  • /FS:NTFS — specifies the file system;
  • [/V] — implements enable input messages;
  • [/CvtArea:imapala Carnevale] — specifies a file in the root folder for reserving space for system files NTFS;
  • /NoSecurity — this parameter is responsible for the safety of converted files;
  • /X — a forced dismount of the volume.

Despite the fact that Сonvert.exe allows to convert file system of the flash drive without data loss, before starting, it is better to copy the data from the flash drive to the hard drive.

To prevent errors during conversion, you need to check the flash drive on the available space.

In addition, you can use a free utility to format the flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS. The name of the utility HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

Algorithm of actions:

  1. before you begin, you must download the archive with the program;
  2. next, you should move the files from the flash drive to the hard disk;
  3. you will then run the. exe file HPUSBFW.exe;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  4. open the list Device to which you want to select USB device (flash drive);

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  5. in the new window, select File system type file system (NTFS);
  6. to speed up the formatting process, you can tick Quick Format;

    Как отформатировать флешку под NTFS в Windows XP

  7. you then need to click on the Start tab and wait until the end formatting.
  8. after the operation click on the tab OK.

To understand how to format the flash drive from exFAT to NTFS, you must first understand this concept.

File system exFAT, which replaced the FAT file system has the following differences:

  • reduction of rewrites of the same sector of the disk;
  • the increase of cluster size up to 32 MB;
  • increase the maximum allowable file size is up to 16 exabytes.
  • there is no limit on the number of files in the directory;
  • added support for access rights to files and directories;
  • the efficiency of the free space is significantly increased, thereby significantly reducing disk fragmentation.

Video: How to format flash drive to NTFS

To format a USB flash drive from exFAT to NTFS, you need to call the command prompt window: start -> Run -> cmd. For formatting, use the format command with the enter key /FS:

An example of the command: format Z: /FS:NTFS

For formatting the stick to exFAT you need to dial the following command: format Z: /FS:exFAT

File system exFAT uses much less disk space for its system resources. It supports files whose weight exceeds more than 4 GB.

If the flash drive is small in volume and involves storing small files, it is better to format it to FAT32. Flash drive large volume it is best to format in exFAT. For external hard drives that have a USB 3.0 connector, the ideal solution would be formatting to NTFS.

In this article, file system, their formatting, and the formatting of the flash drive to NTFS in Windows XP.

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