How to delete a page in Facebook permanently without recovery?

By | 10.12.2018

The procedure for deleting a page at Classmates

There are cases when a page of the social network boring and becomes unclaimed. If you no longer access your profile in the «Classmates», take care of its timely removal. Often neglected page become «prey» Scam that can create to their former owners in big trouble. In order to avoid such problems it is necessary to delete your account.

How to delete a page in the «Classmates» forever?

Deleting a profile in a social network «Schoolmates» involves the destruction of all personal data. Messages, pictures, gifts, contacts – all will be lost. The procedure of deleting the account on the website can be performed by any novice PC user. So before you delete a page, consider saving important contacts and photos.

Disposal methods page in the «Classmates»

  • Using site menu.

How to delete a page in the «Classmates» via the menu of the site, known to most active user of this social network. First, you need to enter a username and password on the starting page of the website. After opening your profile, click «rules» (icon located at the bottom of the page). Clicking on the link, find the line «to Refuse service». After clicking on this link will display a warning that validation action, the page will be deleted forever. Further, the developers of the site will prompt you to specify the reason for the removal of the profile and the account will be destroyed. The phone number that was tied to the page, cannot be used to create a new profile for 3 months.

  • The page lock website administration

If for some reason delete the page the first method failed, you can resort to the coercive removal of the page. Read the rules of conduct on the website under paragraph 4.7. «Licensee shall not», it’s easy to understand how to delete a page in the «Classmates». It’s enough to provoke their actions the administration of the site to block your page. To expedite the process, ask someone from friends to report your profile in technical support.

If you have forgotten your username and password, or woke up late, and page was hacked, deleting a page is possible only with the help of site staff. Support is necessary to send the request to restore access. After receiving the new username and password, delete your account with one of the above method.


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