How to enable or disable Windows components

By | 10.12.2018

How to enable or disable Windows features

Как включить или отключить компоненты WindowsEach version of Windows carries a certain set of installed programs, functions and applications, the user can disable (delete) unnecessary features or add ones that are needed but not installed by default. By removing unnecessary functions, programs or applications, you can free up a lot of disk space, which is especially important for the $ 100 tablets, which have recently flooded the market.

In this guide we will show you how to add or remove components in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

All necessary actions will be done in the window called «Windows Components».

How to open «Windows Components» in Windows 7

The Windows features window you can open from the section «Uninstall or change a program» (also known as «Programs and features»). The easiest way to access Windows Components is to use the «start menu». To do this, open the menu, enter «enable features» in the search line and click on the appropriate item in the search results (see screenshot below).

Как включить или отключить компоненты WindowsHow to open «Windows Components» in Windows 8 and 8.1

On the desktop press the key combination Win + S, type «enable features», and then in the search results, click on «Enable or disable Windows components».

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

In addition, there is another way that also works in Windows 7. Open «control Panel» and under «Programs» click «uninstall a program».

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

Then click on the link «Enable or disable Windows features» in «Programs and features».

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

As a result, you will see a window «Windows Components».

How to remove Windows components

The window «Windows Components» is a list of all functions, programs and apps available for a particular version of Windows. Components that are checked are already installed and available on your computer. To view additional information about a component, simply hover the cursor of your mouse.

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

To remove a component or a program, just deselect its checkbox. You can delete multiple components at once. After that, click «OK».

When it is cleared, you will see a warning that disabling the feature may affect other components, programs or settings. To learn more, you can click on the link «see more online» at the bottom of the warning. If you agree with the consequences of your choice, click «Yes». Otherwise, click No and the deletion process (trip) will be cancelled.

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

Windows needs time to make the necessary changes. Some features may not be removed or disabled without having to restart the system. If in the case of a function that you have chosen, all is well, you will be informed that Windows has completed the requested changes.

Как включить или отключить компоненты Windows

After removing some of the components that Windows might tell you that in order to apply the changes, you need to restart the computer. Click «Restart now» and wait until the process is complete. Keep in mind, rebooting will take longer than usual because the operating system will need to spend additional time to configure itself in accordance with your instructions.

Как включить или отключить компоненты WindowsHow to add Windows components

Adding components in Windows consists of the same actions as their removal. The only difference is that instead of unchecking the checkbox to install them.

During the installation process, depending on what you selected for installation, Windows may ask your permission to download some files from Windows Update. Allow the operating system to do this for successful installation. And in some cases, Windows may even ask for the installation disk of the operating system.


Does it make sense to remove some unused components and programs if you do not have enough disk space? The Answer Is Yes!

For example, if you, being a Windows 7 user, don’t use gadgets, Windows Media Center, DVD maker, «online games» «more games», as well as Fax and scanner, removing these components will allow you to release a total of 0.24 GB (245 MB). It’s a decent saving when free disk space is a real problem.

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