How to fix blue screen of death Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

How to fix blue screen of death Windows 8

The sudden appearance of «Blue screen of death» or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) often scares Windows users, not to say that terrifies them.

When the blue screen is a crash of the operating system, which is usually accompanied by the absolute refusal of most of the functions and vital processes of its functioning.

In earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems BSOD looked much terrifying and seemingly represented a random sequence of characters on a blue background.

Later, the sequence of characters has become an informative text containing information about the error code and the name of the system file was the cause of a system failure. Windows 8 BSOD became less terrifying, the background color changed to blue instead of blue. At the same time informative blue screen has decreased significantly.

Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

If operating systems prior to Windows 8 blue screen contained the complete information on the cause of the failure, BSODWindows 8 displays a sad emoticon and information about the need to restart the computer. At the bottom of the screen displays a error code with description, and can also be the name of the file, which failed.

System setup

After the appearance of the BSOD, auto-restart, which starts at achievement of loading of the information gathering 100%. It usually takes very little time, and combined with the fact that the information about the failure is displayed on the screen is quite small, of time reading and memorization of important information is critical is not enough.

In Windows you can configure the settings so that the operating system is not loaded automatically. In Windows 8 to do this:

  • right mouse click on the icon «Computer» and then from the menu that appears select «Properties» (you can use the key combination «Win»+»Pause»);
  • in the left menu of the active window select “advanced system settings”;
  • click on the “Advanced”section;
  • in the “startup and recovery” select “Settings…”;
  • in the “startup and recovery” remove the check mark next to “automatically restart”;
  • additionally, you need to change and save option save debug information. For this purpose, the window “Write debugging information” it is recommended to select “Small memory dump (256 Kb)”. Directory in which to load the mini dump, it is better not to change. Defaults to C:WINDOWSMinidump.

Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

By setting the parameters so in the future when a critical error occurs in Windows, the screen displays a blue screen of death, memory dump is saved, and the system is waiting for a forced reboot.

Causes of

The appearance screen of death, usually sudden. To occur it may when starting or shutting down the computer, and the process of the operating system. As for the causes of the fall of the system in the BSOD, there may be many.

All of the causes of the failure of the operating system are divided into hardware and software.

To hardware problems include a situation associated with a failure in the power supply, overheating of individual components, the unstable operation of the individual devices, broken sectors on a hard disk, incorrect work of a device driver.

Software problems are damage to the boot, operating system files, the consequences from the actions of viruses, improper functioning of some software products.

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The memory dump analysis

Any operating system Windows, when a critical error occurs does the salvage the RAM (memory dump) and stores it on the hard drive.

There are 3 types of memory dump:

  • mini-dump that contains a limited amount of data: error code with options, list of drivers in memory at the time of failure. This information is enough to determine the problematic driver. The advantage of this type of dump is compactness of the resulting files;
  • dump kernel memory that stores information about the kernel. User information is not saved. File size is caused by the size of memory;
  • full lamp memory, which reserves all of the memory data, with its size equal to the size of RAM plus 1 Megabyte. Full the very rarely used because of their substantial size, especially in systems with large amounts of RAM.

After saving the crash dump is required to analyze the information containing in it. For these purposes, there are many programs, but the most convenient and easy to use free utility BlueScreenView. With its installation, it is important to specify the location of snapshots in the system.

For the analysis of the situation should:

  • to select the desired memory dump list dump;

    Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

  • to mark the driver. The driver, who were on the point of failure in the RAM, marked in pink. It is likely that the failure occurred because of them;
  • go to menu drivers to find who is the owner driver (application or device). More details you need to analyze the non-system files;
  • upon detection of the problematic driver must be uninstalled or updated.

Error codes blue screen Windows 8

Identifying the cause of the blue screen, you can perform a table describing the error code. Resources, containing a complete list of error codes with descriptions and the ability to troubleshoot issues on the Internet a lot.

Consider the most common errors that lead to BSOD:

  • 0x00000024 (NTFS FILE SYSTEM). The cause of blue screen is the driver that fails ntfs.sys. Often the problem is caused by damage to sectors on the hard drive. In some cases the fault is handled by the regular utility run scan disk. If the test did not bring positive results, it is recommended to monitor in detail the hardware of the hard disk;

    Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

  • 0x0000007B (INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE). This error indicates problems with access to the system logical disk. To such failure may result in malware, incorrect installation of operating system failures on the file system, incorrect BIOS settings.

    Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

Among possible ways of Troubleshooting is to update the BIOS, perform a disk scan with defined parameters, the dismantling of the «fresh» hardware, update a driver for SCSI-controller;

  • 0xC000021A (STATUS SYSTEM PROCESS TERMINATED). This error is of software in nature and indicates a problem with the driver program of the user or a third-party service. To fix the error, you need to update the driver, uninstall the offending application or third-party service;

    Как исправить синий экран смерти Windows 8

  • 0x0000002E (DATA BUS ERROR) hardware error, the cause of which may be a problem with the RAM, cache and video card memory. The treatment is to update the BIOS, replace software SCSI and LAN, replacing the problematic hardware, you scan the hard drive and updating drivers of the hardware component;

Errors are very diverse, and no single algorithm to address them. Their number in the hundreds, and each of them may require a highly individual approach.


Solve the problem

The emergence of blue screen of death is not always critical for the computer or operating system. Sometimes it’s just a defensive reaction to some of the processes that impede the regular processes in the functioning of the system. It is very important to identify the cause of the problem.

In some cases, the reason for the failure lies on the surface. It happens when you install new software, modifying configuration files, or connecting to the system unit of the new hardware. In this situation, some fault lies with the user.

The solution is to uninstall the problematic program or driver, return to previous state of Windows 8, the replacement of the conflicting devices.

To better define the sequence of actions to restore the health of the computer and operating system it is important to know the error code BSOD, to see who can be on a 2nd or 3rd line on a blue screen.

The simplest way to determine the nature of the error (software or hardware) is to use a boot disk. If the BSOD problem is still relevant, the reason probably lies in the hardware components of the computer.

In such a situation, you can try to determine the source of the problem with the help of specialized applications for monitoring the hardware of a personal computer.

Often computers are experiencing significant problems due to software or hardware. In such a situation to prevent a serious failure of Windows 8 computer shuts down or reboots, and then displays the BSOD — which contains information about the error.

Database search Microsoft for the error code will help to solve the problem and restore your computer to normal functioning.

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