How to download YouTube videos

By | 10.12.2018

How to download videos Vkontakte

According to numerous requests from » contactees «, write a post about how to download video Vkontakte. What even had to register in this social network (still don’t understand the point of such a SOC.networks , anyway ) . Naturally wandered around there in search of the working way to download the videos ( as Vkontakte I’ve never used it and therefore didn’t know how to do it ) and, indeed, from the pile to the listed tips in the case, found one working method.

This method was, as all ingenious, is simple . So download Download Master from the official site here and install to your computer. When you install there is no problem, so the description of this process can be omitted only when the installer prompts you to install Yandex bar and search from Yandex is the default, then decide for yourself whether it is You.

After installation , run the program and specify the speed of your Internet connection ( from the list ). Next , open the page Vkontakte with any us movie and copy the link from the browser address bar to the clipboard ( the mouse is allocated to the link and select copy). Open Download Master and in the program window press the button + and then click start download. All . Wait until the download video.

Как скачать видео Вконтакте

Downloaded videos are saved by default on the C drive in the Downloads folder, if you want a place where to put the downloaded files can be changed in the settings . I almost forgot, to view the downloaded video, You will probably need VLC media player. Pleasant viewing.

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