How to find out the exact model of HP laptop

By | 10.12.2018

How to know the exact model of HP laptop

Every laptop user must know the model of your device. Without information about the model of laptop and search for the necessary drivers or hardware for the device can get much more complicated.

On laptops, the model type of the device is located near the keyboard or screen. But the data are not sufficient for a complete understanding of the model.

Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The data listed here, just pointing out a series of laptop. For example, HP for a long time period released to the desktop market more than hundreds of devices in series G62.

Utility «system Information» or the HP Support Assistant

In order to know what my model HP laptop, you can use the utility «system Information» or to use the program «HP Support Assistant».

Utility «system Information»:

  1. to invoke the utility «system Information», press on the keyboard following key combination «FN+Esc»;
  2. after pressing the key combination will appear on the screen the window «system Information». In the utility window will be provided with the following information: name and number of the laptop. The name will reflect information about many types of models of laptop. Room as time on the contrary is more detailed and shows information about the make of the laptop.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

Utility «HP Support Assistant»:

  1. in order to invoke the utility «HP Support Assistant», press the keyboard shortcut «Win+Q». You can also find the program through «start» and type in the search «HP»;
  2. then utility must be run. In the program window at the bottom will display information about the model.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

Also see more details on the characteristics of the laptop is possible in the tab «My computer» -> «system Information».

Another option to establish the brand of laptop can be a visit to the support site.

Method is perfect for getting to know the model serial number:

  • go to the support website;
  • next in the «Check warranty» manually entered data on the country of residence, serial number and product number;
  • next, click on the «Send»tab;
  • after a few seconds of the screen you should see a page «Result warranty HP products», where information will be provided about the model of your laptop.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

Finding the BIOS

To look make a laptop through the BIOS. To do this, follow a series of sequential steps:

  • first, you need to turn on the computer. On the housing next to the screen and keyboard push the power button;
  • you must then immediately repeatedly press the keyboard key «Esc»;
  • after that, the laptop screen will appear the run menu;
  • you then on the keyboard press the function key «F1» or choose «system Information»;
  • then the screen will display the information window on the system where will be presented the following information: device brand, product number, serial number, date of manufacture and other.

Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The sticker on the case

To know the details of your device you can also use stickers that are on the body of the laptop. Generally, the stickers with the information about the device located on the bottom cover or inside the housing for the battery.

How to identify model of HP laptop with stickers on the case

The sticker on the front of the laptop:

  • first we need to open the laptop and carefully inspect the outer casing. As mentioned above, HP often puts information on the model near the screen or keyboard;
  • if the label is found, carefully inspect it and find the necessary information about the characteristics of the device.

Sticker on the back of the laptop:

  1. for starters, turn the computer back side and inspect the housing;
  2. then look for a sticker with information about the model of your laptop.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The sticker inside the battery compartment:

  • turn the laptop back side and carefully remove the battery;
  • next, inspect the battery and locate the sticker with the data on the device model.

Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The sticker under the hood back side of the device:

  1. first we need to remove the back cover of the laptop;
  2. once the cover is removed, you should find a sticker with information.

Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The second way to know the model number of the laptop:

  • you need to find the label with the serial number on the notebook;
  • then go to the official website of the manufacturer of the product, in this case, «Hewlett-Packard»;

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

  • then in «Search by product» enter the model number. For example, «HP Photosmart 5510».

How to know the model of your HP laptop in CPU-Z

Information about the brand of laptop you can also learn with the help of a program called «CPU-Z».

Using «CPU-Z» you can find following data about the laptop:

  • data processor;
  • the data on the card;
  • the data on the memory;
  • the data on the motherboard;
  • information about the temperature of CPU, graphics card, motherboard and others.

To find out information about the HP laptop with the program «CPU-Z» as follows:

  1. to get started, download the program on the official website;
  2. then the program extracted from the archive and run;
  3. in the main window of the program will be provided with detailed information about the processor, graphics card, memory and motherboard.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

The documentation for the device

Learn about the characteristics of your laptop you can apply to your device documentation.

To find out the laptop model through the documentation for the device must:

  1. first, the disposal must present technical documentation on the device;

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

  2. information about the model of the device is usually placed on the first page of the user manual for the device. Also model number can be seen in the form of the guarantee and sales receipt.

    Как узнать точную модель ноутбука HP

In this article, ways on how to find out information about the model HP laptop.

The owner of the laptop must know the model of your device, as without this information the service laptop can be extremely difficult.

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