How to do footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010?

By | 10.12.2018

How to make footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010?

Footnotes in Microsoft Word 2010 allow you to make the document more interactive and easy to read. In tribute to the skill of their creation will not take more than two seconds, but you need to know some nuances.

Why create them

A footnote in the document allows the author more succinctly Express their thoughts. Consider a specific example: «You need to insert into the text a foreign word. To not overload offer extra brackets, the term is added to the symbol with the transcript at the end of the page».

In some cases the authors use in their texts quotes of famous scientists and politicians. Not to be branded a plagiarist, you need to insert footnotes to the original sources. This will avoid court costs and will make the appropriate scientific style.

According to the basic rules of documentation and registration of scientific works explaining the link need to include the author, source and page where the information was taken. Some reputable magazines require their writers to specify line numbers. Also need to specify the year of publication.

The third most common case of output explanatory information beyond the main body of the work lies in the explanation of terms.

For example, the author uses in the text the kind of complicated terminology that requires deciphering. In this case, a few sentences at the end will help the reader to understand the essence.

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Put footnotes

In order to do footnotes in Word 201 you must use the upper belt where you need to select the tab «References».

After this sequence of actions is the following:

  1. you highlight the desired word, sentence, phrase or paragraph;
  2. find open advance tab icon «AB1» signed «Insert footnote» and then click on it (will redirect to the end page);
  3. the next step will be the introduction of appropriate explanations.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

Explanations you can go to the end of the document, each page or section. The author chooses the most convenient option for him. However, there are some unwritten rules that should be followed.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

Important rules for preparation and formatting footnotes:

  • the explanatory material at the end of the page denoted by Arabic numerals;
  • the Roman numbers applied to the entire document;
  • the use of asterisks and other symbols are allowed in the informal documents and journalism.

Numbering can be both General and separate. The corresponding settings can be set in the dialog box. When you remove the accent information below the line will disappear.

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At the end of each page

The author can make helpful notes as at the end of each page and throughout the document. The first option is most often used to refer to the terms and transcripts of foreign words. Small print under the text provides the desired information. A quick key combination: CTRL+ALT+F.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

At the end of the document

Links coming as the completion of all work look the same as the previous one. But in this case, the author can specify 10-15 literature sources, and this does not affect the readability of the material. Quick combination: CTRL+ALT+D.

Setup dialog box

Dialog box allows you to set the exact parameters of the links. The user can select the type of numbering. The author also indicates how the numbers will begin created the list.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

It is possible to pick unique symbols for numbering. Also, there is a choice between a note at the end of the page and the document. At the bottom of the window there is a possibility to choose the scope of introduced changes.

Transitions reference

Special attention in Microsoft Word 2010 deserves to easy transitions between notes. The reader just hover your cursor on the icon and a small window will appear with an explanation. In order to link you need to click on the character twice.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

Many users when using the transition experience difficulty in finding text, on which they stopped reading. To return to the marked term, you can double-click on corresponding number under the text.

To save time, the reader can choose the option «Show footnotes» and go to the end of the page or document. Pressing again returns the user back to the studied fragment.

Как сделать сноски в Microsoft Word 2010?

The company Microsoft has provided its users with a convenient tool to organize material and its cataloguing. The information is presented in a convenient format. Create footnotes takes a minimum of time, and transitions are made easily and quickly.

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