How to download from Rapidshare

By | 10.12.2018

How to download from Rapidshare

There are situations when you need information (films , software, etc.) cannot be found on a torrent tracker, but it lies on the so-called «warez» sites. This happens rarely , but still happens. Now, more user-friendly , and of course free of charge on these sites to use the links on file sharing Rapidshare . But the problem is that the links to the downloadable file may be a dozen or two. Agree that download parts of the file on certain links , but still to wait 15 minutes between downloads is a bit irrational. Therefore, write the instructions for use USDownloader program that will do it all automatically.

After that, unpack the archive and run the program using the EXE. file. When you first start the program will ask what language to work and most likely will be asked to update the plugins. So from the list of available languages , select Russian and give the opportunity to upgrade. After such simple gestures , USDownloader ready to use. Go to the website , where are the needed links, all together and copy them to the clipboard.

Then , open USDownloader and press the button +, the program will copy links from the clipboard , select the location where you want to save the downloaded files and click OK. All download of fix will start immediately, waiting for the result.

Downloading files , stop and start again, but you need to remember that if You download stopped , at the next startup everything will start again from the part where interrupted as a file hosting service Rapidshare , download not supports.

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