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How to create a free e-mail on Yandex

Yandex is not only a search engine but the service offers a easy and simple to create a mailbox. Registration will take 5 – 10 minutes and you can use will be long and successful.

After registration, you will receive postal address (e-mail) which is necessary for correspondence with friends, colleagues, subscription, creation in the social pages. network.

The possibility of the mailbox on Yandex

Each email its own characteristics.

Consider the main features of Yandex:

  1. receive, send emails and files;
  2. information about the sender, is in the letter;
  3. unlimited volume;
  4. interesting and not the standard threads interface;
  5. the presence of Yandex.Disk with 10 GB;
  6. quick access to the files and links attached to the letter;
  7. view attachments directly in the mail interface;
  8. create a mailbox for the domain.

Using this service, you can configure a comfortable working space for correspondence. And also to share files of large size.

The creators thought of those who use mail for personal correspondence, and those who need this service on duty (organization of registrants).

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Stages of creation

The basis of this service, not particularly different from the others. Therefore, to create email address on Yandex, not difficult, for a beginner, and the owner of the other box.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

First of all, you need to visit the official website of Yandex. In the upper right corner click «Start box». In the window that appears fill in the fields: Name and Surname. If you don’t want to distribute on your network name, you can enter invented.

Then everything is in order.

Unique login

The username is your middle name. You will enter when logging into your mailbox. Also the username will be the beginning of your e-maila.

Important! Enter a username that is not ashamed to send to friends or colleagues.

That is why your email name must be unique, readable and easy to remember.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

The login should contain only Latin symbols, digits. The left of the field a tooltip appears, might look like your name. For example, it may be your mobile phone number.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

The right of the field will be written one of two things: the name of the occupied or free.

If busy – you can add digits to a name or letters. Or try to enter another one.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

If loose go to the next step.

Usually the system offers free options. They are prepared on the basis of your name and surname, plus additional numbers.

If you find it difficult to think of a name, just select any of the options. Click on it and it will automatically be in the input field.

Important! Remember your chosen username, you will use it to log in.

Then the next step.

Password login

To protect and login you will need the password. It should be easy to remember and hard to guess.

Important! For reliability, it is better to use different registers, languages, numbers, and symbols.

In the input field, instead of the characters will appear point. Is protecting your data from prying eyes.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

Under the field you will specify the protection level:

  • simple;
  • medium;
  • reliable.

Easiest option should be refined at least to the middle.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

Very easy to create a complex password, by entering favorite phrase in the English layout. The original will look like a bunch of letters and symbols.

Then repeat the password entered in the corresponding field.

We recommend that you record the password on paper. And hide in a safe place. This is the case, if you forget your «code».

If you still forget and lose the password, there is a way to confirm that you are the owner of the E-mail. Read about it below.

Question to restore access

The security question is needed in order that you can easily renew a forgotten password. The phone number is entered with the same goal.

Important! It is not necessary to come up with brilliant questions. After all, the answer should always be in your head.

Standard choose your mother’s maiden name, because it is unchangeable and unforgettable.

In the appropriate fields you need to enter the question and the answer. The system remembers it, and when you request to renew the password, it will ask you the answer to your secret question.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

If not one of the options are appropriate, select «Ask a private question». Write it below and give your answer.

If you enter phone number, then the same actions, you will receive an SMS with the code. You will rewrite the code in the appropriate field and enter your mailbox.

The end

The next field is «Enter the characters» or «Enter captcha», below is a picture of the written characters that they then have to enter in the lower field.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

To complete your registration you need to:

  • to tick that you agree with the rules of Yandex;
  • click on the Register button.

All mailbox is created.

Now you came to the page with your emails. There is already one incoming letter from Yandex. You can access it by clicking on Inbox, and in the appeared window click on the letter itself.

How to start an e-mail on Yandex under a different name

Internet users, email is needed for different purposes. Very handy to have, for example, to obtain subscriptions to a private address. Then important emails are not lost among the newsletters.

First you need to get out of your mail:

  • in the upper right corner to click on the icon the form of a man;

    Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

  • in the drop-down menu, choose «exit».

Click on the «Register» button and fill in all the fields of the registration form. Only now enter a different username, he must also be free.

Password you can enter the same, so convenient. But the repetition of passwords makes your security vulnerable. Therefore, a box for receiving letters with personal information, it’s better to set a password. However, he never needs to be used.

Security question can be left the same as in the first box.

If you entered a phone number when creating a new address, you need to specify a new one. You must have access to this room, as it will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

Similarly, completing the creation.

Use mail

Now we need to understand how to work with email. Immediately after registration you get to the control panel messages.

On the left there is a menu:

  • Inbox – come and collected the letter is received. In order to open a letter, you just need it move the cursor and click the left mouse button. Unread – bold. When you open the letter it will not;
  • sent – the name speaks for itself. Here holds all of your messages and sent to the recipient;
  • deleted message from any folder you can remove, after which it go to this folder;
  • spam all advertising correspondence get here;

Important! Spam can get your desired message, so it is best to periodically check this folder and delete unnecessary.

  • drafts – if you wrote a text, and got distracted, can it save and not send. To find the saved message in the drafts folder;

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

In order to create the message you need to:

  • go to the post office;
  • select the tab «Letters» — «to Write»;
  • in the to field, enter the email address of the recipient;
  • in the «Subject» is the title of the message (optional);
  • in the big white box – the text of the message;
  • click «Send».

All the message was sent. You can also attach a card or a file.

Delete the message in two ways:

  • to open the email and click top button «Delete»;
  • open the folder where the junk mail, put a check mark next to it. At the top click «Remove».

On top is a horizontal menu:

  • letters;
  • disk;
  • contacts.

Each of these items has its sub-items. Work with e-mails described above. Are kept on disk large files; and in contacts you can create a notebook, with addresses of their scribes.

Be sure to go out of the box at the end of work. So no one can read your correspondence.

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

Then again to get in the mail you need:

  • go to the main page;
  • enter your username and password;
  • click «Login».

Create mail for your domain

If you are a domain owner can create a mailbox with the address «imagemany» where name is any word. For a single domain, the service allows you to create up to thousands of mailboxes.

Plus, you can connect to the corporate domain. With it you can create emails for your employees.


  1. go to the login page of the domain;
  2. fill in the appropriate fields;
  3. click «Connect».

Инструкция по созданию бесплатной электронной почты на Яндексе

The system will take you to the page with your domains.

To get started you should:

  • to verify your domain;
  • to send a domain to manage services.

Create a mailbox – it’s easy and fast. Yandex ru intuitive interface. Therefore, it is enough to read the clues and fill in the appropriate fields.

The service is pretty wide. It would seem that the creators have thought of everything, just to make it easier for users.

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