How to enable auto Internet connection Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

How to enable auto Internet connection Windows 7

Almost every user sooner or later asks the question, how to enable auto Internet connection in Windows 7.

This guide aims to answer all possible questions related to this topic. I hope it will be useful to you.

All of the steps, examples and screenshots in this article relevant to Windows 7, as it remains today the most popular. But most of the operations subject to minor amendments applicable to Windows8 and 10.

Why start Internet automatically

This setting greatly simplifies the process of using the PC. Precious time is not wasted on unnecessary actions. Plus, there are often situations when a person may miss important messages or emails for quite an unfortunate reason – I forgot about the Internet when the computer is turned on.

Of course, solve all of these problems will allow the installation of the router. The advantages of this solution that after this not only desktop machines, but also other mobile gadgets will be merged into a single network. All logins, passwords and other information recorded in the memory of the router. In this case, even if you change PC’s often no need to change anything.

Ways to create

Installation options are many. Still, the seventh and subsequent OS versions have a lot of different settings, allowing you to tailor them to suit most popular requirements.

What is the way to stay, of course, everyone decides for himself. The user thinks of its own needs and opportunities. It also depends on the version and the installed software. These factors can also influence the choice of variant. But in any case, any of the following methods work for you.

Video: setting the automatic connection

Use Network connections

Before all steps, verify that your names are written in Latin letters. In any case do not want to use Cyrillic in all that relates to settings of networks. It is better to fix it and rename than to guess why something is not functioning as it should.

To verify, open «control Center network and sharing». Hereinafter – the «Change adapter settings». Need to rename a connection, click on it twice, but with some interval.

Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

All actions have that working connection you have created.

If not, you will need the following:

  1. go to «control Center networks and the General access»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  2. click on «configure a new connection and network», select «Internet Connection» and «Broadband (PPPoE)»;
  3. enter the login name and password received from the provider;
  4. after that choose the right method and go for the action.
  5. the easiest way to automate the connection process is a shortcut in the startup. Here everything is clear – create a shortcut and move it to the appropriate folder, which can be found in the «Start» button. But for the full experience are advised to try other options.

A file with the extension .bat

Pretty easy and fast to set up using a special. bat file placed in the «Startup», which will perform all the actions on automatic connection.

To do this:

  1. in any convenient folder, create a plain text document using the standard «Notepad»;
  2. insert the following text: «cd %systemroot%system32 startrasdial INTERNET login password» (of course without the quotes). You need to replace «INTERNET» with the exact name of your connection and the username and password to replace the ones you received from the provider;
  3. the rest leave as is. Save and close Notepad.

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

Write the name of your file to any Latin letters without spaces and change its extension to «.bat». You should have something like «internet_autostart.bat».

If you can’t change the extension, follow next steps:

  1. go to any folder and press the Alt button, at the top menu is displayed;
  2. in the tab «Tools» click «Options»;
  3. go to «View» and in the «advanced settings», find «Hide extensions for known file types»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  4. uncheck the option and click «OK»;
  5. after a successful rename, go to this address: «C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup».

Please note that if you are looking for this folder manually, some names you can be translated into the Russian language and, accordingly, to look slightly different.

Here you must move your bat file. Be sure to reboot and check the performance of this method. If something does not work, then just delete the file and try another option. The fact that it works not on all computers.

The network control center

Using only «network control Center» you can achieve a proper result, but with one caveat. The computer in this case would be to join only at the moment when it prompts you for any application. But, in practice, that’s good enough for the average user.

So, go to «Change adapter settings» and open the properties of our connection. In the «dialing Options» put only one check mark «Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc.», the rest remove.

Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

Then it is desirable to make the following changes:

  1. open «Network and Internet» in the «control Panel»;
  2. then «Internet options» (or «browser);
  3. under «Connection» put a tick «Always use default connection»;
  4. there, open «Settings», write down the username and password and make a mark on «Automatically detect settings».

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

Some time after restart you will pop up a window prompting you to choose the desired action. Check this «Connect automatically». And the problem should be resolved. If you want more advanced ways, read on.

Configuring automatic Internet connection in Windows 7 with task scheduler

Before you create a scheduler task:

  1. open the properties of the desired connection;
  2. next, go to the tab «Settings»;
  3. remove all ticks under «dialing Options».

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

In fact, you can then proceed to the next step – open the «task Scheduler».

This can be done in two ways:

  1. in the «control Panel» open «System and security» then «administrative tools», and we need «task Scheduler»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  2. click on the keyboard two keys: Win and R, in the opened window simply enter: «taskschd.msc»;
  3. next, in the menu «Action» select «Create basic task» and write the name with the description. Value here you can enter any;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  4. in the «Trigger» mark «At computer startup» in the «Action» – «Run the program»;
  5. a window will open where you can specify the location we needed system process «Raspidal». You can type manually «C:Windowssystem32rasdial.exe» and can specify it using «Browse»;
  6. Please note that the path to the file may differ. It all depends on where you installed the operating system where you are now. But the majority remains the same.

  7. in the «Add arguments» you can enter the name of your connection, login and password obtained from your service provider. It is necessary to enter strictly in that order, separated only by one space. Anything extra should not be there. You get something like: «INTERNET login password»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  8. at the end puts a mark «to Open the «Properties» window after clicking «Finish». Note the «Run for all users» and «Run with highest privileges». Here and in the bottom you need to choose your operating system. At this stage, have to enter user password if you have it installed.

That is, in principle, that’s all. Try to restart the computer. If you did everything correctly, the computer will automatically connect.

The AutoPlay using registry editor

Alternatively, you can set up an automatic Internet connection Windows 7 through the registry.

To start:

  • start a command prompt with the key combination «Win+R»;
  • type: «regedit»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  • before you open the registry Editor;
  • here open the folder «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE» then «SOFTWARE», «Microsoft», «Windows», «CurrentVersion» and «Run». Then click on an empty space right click and create new «String value»; рис6: create a «String value»;

    Как включить автоматическое подключение к интернету Windows 7

  • open it and in the Value field, append the following: «INTERNETloginpassword», replacing the name, username and password. Reload and get the work done.

I hope that this article you found the information you were looking for. Really nothing complicated here, even a novice user can easily figure it out.

Don’t miss any points, read carefully all remarks and comments and then the result of your work will please you without any mistakes and failure for a long time.

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