How to fix «error 769» when connecting to the Internet

By | 10.12.2018

How to fix «error 769» when connecting to the Internet

Customers of Beeline, one of the leaders in the provision of communications services, sometimes there is error 769 while connecting to the Internet, which says «the Specified destination is not reachable».

This kind of problem is typical for connections with LAN and PPPoE 3Gмодемов. Though access to the services of the operator is limited, and you will not be able to visit any website but to cope with it quite easily and do not need to hire the services of a specialist.

Как исправить «ошибка 769» при подключении к интернету

That means

But what does it mean error 769? Usually she honks on the impossibility to connect to the entered site due to internal PC problems associated with broken local network or to the lack of a physical «link». Basically this indicates a problem with the adapter (disabled or not configured correctly), the PC settings or by cable.

Where lies the error

If you have access to the network using a modem, then that could be a problem because of the following reasons:

  • problems with the drivers. They can «fly» or be removed from the computer;
  • in addition, problems with local connections can be associated with damage to the cable;
  • can be disabled the adapter in «device Manager»;

    Как исправить «ошибка 769» при подключении к интернету

  • the lack of a properly configured connection;
  • blocking incoming and outgoing network data firewall computer;
  • lock antivirus or programs that create their own connections (used to change Rili «proxy»);
  • remote icon available connections not being able to activate the desired connection.

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Possible causes

If you have issues 769 in the browser when you try to go to any website, then you are likely one of the above problems. To fix them you need to understand the cause of.

Below look at the options of failure and try to compare them with your situation:

  • the drivers are often the cause of failure for your modem. Unverified installing the app on automatic update, you risk exposing your PC download old or not appropriate drivers
  • cable damage – a fairly common phenomenon. It occurs when inflection and treated with the wire. If you have excess cable, it can get caught and break from the negative impact from the outside. Besides possible damage during lightning;
  • not working network adapter. This is possible when it is disconnected or installing programs like «Tunngle», «Hamachi» and «Evolve», which can create a new adapter in device Manager, that might be the lock for the primary device;
  • wrong network configuration. There can be several variants of the problem:
  1. you do reluctantly removed or changed settings
  2. lost settings when you install new equipment associated with the operation of the Internet (modem, router)
  3. changing the default settings made by the operator, which provides services

    Как исправить «ошибка 769» при подключении к интернету

  • lock the firewall. This feature protects your computer from unauthorized Internet access software and Vice versa. It can work wrong and block sharing
  • the antivirus blocking. Most modern antivirus applications have the ability to restrict user access to computer programs and the main functions of the PC
  • accidental deletion of the icon for available networks

The decision error 769 while connecting to Internet

If you came to define one of the above-described problems, in this case, it is almost always possible to fix it.

It does not require much time, just follow the instructions written below:

  • when a fault caused by the driver it is necessary either to roll back to a previous version that worked(go to «My computer», «device Manager», tab «Network equipment» — there select the desired option, open the «driver Properties» and click «Rollback»)or you need to download on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment driver;

    Как исправить «ошибка 769» при подключении к интернету

  • finding damage on the cable need to contact your service provider to arrange a replacement;
  • with work adapter try to remove unnecessary connections from the above-mentioned programs. If not, then move the card to another slot on the motherboard;
  • if a firewall is blocking access, go to «control Panel» and configure (disable) it;
  • problems with the antivirus solved it by deactivating or contacting support (if you use licensed software).

If none of the methods did not help, you should consult a specialist who can quickly and efficiently repair your equipment.

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