How to enable bluetooth adapter on the laptop — a user manual

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How to enable the bluetooth adapter on the laptop — user manual

Before you begin to study the question know what is Bluetooth and how it works.

What is Bluetooth? This is a module for wireless data transmission. They can be voice, streaming (audio) and regular files. It works in two modes: as both a receiver and a transmitter. This wireless device is indispensible when you transfer files from smartphone to computer.

The Bluetooth adapter may be different revisions or versions, starting with 1.0, which was released in 1998 and had a number of compatibility issues, and ending with the version 4.1 with low power consumption and high speed.

Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

In mobile computers, a wireless communication module, reduces the operating time from the battery. Therefore, manufacturers have provided both hardware and software to enable/disable these modules. Below are instructions on how to enable the bluetooth adapter on the laptop.

How to find out if the laptop is bluetooth

You can try to enable or disable the device to puzzle out why it’s not working. But it just may not be in the laptop.

To check the availability of the laptop in several ways.

  1. party-room laptop;
  2. on the respective labels;
  3. the presence of the bluetooth status indicator.

Part number is the complete model name of the laptop. For example, if we are talking about ASUS, it will look something like this: X102BA-DF010H. By entering this number into the search on the manufacturer’s website, you can see if you have a laptop this function.

Be careful and check carefully whether all the letters and numbers with your model. Room one the slightest difference can correspond to a completely different laptop.

Sometimes laptop manufacturers indicate that there are additional options with stickers. So, at the bottom of the case can be a sticker with model and version of bluetooth. If the sticker is on the bottom of your computer – so everything is in place.

Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

If the indicator panel as the laptop has a small Bluetooth logo is a sure sign that he is present in this laptop. If not, then need to see the keyboard for hot keys enable this option. But the surest way is to check via the part-number, which never lies.

Bluetooth in the BIOS

Sometimes after changing the hardware configuration, after reinstalling OS or after other manipulations of the computer system does not see wireless devices: neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi modules. It is a sure sign that these modules are programmatically disabled via the BIOS.

How to enable Bluetooth on the laptop in the BIOS? You can do the following:

  1. go in the BIOS. For this you need to hold down DEL or F2 when starting the laptop. In the latest versions of laptops to enter BIOS use the ESC key or F1;
  2. check the status of the module Bluetooth. Opposite values «bluetooth» should be «enable». If there is «disable», change the value. If you enable or disable it in BIOS it is impossible – means, it is active constantly. If I load the BIOS it is not visible – you need to flip the pages and menus;
  3. definitely need to keep changing the settings and restart the computer. After that, the OS will detect the new device and requests a driver.

Video: How to enable wifi on Asus laptop

How to turn on bluetooth on laptop

First you need to install provided by the manufacturer of the driver. Even if you install Windows in the system enclosing the standard drivers – they may not work properly with different models of the device. Download need drivers only from the official websites of manufacturers of laptops.

Standard way:

  • in the notification area, click on the oval icon Bluetooth;
  • in the opened menu click to enable/disable Bluetooth.

Ways to incorporate

Basic tools:

  • using the hardware buttons;
  • using the keypad;
  • control panel of the operating system;
  • from the command line.

Some models are hardware switches. If it is – move it to the «ON» position. Such switches is often put into laptops premium, for example Sony VAIO.

A combination of keys on the keyboard

Almost all laptops have a FN key, which is always used to access the additional capabilities of a laptop. In combination with other, this key can control the speaker volume, display brightness, on / off switching of additional equipment.

Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

To turn on bluetooth in laptop using the key combination FN+the key with bluetooth icon. The role of this key is usually F3. Often Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a single module. Accordingly, they turn on and off too, along with the key combination FN+F5. Next, consider how you can incorporate without a keyboard this module.

How to turn on without a keyboard

If the keyboard does not work – the adapter can be enabled without it. Different OS versions provide different ways to programmatically enable wireless devices. Consider the most simple and easy ways for each operating system. Let’s start with the most recent ones.

In Windows 8.1 to do it is also very simple.

  1. go to the sidebar on the right;
  2. then open Options -> Change settings -> devices -> bluetooth;
  3. next, the module will automatically turn on and the computer will be visible to all Bluetooth devices.

    Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

In Windows 8 to do it is no more complicated than:

  • in the same Charms bar, go to «Settings»;
  • then click Change PC settings -> Wireless & networks;
  • move the lever under «Bluetooth» in the «ON» position.

    Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

In Windows 7 the easiest way to monitor the phone using the factory utilities, which are often packaged with the laptop or available for download from the website of the manufacturer of the computer. The interface of such programs is very simple, and they need no explanation.

It is also convenient to control the state of bluetooth adapter with a special icon to the right of the taskbar. Clicking on this icon, right-click you can access various modes and features of the adapter. You can enable and disable it, to match with devices to manage the data transfer and much more.

If these methods do not help – make sure that bluetooth is enabled in device Manager. Also check whether the drivers are installed.

To do this:

  1. open the control panel;
  2. in the category «Administration» go to «computer management». Open the control panel by the computer;
  3. by clicking on the tab «device Manager» you will see all the devices and modules operating on the computer. Find the Bluetooth device.

By drawn icon with a question mark or an exclamation mark – drivers need to be updated or reinstalled.

It may happen that in nature there is simply no driver for your Bluetooth adapter for some older versions of Windows. For example, for XP, many laptop manufacturers don’t test and don’t even write the drivers. This problem can be circumvented by purchasing an external bluetooth adapter.

Use the command line

State management of wireless devices and possibly from the command line. But this method is much more difficult than all of the above.

  • for this we need the program DevCon. You will also need the ID of the Bluetooth module. The program can easily be found online;
  • ID can see in device Manager (the above describes how to get there) when you open the card the Bluetooth adapter and go to the details tab. In the drop-down menu choose hardware ID. The first value will be our ID;
  • after unpacking the archive with the program DevCon, copy the file devcon.exe in the directory C:Windowssystem32;
  • run a command prompt. Do it quickly, you can press the key combination Win+R. Then type «cmd». A command window will open in which you enter the following command: «devcon enable ID» (instead of «ID» enter the actual ID of the Bluetooth adapter).

    Как включить адаптер bluetooth на ноутбуке - инструкция для пользователя

For frequent use it is possible to simplify this process. Command: «devcon enable ID» can be placed in a blank text file then save with the extension *.bat. To enable the adapter, it will be enough to run this file with the team.

If there is no fn button

Extremely rare in laptops is missing the FN button. Without the fn button to control the laptop is not so convenient. But, turn on Bluetooth without it. You can use software tools from different manufacturers.

Some of them:

  • Lenovo ReadyComm for Lenovo laptops;
  • ASUS Wireless Console for ASUS;
  • HP Utility Center is a comprehensive utility software from HP to manage all devices, including Bluetooth;
  • Widcomm, AirShare – paid and free third-party utility.

These programs are extremely easy to use. For example, let’s see how to turn ON Bluetooth using Widcomm:

  1. install the utility right from the taskbar and the desktop will appear a shortcut to the Bluetooth logo;
  2. clicking with the right mouse button opens a menu with a lot of opportunities. Among them will be «Enable/disable Bluetooth device»;
  3. by clicking on it with the left mouse button, the wireless adapter turns on.

In the absence of the function keys, you can use the methods described above:

  • through the inclusion of a command line;
  • the inclusion of a control panel;
  • enable using hardware switches.

Bluetooth can be enabled in several ways. If You are not familiar with the computer, use the clear method. It is not necessary to use the command prompt and other complicated schemes.

If you are using Windows 8 problems with the launch of Bluetooth module should arise. All hardware manufacturers regularly update drivers for this OS. In addition, the interface and the Bluetooth user-friendly and devoid of all sorts of problems.

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