how to disable updates in Mozilla

By | 10.12.2018

How to disable updates in Mozilla

Not to download a new version of the browser, Opera developers have equipped it with automatic check and install updates. It is very convenient, but in most cases, updating the browser, a normal user does not notice the difference in his work.

However, after another minor «update» sometimes the problem starts with the functionality. Below we consider a few reasons to turn off auto-update.

Why you need to disable the updates

Online you can read a lot of negative feedback on the work of the Opera after downloading and installing updates.

The most common of these are:

  • the disappearance of the buttons to minimize, maximize, or close. The problem appeared after upgrade to version 12.11;
  • problem with proxy. Users complain constantly of the requested authorization. Numerous attempts to log in to any resource, lead to nothing. This occurred, for example, when the transition to version 28;
  • the disappearance of the bookmarks.Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

If on a home computer such problems is absolutely critical (you can always use an alternative browser), in the workplace it can lead to loss of customers and delays of the proceedings.

This is true, for example, for points of consumer loans, where it is allowed to use only provided by the Bank software.

Methods of disabling

There are different ways to disable automatic updates in Opera.

We will consider the following:

  • using the program menu;

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

  • using the editor settings.
  • delete the file, otvechayuschie for their installation;
  • redaktirovanie hosts file.

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

The user will not need any special skills to prevent Opera automatically updated. You only need to use the following instructions.

The program menu

This method is the most simple and convenient.


  1. open Opera browser;
  2. to enter in its menu (the button with the logo at the top of the window);
  3. go to the menu item «Settings», then open «General settings»;

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

  4. go to the «Advanced» tab, then «Security»;
  5. in the bottom of the window, in the drop down menu called «Update Opera» to select the desired value («test»). You can also select «Ask before installing». In this case, the program will modify themselves without your consent;
  6. it remains only to press «OK».

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

After restarting Opera changes will take effect, and the browser will cease to search for and install updates.

Tip! To quickly enter the setting menu you can use the shortcut Ctrl and F12.

It should be noted that in different versions, a way to turn updates off may vary. And some latest versions this is not possible at all. What to do in this case? To use the additional funds. Then we will talk about them.

Video: disable update

Editor settings

Using the settings editor you can not only cancel the auto search updates Opera but also to configure the program. You need to:

  1. open Opera;
  2. enter in the address bar «opera:config» (quotation marks removed);

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

  3. on the opened page enter in the section Auto Update.
  4. in front of a row Autoupdate Server to enter a value of «0» or leave blank;
  5. save the changes by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

After that the browser will stop looking for updates. If over time, you will need to include them, you should record the server address from the field «Autoupdate Server».

Tip! To go directly to the desired page of the editor settings, you can go to the address opera:config#AutoUpdate|AutoUpdateState.

Delete the file responsible for installing updates

This method is not white or right, but it works 100%. Also, it is extremely simple. You only need to find and delete a specific file.


  1. open Windows Explorer, go to system drive;
  2. in the search box (top right) to enter the value ‘autoupdate’;
  3. in the search results to find a file opera_ autoupdate.EXE and delete it.

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

Use this workaround only if your browser version is missing the ability to disable auto-update via the menu or config editor.

Redaktirovanie hosts file

System by editing the hosts file it is possible to substitute the server address for updates, the program will unsuccessfully try to find them to a false address. This method should only be used if there is no possibility to cancel the auto-refresh by the browser itself.


  1. find the file hosts (normally located at C:WindowsSystem32driversetc);
  2. open it with any text editor;

    Способы отключения обновлений в Opera

  3. at the end of the file add the line «» (remove quotation marks).

We learned 4 ways to disable updates in Opera. Among them are «white» and right and «grey».

We recommend you to use only those methods that are provided by the developers of this popular browser as they are guaranteed not to lead to failures in the operation of the software. Alternative methods also work, but they solve the problem not very nice.

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