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By | 10.12.2018

How to delete a mailbox on a Mail ru?

Deleting unused or unneeded mail account provided all major services, mail ru is no exception. The process of getting rid of the old mailbox, the procedure is not complicated, but each service has some differences. Consider what you will need steps to remove the mailbox on the mail ru.

The conditions to delete mail mail ru

The main condition necessary in order to delete mail mail ru is the user’s ability to access your account. In other words – we need to know the username and password of a deleted mailbox.

Mail.EN, to simplify the procedure, offers the use of a special interface is available at:

Clicking on the above link, the user will open the page where you will need to perform the authorization procedure. In the interactive window, you will need to enter your login, choose from the drop down menu the name of the email service, following the «dog» and confirm the login password.

After entering the registration data, subject to the liquidation account, the user gets to the page with the text of the last warning. On the page given the consequences that will result in further action. The service warns that a user deletes from their Inbox, all mails, folders, custom filters, and address book with its content. In addition, the deletion will affect all located at the company «My World» photos and videos. Likewise, they will be removing all user data from services paired with the mail. The most popular of them are: program for messaging agent, cloud storage, app. If the consequences did not have an impact on the determination of the user, then, after you click delete, the process will be started and the following page will appear.

On this page you will be prompted to provide reasons for abandoning the use of the mailbox. Interactive menu with the standard reasons, for example other services, there is not envisaged, therefore, have to present it in your own words. After explaining to the service the reasons for the refusal of its services will be required once again to confirm your decision to enter the password from the deleted box and enter the alphanumeric captcha. Captcha due to the difficulty of identifying its vehicles, according to tradition, is used to determine what actions are performed by man and not a robot.

If all the above steps have been performed correctly, the following page will appear. It shows the «crying toy», a stylized icon of a postal item, albeit a tear. The text under this touching image that will notify the user that the procedure is completed and its data is completely removed from all services

Return remote mail

Additional information that notifies you that if you want, you can instantly regain erased Inbox. To start the reverse sequence you have to click are highlighted in blue, click «restore box».

The deleted mailbox can be recovered as immediately after his removal and for three months after this procedure, the data that was erased at the time of deletion, cannot be recovered. Inbox in this case, you will need to configure again.

Thus, if you have access and the implementation of the listed action sequences, the whole process of getting rid of unnecessary mailbox takes less than five minutes.

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