How to delete search Mail ru from Firefox Mozilla

By | 10.12.2018

How to remove search Mail ru from Firefox Mozilla

The Windows operating system and all programs working under her supervision, is aimed at simplifying the control. This allows you to make configuration of options even for those users who do not have certain knowledge and skills. In particular, you can easily remove the toolbar from from Mozilla, and as will be explained later.

The removed agent

Fortunately, the search to remove Mail ru from Firefox you, and without any specialized software. However, you will need to take care of several aspects, because this virus utility force fills many areas of browser use.

Through the address bar

The first option is the most simple.

It consists in the following:

  • in the browser address bar (where usually fits the site) should write the command «about:config», then press Enter;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • in the end, a warning message will appear. This is due to the fact that the developers care about your safety. Inexperienced users, by making adjustments to your browser settings, can interfere with its work;

Tip: read all of the information. It will allow us to understand some important nuances.

  • after examining all the information, click «I’ll be careful.» This way you confirm that you have reviewed all the possible consequences;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • in the result tab appears with the search. In the address bar, you will need to enter «keyword.url». This team is responsible for the selection of a search engine by default.
  • this option will result in a slightly below address bar. It would have to click twice with the left mouse button;
  • may be a situation when this option open does not work. This means that is installed in the system Yandex.Bar or Satellite. It should be removed. This is done quite simply through add / remove programs. Click on we are interested IN and click on the «Delete»button;
  • deinstallirovat unnecessary software, proceed to the next step;
  • after opening the above option will open a window to enter values.

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • it will need to remove the existing (it is installed Instead you will need to set the new settings: «» (if you plan to use Google), or «» (if Yandex);
  • on completion of a manufactured manipulation, click on «OK». In the result of search engine changes.

From the list of search engines browsers

There are situations when Mail is among the search engines. Many do not like, because the usual Google and Yandex are more perfect analogues. In this regard, there is a need to remove it.

This can be done without any problems, and without special knowledge and skills.

Is this procedure in the following way:

  • open Firefox and click on the tab with the search engines;
  • the bottom is a control room, we need it;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • a window will open which lists all the search engines integrated into the browser.
  • choose by highlighting it with the left mouse button. Now in the left pane you want to select the tab «delete»;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

Tip: this list can be other unnecessary attributes, their is also better to remove.

  • after clicking the «OK» button will delete the unwanted attribute.

From your home page can also change the home page, so on each launch Firefox to open this website.

To change this, do the following:

  1. open Mozilla and click on the orange Firefox button;
  2. this will open a list of possible tabs. Select «settings»;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  3. next, open another panel. It is necessary to specify the top-most item «main»;
  4. it choose the item «run. Then «home page;
  5. in this field you can specify any home page, online resource, which will open at program startup;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  6. under this field there are buttons to facilitate selection. You can set the home page address currently open, or select it from the bookmark list. There is also the possibility to return to the previous default settings.

Video: deleted

How to remove the search bar Mail EN Firefox

When installing the various software (especially downloaded from the Internet) in Firefox, you may receive the panel The fact that this company cooperates with many software vendors.

Tip: when you install new software, carefully follow all points. Often it is possible to «custom installation» where you can cancel the installation of various toolbars.

It is difficult to find advantages of this panel, because it forces you to use the services exclusively from While it is a place that many do not like.

Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

To remove this toolbar, do the following:

  • start the browser. In the upper left corner is a pink tab called Firefox;
  • among the displayed options, select add-ons. You can open it another way to type on the keyboard «ctrl+A+shift». Open item management all integrated add-ons;
  • in the appeared menu, select the sub-item «extensions». It is located on the left (second on the list);

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • this opens a list with all the additions, among which the need to find an interested;
  • then select «remove»;
  • after you confirm your action, you will need to restart your browser. After that, the annoying toolbar will be removed;

    Как удалить поиск Mail ru из Firefox Mozilla

  • there’s a «disable» which disables the extension. However, many viral counterparts ignore this point, and every time you start the program they will automatically be included.

Do not think that all extensions are useless and they must be removed. There are those that carry a favor. They optimize the Internet.

However, viral toolbars are a lot of drawbacks:

  1. slow down on the Internet;
  2. contribute to the appearance of advertisements and banners;
  3. increase the risk of viruses and Trojans. Some extensions can without your knowledge to intercept sensitive data.That is why the lion’s share of users against those pesky utilities. Only a few dare to leave them.

As you can see, this task is quite simple and knowing certain information, to cope with it by any user. So you don’t have to constantly clean up the parameters, carefully follow the installed programs, visited web resources and other aspects. Prevention is better than remedy.

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