How to disable a touchpad on laptop Asus Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

How to disable a touchpad on laptop Asus Windows 8

Many users often want to disable the touchpad on Asus laptop. Since in some cases it interferes with the normal operation of the keyboard. For example, when working in office applications, when you need to gain large amounts of text, or in games.

To solve this problem in a variety of ways. They all allow you to turn off the sensor of the touchpad and do the work on a compact PC as comfortable as possible.

What is a touchpad

The touchpad is called a special type of sensor located on PC and is used for performing a screen cursor, executing a variety of actions.

The present invention came to light in 1988, its author was a George Gerpheide. Apple has licensed the invention, and since 1994 started to use it in their compact PC.

Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

Touchpad consists of several major components:

  • the printed circuit Board;
  • inductive-capacitive elements;
  • matrix;
  • of the insulating layer.

Often can be found this device to manipulate, in the shape of a rectangle or square. Also occasionally on exotic models of compact PC uses the touch pad is round or oval.

Methods of disabling

Disable touchpad in various ways.

Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

The most commonly used and available are as follows:

  • the function keys;
  • using «device Manager»;
  • with the help of control panel;
  • in the BIOS.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing something is a matter of taste and convenience.


The fastest and easiest way to make the touchpad inactive is the use of specially designated keys. They are present on the laptop keyboard almost any model from Asus company, to find them very simple.

To deactivate the touchpad using only one keyboard, you must perform all steps in exact order:

  • open the laptop and turn it on;
  • after system startup, find the key labeled «fn» (function key);
  • without releasing it, press «F7».

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

After committing these simple steps, most likely the touchpad is turned off. Otherwise, to use instead of the «F7» key «F9». On some models of portable PC from Asus disable the touchpad is that way. If neither one nor the other method does not help, perhaps on a laptop is simply not installed the keyboard driver to activate all of its additional capabilities.

To solve this problem can be very simple. Just visit the official website of Asus and download the driver, then install them. This will not only allow for enabling and disabling touchpad when it is needed, but will also give the opportunity to use all the functionality of the keyboard.

Video: ASUS disable touchpad via FN


Another way to turn off the sensor via the «device Manager» of Windows operating system. This should be done as carefully as possible, since the deletion of some elements in the window can lead to malfunction of the system. And even to the need to re-install.

He Manager can be run in various ways.

For power users fit this way:

  • press the «start» button, find the Run option;
  • in the opened window, write «devmgmt.msc»;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • press the «Enter»button.

After that should open the Manager window through which you can perform a variety of manipulations, including just a couple of clicks to turn off the touchpad.

Second, and more long – through the «control Panel»:

Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • click «start»;
  • find «Control Panel»;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • in the opened window find the drop-down list and select it in the «Large icons»;
  • find the shortcut called «device Manager».

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

Once it’s detected, you need to run it with double click and proceed to the disable touchpad.

Directly disabling the touch panel is as follows:

  1. in the present we find the list item called «Mouse and other pointing devices»;
  2. the cursor twice is making to this paragraph;
  3. the drop-down list will contain the inscription under the name Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad (maybe a different name);
  4. by double clicking the left mouse button to open the configuration window of the device;
  5. in the tab «Driver», find the button called «Disable»;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  6. click «OK».

After the phased implementation of the entire list above, the touchpad will be disabled. To enable it you can also easy: simply perform the same operations, and under «Driver» click the button called «Insert».

Control panel

Disable touchpad you can use the control panel.

This can be done in the following way:

  • press the «start» button in the lower left corner of the screen;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • in the opened menu find «Control Panel»;
  • pressing on the item, open it;
  • in the «Views» must necessarily be «Icons» (not «Categories»);
  • find the shortcut called «Mouse» and open it;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • go to the tab called Synaptics;
  • select the device and make «Disable (D)».

Off thus it is possible to implement only if custom PC is used, the sensor Synaptisc. Most likely, it is. And when you installed proprietary drivers, mouse properties are displayed in this way.

If you installed the standard driver supplied with the operating system, the disabling occurs slightly differently:

  1. opening the «properties of: mouse» go to the tab «Equipment»;
  2. select the required and click «Properties»;
  3. in the newly opened window open the tab «Driver»;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  4. click «Disable».

The last stage is the agreement with the changes in the system. This train is off the touchpad in Windows 8.


Also disable the touchpad is possible, even without entering the operating system. To do this, start the BIOS and find the section responsible for the configuration and management of touch panel.

To do this, it is necessary in the floor to carry out the following steps:

  1. immediately after pressing the «Power» button on the device several times with small intervals to use the «F8» button (in some models you must use «Delete»);
  2. after clicking on a button will start the BIOS – window blue with multiple columns;
  3. find a menu called «Advanced»;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  4. using the arrows on the keyboard select the option called «Internal Pointing Device»;
  5. switched to «Internal …» to «Disabled»;
  6. selectable by keyboard «Save & Exit», press «Enter».

After performing all the above steps, the laptop will reboot. After the system is started, you can verify that the touchpad is not active. Enable it via the BIOS is similar, you need to switch the paragraph «Internal Pointing Device» to «Enabled».

Features disable touchpad on laptop Asus Windows 7

Disable touchpad in Windows 7 operating system has its own characteristics. When you run disable in Windows 8 a reboot is usually not required. In Windows 7 you often need to restart the system. Especially if using an older version, which does not have the latest updates.

Off trail

The most difficult and time-consuming method of removal of the device from the system is its physical disconnection.

In order to do this, you will need the following tools:

  • small screwdrivers for electronics;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • tweezers;
  • thin pliers;
  • plastic Bank card or a special tool for opening.

When all the necessary items ready, you can proceed directly to the disassembly of the device.

To perform it in following order:

  • using the screwdriver Unscrew all present at the back of the device screws;
  • turning the plastic casing using a flathead screwdriver and the device for dissection to detach the keyboard;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • neat to hook the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard;
  • after removing the keyboard, you can immediately detect the left (above the sensor) blue or other color ribbon cable;
  • taking a flat-bladed screwdriver, carefully hook it up and disconnect;

    Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке Asus Windows 8

  • carry out all actions in reverse order.

All steps must be performed as carefully as possible. Special care must be taken to the motherboard and loops. The latter is particularly fragile, and one careless movement can lead to the fact that a thin conductor will simply break. In this case, you will need to replace the loop entirely.

Unscrewed all screws should be wrapped in old places. Since the length and the diameter of the thread may be different. As will subsequently need to buy them in the store.

There are many ways of weaning of a sensor for laptops. If necessary, you can do it very quickly, in just a few clicks, making the use more convenient and comfortable. As fast is enable only if the device is not disabled on the hardware level. In the implementation of any actions with the equipment, you must be careful and accurate as possible.

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