How to find what operating system is on your computer?

By | 10.12.2018

How to check what operating system is on my computer?

Among the operating systems in the modern world have great success following operating systems: Windows 7,8,10, Linux, Mac OS. Many operating system users often are unable to determine and specify in different sites the same question: «What operating system is installed on the computer.» Type your operating system needs to know in order to determine the suitable a particular information product to their computer. In addition, various system programs and device drivers only work under a specific operating system. Therefore, it is important to know what operating system you have on your PC

To determine what OS is installed, there are at least two options, where You can see the necessary information:

  • team winwer.
  • go into «Computer (right mouse button)», then «Properties».

In the second case (it is more informative and operational), the user can know about the operating system for more information and to check the license on it.

The operating system the user can define the vendor of this software as well:

  • Type installed official updates (e.g. Service Pack 1). Sometimes the package you want to install yourself.
  • Performance evaluation of the computer — this test is conducted by the system itself depending on the installed components that make up the computer itself.
  • Processor and its operating frequency — this parameter must be considered when using games and powerful applications.
  • Amount of RAM — amount of RAM installed, depends largely on the performance of your computer that particularly affect the system performance when running games.
  • Type OS installed. This parameter specifies which applications will be able to work under this OS. At the moment there are 2 OS type — 32-bit and 64-bit. The difference between these OS is that 32-bit OS can’t run applications designed for use under 64-bit operating system. 64-bit OS allows you to bypass this limitation, besides, on this type of OS will run applications designed for 32-bit OS. The downside of 64 bit is that optimal health requires a larger amount of RAM installed.

Now, following these ways, You can easily find out what operating system is installed on the computer.

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