How to delete unwanted program from computer

By | 10.12.2018

Properly uninstall a program

People use additional software. From someone who’s only 20, but I checked, and someone installs and removes programs every day. In any case, it is important to properly remove programs. By occupation often faced with the fact that people just delete the program folder from C:Program Files, the desktop shortcut and think that’s enough. Now reveal the secret: when you install the program copies its files and entries in several places, and it creates entries in the Windows registry (the heart system) in the user profile in the shared software directory. At the very least. If you act as I described above — all this garbage always remains, which later affects the speed of the system and on the remaining free space.

Properly uninstall a program

If you decide to remove the program — do it right, especially because it’s easy. In Windows there is a special tool.

Go to «start» — «settings» — «control Panel» — «add or remove programs» or on the command line («start» — «Run») enter appwiz.cpl

Get a window listing all the programs that we have installed on the computer. Among them looking for one that will remove, poking it with the left mouse button stitching stood out on the right and click the button «Remove» or «change/Remove». (in Windows 7, this button is in the top panel)

In response, a window will open with the dialogue of removal where you need one or a couple of times to confirm its intention.

This removes the entire program as a whole, not some part of it.

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