How to download files with the Torrent

By | 10.12.2018

How to download files from Torrent

Very popular nowadays are the torrent trackers. To download with sites for a long time if the file size is several gigabytes, but with the torrent, you can download much, much faster. If you want to learn — read on.

How to download files from Torrent?

For work, we need a program that will directly download a file from the Internet to your computer. Popular torrent client is uTorrent. For example, consider this problem.

Download, install, run.

The first thing you need to do after installed torrent client — go to the torrent tracker and download the torrent file. Then add it to the download uTorrent and wait for download.

The principle of operation of the torrent — the people who have downloaded any file, it begin to give to others leechers. This process takes place automatically as long as the downloaded file hangs in the torrent client. And the more people seeding, the faster you can this file download.


The seeders — people who distribute the file

Licari — people who shake file

Feasts — the deal in which United everyone who distributes the file.

And now for the steps:

1. Download torrent file

Pretty good free tracker without rating and registration Right at the top it has the search box where you enter what you want to find and download. Looking for, e.g. «openoffice» (free software package in the style of Microsoft Office).

Down get search results in the form of a table where the date added of the file, the name of the distribution, the number of comments, size, how many people and how many shake their hand out.

To select the distribution is based on the number of seeders and match the name of the distribution request. Recall that the more seeders, the faster you download. In our case, they are marked in green.

Choose the third hand, because set 2010 (which means most recent version) and the number of seeders is not the smallest (39).

Click the left hand mouse button. After crossing it you will see full information about the file, all that you specify. Once again make sure this is what you need. If not — try to see the other hand.

Above we see a link to the same torrent file

Save it to yourself, by clicking on it with the left mouse button and specifying a destination folder.

2. Add torrent file in uTorrent and start the download of the file

To start the download double click on the file or open uTorrent and select the «Torrent» — «Add». A window will appear and the download settings file.

Here is the first line of the «Save as» specify the path where to save the downloaded file.

In the Label field, you can specify the label of «programs» (when the download quite a lot — having the label easier to navigate).

In the «torrent Contents» see the file name, the name of the tracker and file upload size.

In the lower half of the window you are presented with a list of files that will be downloaded to your computer.

Tick «Start torrent» should be! (see picture above)

Click «OK» and download will start. Watch her in the section «Downloaded» or «All»

When the download is completed 100% you can use the downloaded data.

It is considered good practice unless you immediately remove the download from the program so that others could also you to download this file. Downloaded myself — give download others ?

BONUS: Torrent trackers there are many, you can find them through search engines. But to quickly search for the desired distribution on a large number of trackers you can use the site Enter your query in a single line and get a list of torrents on different trackers.

If something remains not clear — ask questions in the comments.

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