How to disable firewall in Windows 7 and 8?

By | 10.12.2018

How to disable firewall in Windows 7 and 8?

Every owner of a computer or laptop needs to pay attention not only to technical condition of the device, but to ensure his safety. But sometimes there are situations in which you want to disable the security settings. We will tell readers about how to disable the firewall in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is it?

Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

All modern computers there is a separate software. Many users do not know what it is and how to turn it off.

A firewall is a special program responsible for the safety of your computer. Its main task is the protection of personal computing devices from virus attacks and hackers.

By using this program:

  • check all incoming traffic;
  • blocking of potentially dangerous programs.

Operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8 are equipped with a built-in program. But sometimes the software requires a trip. The following describes recommendations how to do it.

To disable a program in Windows 7

To disable the firewall on Windows 7, there are several ways to perform such an operation.

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Command line

Management can be performed via command line. In this article you will find recommendations to disable the firewall from the command line. Managing Windows firewall from a command prompt by using special commands Netsh. For example, typing at the command line, the combination of the words netsh firewall show config allows you to see the current status of the firewall on the user’s computer. To disable the firewall completely you can command prompt the following: netsh firewall ipv4 set opmode mode=disable

Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

Go to the command line:

  1. open the start menu on the taskbar and type in the search bar (located in the menu at the bottom), the phrase «command prompt» or characters cmd. After typing press the Enter key (enter);
  2. in the opened list look for the words «command prompt», it is necessary to click once with the left mouse button;
  3. in the opened console with a black screen you will see information about your operating system and a line with a blinking cursor at the end. In this line you must enter the command to disable the firewall. If you are not familiar with teams that can run the console, then type the word help and press Enter (Enter). A console window will appear with a list of these commands.

Control panel

The easiest way to deactivate this program in Windows 7 is to disable the control panel. This process occurs on such a scheme.

  • find the «start» button on your computer and click it. In the opened window, look for «control Panel» and click on it with the left button of the mouse.

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • opening the panel, select «System and security» (left, top);

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • in the opened window looking for the command «Windows Firewall» (located to the right under «support Center» and click on it);

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • in the new window find the item «Enable and disable Windows firewall», click on it;

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • after performing the previous steps before we opened the settings window of the firewall operating system. Select the item «disable Windows firewall» (located at the bottom of the window) and put in front of him mark. The result of these actions, you need to keep by clicking on the «OK» button.

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

Disable services in Windows 7

Disabling the built-in Windows 7 firewall control panel is only partial. That is, this program is stored on the computer, and when you change settings, will again perform its functions.

If you need a complete firewall service is disabled in Windows 7:

  • open the start menu and typing at the command line, the phrase «computer Management»;
  • open this section and find the right in the list command «Services», click on it;
  • in this section, look for «Windows Firewall». According to it, you need to double click the left mouse button (or single click right button to open shortcut menu and select the item «Properties»;
  • in the properties window we need to replace «service startup Type», set the mark on the item «Disabled»;
  • in the last step the user must click «stop» and confirm your choice by clicking on the command «OK».

Completely disable the firewall as a service can be the other way. To do this:

  • go to the control panel;
  • select the tab «Administration»;

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • select «Services»;
  • in the list of services, you must find the item «Windows Firewall»;

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • if this program is in working status, then open context menu (click on item right-click), select Properties and there click «Stop».

How to disable firewall in Windows 8

To disable the program permanently or temporarily, which is very convenient.

Disable on time

Built-in firewall sometimes computer user does not need, because the device established a powerful and reliable anti-virus protection. In this case there is a need to disable the extra.

In order for Windows 8 to disable on the firewall, consider the step by step instructions:

  • the first thing we need on the desktop press the key combination Win+I. Enter a command to cause the desktop menu where you should select «control Panel»;
  • opening the panel, go to the view mode small and large icons, then click «System and security»;
  • in the opened new window you need to click on the command «Windows firewall 8»;
  • in the left part of the screen will appear a list of commands from which we need to choose «Enable and disable firewall». After entering the command a window opens with two paragraphs. They need to acknowledge and confirm their actions by pressing the «OK» button. This process of partial disable firewall in Windows 8 is completed.

Completely disconnected in the panel and in the service

If you want to deactivate the firewall in Windows 8 forever:

  1. in desktop mode you should press the key combination Win+R, then in the opened window enter the command services.msc. The same query can be entered in start menu in Windows 8. After you run the command before the user opens the service management computer;

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  2. on the right side of the screen, find the item «Windows firewall» and click your left mouse button twice;
  3. in the new window find the item «General» and click on it;
  4. select startup type «Disabled» and click the button «Disable»;
  5. dockable entered the result click on the command button «OK».

As you can see, the process of disabling the firewall service in Windows 8 is very simple, but still not recommended to leave the device without antivirus protection. If you disable the firewall, you need to take care about installing a good antivirus program.


Whether to disable it completely?

PC owners often wonder whether it is possible to disable the lock completely, with the unloading of the firewall from the system. In General, disabling Windows firewall is not recommended unless the computer does not have another security program. The main functions of the program is to block malware and hacker attacks on a specific computing device.

What if it is disabled in Windows?

Another medal, associated with a given program, it can be completely switched off, thereby exposing your computer danger. Here’s what to do if it’s disabled:

  • click «start» and go to the menu section «My computer». Go to it and click once with the right mouse button on an empty screen. You will see the window context menu;
  • select «Properties», in the opened window «System» click the «control panel Home», click on it;

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

  • in control panel, select View, select large icons, small icons, find the item «Windows Firewall». Pointing the cursor on it, click once with the left mouse button. On the monitor to appear the firewall displays the current status. If the program is active, all icons will light up in green. If the icon color is yellow or red, the firewall should be included;
  • selecting a special option «Enable and disable Windows firewall», check the box near the item «Enable firewall» and the checkbox next to the item.

«Notify when firewall blocks a new program». It is necessary to fix the result of their actions, clicking the «OK» button located at the bottom of the screen.

Another option to figure out what to do if the Firewall is disabled:

  • open the «start menu», find the line «control Panel» and click on it once with the left mouse button. The result of these actions will open the panel with a list of the various settings of your computer devices;
  • open control panel, here’s another. You need to go to the folder «Computer» located on desktop, by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. In the opened window, select «control panel»;
  • in the upper right corner is a list of the icons (the option «View»).

    Как отключить брандмауэр Windows 7 и 8?

    The user needs to choose option «small icons». As a result of these actions will open a list of all possible settings of the operating system and your computer;

  • in the list we should find the item «Windows Firewall», click on it with the left mouse button.
  • in the opened window firewall control the user has to find the function to enable and disable the defense system of the PC. After clicking on the link «Enable and disable Windows firewall» pane will appear with the settings of this software.
  • in the settings, you need to put a mark beside the box «Enable».

Turn off the firewall in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is done in different ways, but a computer user must remember is that performing such a procedure, it deprives the device of protection against viral programs. To completely remove this software from your computer by installing a previously reliable antivirus program.

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