how to create a screenshot on a laptop screen

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How to create a screenshot on a laptop screen

The word Screen Shot (screenshot) means «the» or «photo» screen. Other, more understandable words, is the frame that seals what is currently displayed on the monitor. This kind of «photography».

A screenshot is a fairly simple, necessary and important instrument to preserve what is demonstrated on the computer monitor of the machine. The or photo with the monitor screenshot – identical concepts that carry unambiguous meaning.

Why the need for the screen?

Innovative Internet technologies are making daily in modern society a lot of changes, to respond to that desirable every second.

Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

It is from the speed of responding to a number of the situation and the speed of solving a problem (technical, informational, custom, personal) often depends not only temporary, but the financial side of the question. Therefore, users have a number of requirements that should have a modern Internet surfing. Namely, to be the simplest and most intuitive to use.

A screenshot of the monitor can be used in different situations and variations of their solution, but most often it is used in the following cases:

  1. when the computer encountered a problem need to discuss in the forum, in the thematic group or community. Now not necessarily immediately run to the service center for Troubleshooting or problems. Using the screenshot, it is sufficient to send an email to the which will fully be able to describe the problem. After all, the words ordinary man in the street may not always properly describe the situation as this will bring the screenshot;
  2. if You need to present a detailed step-by-step algorithm of work with the program, service, game, etc. Screenshot allows maximum to demonstrate executing a number of actions;
  3. if You are working on a private project, it will be appropriate step-by-step illustration of the progress of the work;
  4. when you need to capture important and interesting moments in the game, or work on a program;
  5. if you want to experiment with photos or images;
  6. when you need to write posts with a picture.

Video: Make the laptop screen

Ways to create

Today computer and Internet industry offers several opportunities for obtaining the screenshot from the most primitive way to advanced special applications which offer various options for the editing of different shots.

There are two options, the use of which allows to screenshots:

  • Snapshots of the images using features of the operating system on a computer device.
  1. does not require additional installation of special software.
  2. the mandatory use of the computer application Paint.
  • Getting screenshots by using special apps which are designed to perform this function.
  1. you do not want to resort to using a graphical editor;
  2. the software may be malicious;
  3. requires additional megabytes of memory during installation.

If You are interested in, does the quality from using one or the other method of getting screenshots, then there are no notable differences, if you look at the end result. And the first and second methods to quickly and efficiently perform the function of screenshot.


If You don’t have established special programs that allow you to make a copy of the image, then offer You to take advantage of the operating system itself.

The easiest and most affordable way to create screenshot key is «Print screen» (Print screen). Its literal translation to English means «Print screen». Such button on the keyboard no, because this key has a completely different look and depends on the creativity of designers. All modern laptops can have two types of keyboard. This is a standard keyboard and the keyboard is expanded (through the use of lateral digits).

So the key may be depicted on the keyboard in the label Print screen or Prt Sc, PrtScr, PrtScn.

Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

To get a screenshot of the device monitor offer You to perform the following steps:

  • open on the screen, the desired object (photo, video, picture, etc) from which you want to make a screen;
  • press PrtScn (it is usually located at the top right or next to the Backspace key (above, right or left, depending on laptop model)). When you run the action nothing happens;
  • if you want to make the not only monitor, but only the active window, then you should use a combination of two keys «Alt+Print screen»;
  • open any of: Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint, Power Point or graphic editor Adobe Photosop, i.e. one in which plan to work on (it could be);
  • insert the received object;

you can click:

  1. «Ctrl+V»;
  2. the right mouse button and from the context menu select «insert»;
  3. the string «edit» and then select «Paste».
  • if necessary, edit the resulting fragment;

The most adapted and more functional option for editing screenshots is Paint (image editor), which is represented by Microsoft Office and is already installed in the laptop. Through Paint You can cut, save, draw, insert, edit data. In General, to realize all Your creative ideas.

  • next, choose «File» and «Save as» or press key combination «Crtl+S»;

The Snipping Tool

If Your laptop is Laden with the version of Windows 7 or later, then take a picture using the snipping tool.

Offer You to perform a number of actions according to the following algorithm:

  1. click «start»;
  2. click on the line «All programs»;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  3. scroll down and click «Standard»;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  4. open the «Scissors»;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  5. open the app. Before Your eyes will appear a window;
  6. click «Options». With their help You can change the settings. After the changes, click OK;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  7. select «Create».

    This function allows you to select the area you want and edit it at will.

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  8. after operations, click «File» and «Save as».

Editor of «Scissors» is the main editing tool that allows you to save captured image in several graphics formats. Through the app you can insert a picture in any soft and send by e-mail.

How to make a screenshot of the laptop screen in SnagIt

SnagIt is a utility that developed by «TechSmith» in 1990. Its primary function is capturing images situated on the desktop of the device and the creation of screenshots of these sites.

Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке


  • the opportunity to use the trial version for 30 days;
  • allows you to capture any area of the picture and in any form;
  • the presence of a lot of tool editor, which allows you to impose images of different effects (zoom, resolution, color variation);
  • to do the multiple fields of the monitor;
  • add footnotes and explanations, using signature stamps; insert shapes (geometric, custom shapes, arrows, etc.);
  • the ability to access an object in another program and immediately send in any applications Office;
  • extract any necessary graphics and icons from format files DLL, EXE;
  • lightweight, easy to use;
  • Russian version of the interface;
  • low weight (30 MB)


  • paid version.


In order to install SnagIt, follow the guidelines:

  • download SnagIt, for example, SnagIt 10 Rus;
  • run the installation file;
  • when installing, select «Licensed»;
  • when setting the request key;
  • generate a key in keygen (open keygen folder (located in files) and generate the data Name and Key, copy and paste them in the field);
  • install;
  • if installed, run the crack;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  • install crack;
  • restart SnagIt.


The program is very convenient and easy to use. Allows you to copy not only texts and pictures but also short videos. Affordable and intuitive interface allows maximum use of SnagIt.

To begin, you must perform several steps:

  • start SnagIt;
  • choose actions, e.g., Image, Video, Text;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  • determine desired action;
  • capture image. To do this, click the big red button in the lower right corner;

    Инструкция по созданию скриншота экрана на ноутбуке

  • the captured image opens in the Snagit editor;
  • here You can change it before saving:
  1. to add a footnote;
  2. to add a stamp or arrows;
  3. to insert text or link;
  4. trim the edges.
  • after editing save the object;
  • if you forgot to save the object or accidentally close SnagIt, it will not disappear, and will be available when you reopen the program;
  • click on the Snagit icon (top right corner) and select option «Save as» or press Ctrl+S;
  • optionally, select object format and its quality.

Online services

To take a screenshot using the online services. Their advantage is that you can immediately get a link.

That is not necessary:

  1. to save an image;
  2. send it to;
  3. make.

With simple operations:

  • highlight the desired item;
  • photograph;
  • to generate a link;
  • by clicking on the link, the recipient can see the screenshot.

Here are the most popular services:

  1. Monosnap;
  2. Joxi;
  3. LightShot;
  4. Floomby.

The Internet industry expands daily, the possibilities of computer technology. Each of You can take a screenshot on the laptop monitor, the necessary object information. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options create screen, make your choice and start working today.

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