How to fix «failed to connect to the Store…» in Windows 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

How to fix «failed to connect to the Store…» in Windows 8.1

Yesterday, when I learned about the release of the official Foursquare app for Windows 8 and RT, I immediately went to the Windows Store to download it. But there it was. When I opened the Store, instead of the usual interface with the app directory I saw the following message:

Failed to connect to the Store. Perhaps there is a problem with the server or timed out connections. Wait a few minutes and try again.

As suggested, I waited a few minutes and clicked on the green link «try again», however, nothing has changed – the Store still didn’t want to let me in. I decided to restart it, but I was again greeted by the same message. Then I prepollical Internet connection, rebooted the computer and did a reset of the Store (by using the command wsreset.exe), but anything from this did not help. As such, I was faced for the first time, in an effort to find a solution I turned to Google. I found a number of ways that were supposed to help me. One of them was the following: it was necessary to go to menu settings date and time and synchronize the computer time with a time server on the Internet. This method, as you might have guessed, brought me no results, however, as the following method, which proposed to withdraw from their account and re-enter it. Another way I do not fit, as it is intended for those users who use proxy. Also on the forums, many suggested to use the «refresh your PC without deleting files», but I decided not to rush it, because something would be removed, namely, desktop applications that I did not want to reinstall.

In the end, I found out how to fix this problem, and the solution was painfully simple. So, if you one day saw a similar message, try the following:

Run the application «PC Settings». To do this, press Win + i, in the opened right pane, click «Settings» and then select «Change PC settings».

Now go to «Account». Under the email address you may see a link to «Confirm» … and this despite the fact that you have already confirmed your identity in the initial configuration process of the operating system. In General, click on this link, enter your password and follow the instructions. As a result, the link «Confirm» will disappear and in its place will be a link to Disable like the screenshot below.

Как исправить ошибку «Не удалось подключиться к Магазину…» в Windows 8.1

Then go to the Windows Store, drag it to the bottom of the screen (or close it any other way convenient for you), then run it and voila, problem solved.

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