How to format a hard drive — a user manual

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How to format hard disk manual

Installing the operating system or when you change files, the redistribution of the spaces between partitions, you must format the hard disk. This is a very frequent operation performed by the user PC. If you haven’t done anything like that, then let’s deal with the theoretical part of the question.

The process of formatting, what is it?

Marking sections of storing information, in which a certain part is removed, is called formatting. It creates a system of access to the stored information.

As a rule, be run for:

  • change one file system to another;
  • deleting files from the hard drive.

At the moment there are a large number of different file systems. They are used on various equipment including not only computers, but also mobile devices. To work in recent versions of Windows use the NTFS file system.

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Why format hard drive?

The formatting is performed to delete the files from the hard disk, and change one file system to another.

In most cases, resort to it:

  • before installing a new operating system;
  • to create a Windows install image, for example, on a flash drive;
  • due, necessary cleaning of the disk from the files in case they are not needed.

Formatting tools Windows

Despite the large number of various programs to work with hard disk Windows operating system has its own set of utilities.

Consider the process of formatting drives using Windows:

  1. to select the disk you want to format;
  2. click the right mouse button;
  3. select Format;
  4. in the window that appears, select file system, cluster size, and how formatting;
  5. as a system file, it is recommended to set NTFS, and the size of the cluster leave the default 4096;
  6. after setting all desired settings, press Start.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Windows also includes a more complete service for working with hard drives.

In order to access this menu proceed as follows:

  1. click the right mouse button on My Computer;
  2. to choose the Management;
  3. open disk Management;
  4. in this menu the user can perform various operations with hard disk including formatted.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Formatting through the command line

To perform this operation, you can also use the command line:

  • press the key combination Win+R;
  • enter cmd and press Enter;
  • in the command prompt write format command y:, where y is the letter of your drive may be, for example, c or d;
  • the system will ask to confirm the operation by pressing Y;
  • after confirmation the system will begin the formatting process;
  • at the end appear this message

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Formatting the HDD in the BIOS

If you want from BIOS to format a hard disk partition, will have to Tinker a bit. Unfortunately, the BIOS doesn’t have the tools to format the hard drive, so you should use a third-party program to perform these operations.

One of the most popular is Acronis Disk Director. To run it you need the operating system, to create bootable media with files of the program. But before you begin to create your bootable media should consider another option – formatting using the Windows installer. This solution is a more simple option in comparison with Acronis Disk Director.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

For this method need only drive or flash drive with the recorded installation package of the operating system.

For formatting you must do the following:

  • to begin installing Windows from your carrier;
  • at boot menu with language selection, press Shift and F10;
  • you will see the usual command prompt with which you can format the disk partitions using the command format z: /FS:NTFS, where z is your CD and NTFS file system.

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Attention! The letters of partitions may not match. For more accurate determination of the desired drive, use the command wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, volumename, size, description.

Create a bootable flash drive with Acronis Disk Director

To create a bootable flash drive, you will need:

  • USB flash drive;
  • Acronis Diss Director.

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Algorithm of actions:

  1. insert the USB flash drive;
  2. install and open the program;
  3. the application should open the Tools section and choose the Wizard to create Acronis bootable media Builder;
  4. click next;
  5. select the type of bootable media Windows PE.
  6. in the next menu, it should be noted the necessary components to write to flash;
  7. after selection, you must select the media on which you want to record, and click Next. The flash drive must be formatted in the FAT 32 format using Windows utility;
  8. you can also create the image for further recording to a flash device or a disk using the program Ultra ISO.

Working with the boot flash Acronis Disk Director

To download stick you need:

  1. to enter the BIOS and select priority read for your flash device;
  2. after loading the program image, select Acronis Disk Director;
  3. in this menu you can perform various operations with your hard disk, including formatting and memory reallocation;
  4. after determining of all actions, press the Run button to start execution of the selected operations.

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How to format external hard drive to NTFS

The most convenient method of formatting is that all the actions using standard operating system utilities. This decision does not involve additional programs and create additional boot disks.

If you have no operating system installed, then you should use a special program, such as Acronis.

Steps that describe how to format a hard drive as ntfs:

  • click the right mouse button on the disk;
  • select Format;

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

  • in the menu, format file system, choose NTFS;
  • for formatting you need to click the Start button.


In addition to standard Windows programs there are a variety of tools used for the same purpose.

Of the most common options are the following:

  • Acronis Disk Director;
  • HDD Low Level Format Tool;

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

  • Partition Manager;

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager.

    Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

What program is best to ntfs formatted drives?

Each program has its own characteristics, but the main direction for all utilities, remains one – working with drives, including partitioning, formation of in other file systems, etc. Therefore, the choice of the program – a purely personal matter for each user, depending on their preferences.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Problems and their solution when formatting

As quickly without data loss formatted the drive?

Unfortunately, this is impossible. All stored information will be deleted. It will be possible to restore only part of the data.

Which drive is better: external or external?

Formatting external drive is the same as a regular hard drive. This process will remove all info, including windows, after you run the disk turns out as a new one without windows.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

It is impossible to format a hard drive

If you did everything according to instructions, and the result is not achieved, it is not necessary to sound the alarm. This does not always mean something bad.

Recommend, first of all, remove the human factor and pay attention to the following:

  • the format command can not be used for the system drive if it is in his environment;
  • if the operating system is to be in a different section of the HDD and cannot be deleted;
  • settings antivirus programs can be denied access to the different sections of the hard drive;
  • different applications and viruses can block access.

If the above factors have you removed, but did not manage to format the hard disk, you will have to resort to special programs. The most popular tool, HDDscan, easy to install, and, besides, free.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

Algorithm of actions:

  • download utility;
  • to open and install;
  • start the administrator;
  • click on the icon in the form of a sphere located in the center of the interface;
  • select Surface tests;
  • to mark Erase;
  • go to the tab Add test;
  • click on Scan;
  • in the right lower corner, write data error;
  • put option EraseWAITs to ON and once again select the Scan;
  • repeat until, until the error goes away.

You can also use Acronis Disk Director. If it is impossible to format a hard drive using this program, most likely the hard drive has partially failed. And the whole procedure, it is sometimes possible to execute only boot media, i.e., not in the operating system.

How to force format a USB flash drive?

To format flash drives, you can use the program HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

Как правильно отформатировать жесткий диск - инструкция

How to format a write-protected drive?

  • to open a command prompt;
  • to prescribe the following command:
  1. diskpart;
  2. list disk;
  3. select disk Z. Z is the number of the drives, shows the preceding command;
  4. attributes disk clear readonly;
  5. сlean;
  6. create partition primary;
  7. format fs=ntfs;
  8. exit.

The operating system includes utilities that:

  • provide a set of functions;
  • have a fairly simple interface that is easy to operate for novice users.

For more experienced users, it is recommended to use the program Acronis Disk Director, which provides a broader set of functions.

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