How to delete an entire conversation in Skype

By | 10.12.2018

How to delete an entire conversation in Skype

Skype provides the possibility of unlimited communication through text, video and audio communication. Through this program, at any time of the day you can call your friends and loved ones, in any country.

Skype has a fairly easy interface, which can handle any user, but difficulties may still arise. Main from them – impossibility to remove the correspondence. Let’s see how to delete conversation on Skype on the computer once and for all?

How to delete message history?

All the messages that you send and receive from users are stored in your Skype profile. Remove them with a selection of the mouse – impossible. If you want you can carry a whole profile, but it will disrupt the normal operation of the program.

But do not worry – the Skype provides the option to remove:

  • the history of calls and messages;
  • calls;
  • video calls;
  • voice message;
  • the resulting files.

Algorithm of actions:

  • the functionality of the program allows you to delete sent and received messages of the interlocutor, using the Tools menu;

    Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

  • next go to the tab Settings — Security;
  • delete chat history, select the users from whom we can receive calls, watching video settings connection and disable viewing ads;
  • you can also add users with whom you do not wish to communicate in the black list. As a result, you will no longer be able to call and send any message.

    Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

  1. open the tab Make the chat and Keep the history;
  2. click on Clear history;
  3. after that, a menu will appear confirming where you will need to click Remove;
  4. now you have deleted the message history on Skype. In addition, the tool deletes all files that were passed on Skype with a person forever.

    Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

This method allows you to delete messages from all users. Even the correspondence that was necessary for you to be removed — and to restore it would be impossible.

Information about correspondence received and sent files are stored on your computer, and restore them anymore. If you went into Skype on another computer, they will be saved there. Delete these files by going to the profile from another computer is impossible.

Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

To delete the history of messages and automatically. If you select in security settings does not save the history messages – the entire conversation is deleted after you close the user profile. Automatically correspondence is maintained always, but you can automatically delete it after 2 weeks, a month and three months.

After you have made any changes to the settings in Skype – make sure to click «Save». Otherwise, the new settings will not work. Selecting the option «do Not save» you will not be able to read any messages from users after closed their profile.

How to remove correspondence with the program?

The first removal method is correspondence not possible to delete messages in Skype from the same contact. As a result, we may lose important data that will be difficult to work with. Besides, we can’t select specific messages to delete, and delete shared history.

There is a second way to delete messages using a program that will tell you how to delete conversation on Skype with a particular contact.

Utility Skype chat helper, written by the developers of the program, allows you to delete conversation with a single user.

Video: How to work with the program

Installation of Skype chat helper is not difficult even for a novice user:

  1. to run the utility;
  2. automatically, the utility is installed in the root folder Skype;
  3. the installation will last no more than one minute;
  4. click in the window Close;
  5. record the name of the user, in correspondence with which you want to delete. You can do it in any text editor or memorize in the memory;
  6. to close Skype. In this case, you must log out of your profile, and to close Skype;
  7. open the Skype chat helper;
  8. to create a backup of their data.

To create a backup:

  • go to C:Documents and Settings username _ Windows Application Data Skype;
  • copy the folder with your profile to another location;
  • the data to be stored, on a flash drive or disk. This will help to restore the correspondence with data loss. It should know the list of your contacts will not be lost, because are stored on specific servers and all other data on the computer.

But if you want you can make a backup of your contacts list. To do this:

  • go to the Skype;
  • select menu Contacts;
  • the Advanced tab;
  • click to Make a backup;

    Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

  • choose a location to save;
  • in the username field write your username;
  • in the contact field — the name of one user from Skype;
  • click on Remove chat history.

As a result, we see a correspondence to the user that you chose. We can delete individual messages from the selected user and all correspondence immediately.

As a result, the correspondence with this person will be completely removed – to restore it would be impossible.

But it is understood that the archive of messages stored on your computer. If a long time you communicated to another system, and now want to remove correspondence on another computer – no result. To delete messages in Skype only on your computer. Also, your messages remain in the user to whom you sent it. In order to delete messages in Skype from another computer, you will need to make the above steps in the system where you worked previously.

Because the correspondence is stored primarily on the computer should not believe the programs that promise to remove all correspondence even with someone else’s PC. It was impossible server do not save your chats and transferred files.

Skype allows you to view and delete all conversation history with the user. All conversations are sorted by date and usually are at the end of the last message. If it doesn’t display all messages, select «Show earlier messages». So you will be able to view all conversations and text messages that you had previously.

If you wish to delete all the conversation, but you are important-one conversation — you can always find it:

  • go to the Skype;
  • choose a conversation in which there is a desired message;
  • press CTRL+V;
  • enter the excerpt of the conversation in a text format;
  • then press enter.

The program will allocate as close as possible to your descriptions of the passages and view them using Next and Previous.

Delete the message you sent, but it has not yet reached (interlocutor was not in the network), impossible. Also, your sent messages are not deleted on the recipient’s computer.

To transfer the history from a single computer to another. It’s enough to make a backup.

How to delete conversation on Skype with one contact?

Best option for the removal of correspondence, one user of skype, is a software program Remove chat history. It allows you to choose the messages that you want to remove, and to leave the desired. There are similar utilities to work Remove chat history, but for data security it is advisable to use only proven programs.

Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

The program SkypeLogView deletes the correspondence in the same way. One of the advantages of this program – it does not require installation. In addition, it gives detailed information about calls, messages and files sent and received on Skype and the date of their creation. To work in SkypeLogView you can even when the Skype. Supported all Windows versions and does not require the installation of Skype.

But, even working with the program Remove chat history, it is advisable to make a backup of your profile. Despite the relatively high performance programs, there is the possibility of deleting all messages and files on Skype without possible recovery.

How to find and delete history of logins

Sometimes we can go to Skype from another computer, and our login automatically remains in memory.

  • remove it using the normal Del key will not work;
  • close the program Skype;
  • go to the command line. To do this, click start — Run;

    Как удалить всю переписку в скайпе

  • at the command prompt, enter %appdata%Skype.

Now we see a list of folders with names of profiles Skype. All you need to remove from another computer the history of usernames in Skype – to highlight the desired folder and press the Del key.

Do not be afraid, if your folder was not there – she may be hidden. In order to see it, press CTRL + H.

After you do this, select the desired folder and delete it. If you will go back into Skype on this computer, your username is not already there.

Thus, it is possible to remove several of the profiles and restore them would be impossible. Even if you saved the password, nobody can log in under your profile on Skype.

The saved login does not allow you to view your contact list and correspondence, but saves the data on the computer. Log in using your login without knowing the password is impossible. If you automatically saved and password to delete these data is quite simple.

Skype allows you to communicate with people who are thousands of miles away from us. At any time of the day, you can delete all of you who came posts and his username to login. I hope you understand how an individual delete a conversation in Skype.

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