How to find the activation key is installed on the computer Windows

By | 10.12.2018

How to find the activation key is installed on the Windows computer

If activation key no Windows on the bottom of the laptop if lost license installation DVD, where the key is specified on the box, as well as in all other cases of loss of the past is necessary to learn and retain. Причtм to postpone the matter indefinitely not worth it. Before the planned reinstallation of Windows, of course, the activation key can be found in the framework of the overall preparatory process. But, alas, the reinstallation of the operating system – a process that is not always possible in advance and carefully plan. Need to reinstall OS can occur at any point – after failed experiments with the system settings and third party software, after penetration of the virus, when conflict is replaced by hardware components, etc. Plus, Windows activation could simply fly. It is not only a natural consequence of the replacement of the motherboard, which is tied to the Windows product key. Activation can fly, for example, after installing the failed updates the system.

Activation Windows can be seen in a variety of programs for diagnosing the system and hardware resources of the computer. For example, in the popular program AIDA64 the Windows product key listed under «Operating system» in the subsection with the same name.

Как узнать ключ активации установленной на компьютере Windows

In another similar program PC-Wizard activation key, see section «Configuration» in the subsection «Operating system». When you click on the serial number at the top of the program window below will receive a display of the activation key installed Windows.

Как узнать ключ активации установленной на компьютере Windows

But if they are not installed on the computer, just for the sake of obtaining activation key Windows messing around with their setup makes no sense. Much easier to use a small program ProduKey. It does not require installation. ProduKey can be downloaded from its official website for free.

Как узнать ключ активации установленной на компьютере Windows

What makes ProduKey, so it displays the activation keys for installed Microsoft products. No other functions in it.

After unpacking the archive and start the EXE file in the programs will see, in particular, the activation key installed Windows. Click the row with this key, call the context menu and select «Copy Product Key».

Как узнать ключ активации установленной на компьютере Windows

Copied to clipboard activation key Windows then you need to save, for example, in a. TXT file or in the web notes.

Windows 10 allows you to defer key entry and activation in the process of installing the operating system. Whereas the earlier version of the system without entering a product key to install do not want. Because every emergency event activation from this system is better still to write down in a paper notebook.

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