How to divide the hard drive?

By | 10.12.2018

How to divide hard drive?

The breakdown of the hard drive is creating multiple drives on the same media. Consider the example of a breakdown of the hard drive 2 physical drive, C:/ and D:/. Why is it necessary to ask, but for convenience and less headaches.

Let’s say for some reason need to reinstall the operating system. For this, most likely, will have to format the drive. And it need! Here, at least, the first reason for broken hard drive drives. In General, the reasons are many, but the first – the main, and it is considered standard.

In practice often there are the following cases: purchased a PC, and a brand new clean hard drive. Then, of course, when you install the operating system creates a few partitions: C:/ and D:/, which, for example, Windows, is installed on the first and the second must be formatted, because otherwise it will not be available. But it is perhaps the most common and not a very good way.

Как осуществить разбивку винчестера?

More preferable to carry out the breakdown of the hard drive using the program Acronis Disk Director Suite. The procedure goes like this:

  • Find, or acquire, the program acronis-disk-director-11 preferably with a key and Russified, although not necessarily to repeat exactly, to understand the main meaning, and create a boot disk, or find ready.
  • Go into the BIOS where you set the values: in Advanced BIOS Features set first boot device, that is the First Boot Device, select CD-ROM (there is usually a floppy disk that is flexible) and save the settings: in the case of AwaedBIOS is F10, that is, save and reboot.
  • In the appeared window create a couple of volumes to do this, click the right mouse button anywhere in the window and select the appropriate item. In this case you must specify the volume type, for example, basic primary and active to the PC to start up with that volume; NTFS file system; the size of the cluster leave the default. Continue, «volume Letter» is a free letter of the alphabet, we have almost all the free set C , it is necessary to distinguish them, and not to lose files.
  • Click the finish button, and see that planned this operation, but not executed. For its implementation it is necessary to confirm, or if something messed, just exit the program without committing the pending operations. In our case, we click the button «commit pending operations». All in all, it remains only to install the operating system on drive C:/.

Create a second disk on the same principle.

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