How to disable self-protection Norton Internet Security

By | 10.12.2018

How to disable self-protection, Norton Internet Security

Inexperienced users are not recommended to make an active intervention in the operation of all utilities and applications installed on the computer. However, there are cases when it is necessary.

Why disable

The composition of any anti-virus includes a component that protects it from various harmful effects. So, many viruses can adjust these applications to spread.

Self-defense provides a ban:

  1. delete (or modify) system files. It may be a virus database, quarantine lists, etc. Editing these files can cause errors;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  2. editing entries in the system registry;
  3. the cessation of employment.

Tip: in the old OS may not be available in all functions.

However, sometimes you need to disable antivirus in Norton Internet Security.

This may appear in several cases:

  • when you want to make adjustments to the application. For example, if the user wishes to install add-ons, change account, etc.;
  • when you install some system tools;
  • if you want to completely uninstall antivirus;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  • the repair function of the OS will not start if activated will self-defense antivirus. So it you want to disable by performing the procedure.

Methods to stop antivirus

Disable self-defense in several ways. They are very simple and allow in the future to produce any manipulations until the removal

The applications tab the «Auto-protect»

Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

The algorithm is simple:

  1. open the main window of Norton. In it, select the item «settings»;
  2. find the tab «Automatic protection». It provides access to change various parameters;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  3. it is necessary to select temporarily disable protection. The system allows to choose the period – a specific time (e.g. 1 hour) or to the nearest restart the computer.

Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

The task Manager

There is another way to disable it via the task Manager:

  1. press simultaneously ctrl+alt+del. In the list that appears, select the task Manager;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  2. in this tab, select the processes;
  3. next, we need to find the process that is responsible for the operation of the application. In the developer tab, find the corresponding name;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  4. having found the required process, click on its completion. May be so. That there will be a few, then you should complete all;
  5. then the system will issue a warning message that such manipulation can make adjustments to other applications. Ignore it and click «OK».

Eventually Norton will be suspended. The next time you restart the computer it re-booting.

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Disable Norton and then removing

In order to completely deactivate the work of antivirus you need to disable self-defense. This procedure will be required in order to remove the program.

It is made so:

Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  1. in the application find the item «settings» and open it;
  2. next, look for the tab «detailed settings»;
  3. it is necessary to find the item «administrative settings»;
  4. a window opens in which we find the section «product security». At the bottom is the line «protection» — it has a switch shown in Off mode;
  5. after that, click the «apply» button to make the changes take effect;
  6. later in the section «security request» find the item of choice duration. You want to put the time in for self-protection is disabled;
  7. in the end, click on the «OK» button and close the program.

Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

You can now uninstall the app completely. In some cases this may require stopping all processes (as in the previous paragraph).

Important! It is impossible to be online without an active antivirus. So after installing Norton immediate need to install another. Otherwise you will jeopardize the security of your computer.

Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

Disabling protection elements

In some cases it may be necessary to remove individual protective elements.

This is done in the main menu as follows:

  • unlockable hidden characters;

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  • find the appropriate monk and click on it double click of the left button;
  • in the end, a window will appear Norton, where to find the tab «options (or settings, depending on the version);

    Как отключить самозащиту Norton Internet Security

  • find the section «real-time protection». It will be possible to disable any item. If user have any questions, you can click on the tab help, which will tell about all the nuances.

Finally it is worth noting that to produce the above-described manipulation is possible only in extreme cases (e.g. for removal). In other cases, doing this is undesirable as it can compromise the security of the entire system.

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