How to edit a scanned document in word

By | 10.12.2018

How to edit a scanned document in word

With ABBYY FineReader can easily convert text from paper in the format file word and edit it if necessary.

Learn all the stages of conducting this procedure in this article.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

A large number of users working with documents that are often faced with the necessity of copying text from paper to Word. In this case, the best choice would be scanning the text and its further editing.

To make this possible with the help of modern programs FineReader, she successfully transforms ordinary photograph obtained from the scan into a meaningful set of words.

Work with the document in FineReader

FineReader – the most relevant program for automatic recognition of a scanned document, it was created by Russian programmers. Its main advantages can be considered the possibility of maintaining a large number of languages, among which there are even the old.

In addition, this program allowed batch processing of a multiple-page text.

Its benefits also include:

  • recognition of text in different fonts, including cursive writing;
  • the correct recognition of the pictures and tables in the file.
  • detection of poor texts;

    Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

  • a convenient translation of the text of the document in a Word file.

The trial version of this program can be downloaded on the official website, its only flaw is that there is a limit. Free can handle no more than fifty printed pages of text.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

The full version costs about fifty dollars, on it a similar limitation.

Download and scan

The first step in FineReader is download and the scan file.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

To start the process:

  • in menu, select «window Scan»;
  • some time later, the program will process the document and transfer it to the screen as an image;

    Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

  • next, you will need to decipher the scanned text;

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

  • move it to the file format of word, and then save.

    Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

This program will automatic allocate portions of a document, figures and tables, if necessary will turn scanned text in the right direction. After the scan is complete, this program requires you to select a language to decipher written.

You can choose in the drop down box «Language», if you downloaded the scan will be written in several foreign languages – choose automatic mode.

Deleting formatting from the document

Now we’ll do a more detailed how to edit a scanned document in FineReader. On the picture tables, pictures and texts would be different in different colors.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

The data region decrypted automatically depending on its type. Continue to work with them in this program allows a section called «Test region», it is located in the right window FineReader.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

To remove a field from a document you must select in the drop down menu click «Delete region», and then you can click on the fragments that should be removed.

Allowed the destruction of all images and tables, you can leave only need to recognize and further the preservation of the text.

Video: How to transfer an image to Microsoft Word


To highlight any area required to perform the following steps:

  1. click on the button «Select area Text»;
  2. pressed left button to outline the border of the text block in a frame.

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

And to highlight the image or table you need:

  • select the button «Select region of Image» or «Select area table»;
  • similarly to circle of the border block with the left mouse button.

Many people are interested in whether the FineReader program to change the size of the selection. It’s real, it is only necessary to click with the mouse at the desired location, hover over its border until the occurrence of a special italic.

It is required to press the left mouse button and hold, to resize by moving the mouse up or down.

The conversion to Word format

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

After all the region will be highlighted and edited as needed, you can begin to recognize written document and saving it in Word format. For carrying out these procedures, press the «Convert» button in the program menu.

The user will need to wait a certain amount of time, after which he will be able to view the results of the work done. To save text, you must type a file name, select a location and save format.

To create the file in Microsoft Word format have to choose in the «Rich Text Format (*.rtf)».

Final edit a scanned document in Word

Как изменить отсканированный документ в word

After the operations the document will be created in a word-processing software, the user can open it and compare with the original. If there are any errors, they can be easily edited in the normal program mode.

As a rule, the FineReader program recognizes well-written in any language, but the poor quality of some source words may be incorrect.

Program FineReader allows users to considerably save time when processing text, tables or images from paper. To really appreciate the benefits of working with it, you can download a free trial version for fifteen days on the official website.

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