How to create a restore point for Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

How to create a restore point for Windows 7

To work correctly, Windows 7 requires that it register files and data. If they are damaged or deleted, the performance of your computer will be violated.

This will be manifested in the following problems: slow work, and there is no option to download the desired programs, or they work incorrectly. It may be that the PC wouldn’t turn on at all.

This is always unsettling, especially if your work depends on using a PC, but to fix the system of work is possible without the help of the wizard. Windows 7 has everything necessary to solve this problem. In order to recover the performance of the computer should use the system restore feature. What it is, what you need and how to create a rollback point, now know.

What is the «system Restore»?

The system restore function is designed to return the operating system to the time when the operation occurred normally. It may be required if you delete any files that ensure proper operation of the OS.

Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

To break it can:

  1. malicious software;
  2. banal non-observance of rules of use of the system files.

For those who are engaged in accounting, or playing computer games is absolutely unacceptable reinstall the whole operating system. In this case, if the user does not have backup documentation to another local disk or drive, then reinstall just destroying the work of reporting.

System restore affects only the important OS files, so the anxiety caused by the user removing photos, movies, other media items in vain. The letters that the owner of the computer received by email will also remain intact, so you can stop being afraid for their safety.

Windows 7 uses by default the option «system Protection». But its use is advisable only for the system local disks, but for the rest it is recommended to disable.

To do this you need to:

  • go to «System» computer;
  • choose «system Protection»;

    Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

  • click on the local disk on which no operating system installed, and go to «Settings»;
  • select disable system protection for the media and click «OK».

Types of return the operating system in normal mode much more.

This operation is performed by the following methods:

  • by downloading the latest favorable configuration is the most simple and often used way of renewed health. The first thing you should enter safe mode to do enough to restart the computer, press F8, choose «Safe mode» and then click «Enter»;
  • in the mode of the nominal return of the system back to normal – with this method, you commit the health of the OS, and when using safe mode and the original disk Windows 7 – enter the «Safe mode» insert installation disk and choose not installation, and restoration. Thus, by means of boot disk will be the analysis of the system operation, Troubleshooting or absence of certain data, and then rollback is carried out;
  • through the previously made backup – at this stage of the renewal with an earlier backup of your Windows 7. Data may be written to a USB stick, which will be rolled back. He performed, as in the case of the installation disk.

To return the OS to normal operation, a special point which it will happen.

It contains registry settings and other data that apply to Windows 7. It is similar to a game checkpoint, which in case of failure of the OS will be restarted. Procedure before installing new software. You should understand how to do it.

Video: Creating point

Create recovery

Create restore point Windows 7 can be done in two ways:

  1. manually;
  2. automatically.

The first step is to figure out how to create user manually.

The process of forming a manually

The algorithm for creating a rollback point is simple and consists of step-by-step the following steps:

Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

  • click the right mouse button on the icon «Computer» on the desktop or the start menu;

    Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

  • choose «Properties» and go to the familiar count «system Protection»;

    Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

  • in the window that appears, you should write the name of the rollback point;

    Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

  • this begins the creation;
  • in the final process, you will receive a notification about the successful completion of the operation.

Nothing complicated in the use of manual method is not, however, thanks to the automatic option solve the problem once and for all get rid of the inconveniences that are associated with the renewal of Windows 7.

Automatic creation of restore points Windows 7

In order to rid yourself of the need to manually create rollback the users of Windows 7 to its developers presented a simplified version. It allows you to make automatic creation of a rollback at startup. This method is a little more complicated, but much more efficient, comfortable and entirely makes life easier for all PC owners.

There are two possible methods to automatically create:

  1. fully automatic – rollback will be created without the user’s knowledge;
  2. semi-automatic – you will need to enter the name of the point at every system startup.

The choice of method is individual, but most owners prefer the first technique because it deprives them having to do anything. Then you will be given two codes were automatically generated. They should be copied into a text document and then save, putting the extension «.vbs».

Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

It is very important to consider when creating use Notepad, when you save select file type «Text files» and the name will need to create in quotes, e.g. «Name.vbs». If you selected file type «All files», you can abandon the use of quotation marks.

Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

Let us examine step by step the algorithm of further actions:

  • open the folder in which you saved your code;
  • hold down the «Alt» key and clicking the left mouse button on the created script, drag it into start menu folder «startup». To simplify your task, make a shortcut of the script, send it to the desktop. Once you have created the shortcut, then press a key on the keyboard is not required. From there, drag and drop, while holding down the left mouse button;
  • that all went well we should not rush and immediately throw the «Alt» key and the left mouse button. Wait under the startup folder is highlighted, the line that reads «Create link in the Startup». Only after that toss the mouse and keyboard.

    Как создать точку восстановления для Виндовс 7

Regardless of which option was chosen, now the system will automatically create a point to restore at every startup. It is very convenient because you do not need to do manual steps before installing the new software on the computer. Work without fear of any problems, as the start of a rollback can be triggered at any moment.

Questions and answers

Now let’s review the answers to frequently asked questions about all of the above.

Changes made when correcting/restoring might be noted?

Amended may be canceled by the user. To do this, simply enter the «system Restore» and click undo changes. This operation is recommended if problems with Windows 7 not fixed.

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Which files are changed in the system when you restore?

They may be amended only the system and registry data. Return the operating system leaves your personal files untouched, so do not fear for your photos, music, videos and email. The resumption is unable to recover previously deleted documents and files.

How to choose a restore point?

Windows 7 recommends the latest self-made points. In addition, the user has the discretion to choose from which will start the execution of the renewal.

How to store a restore point?

They are stored until then, until it fills the space allotted to them on the local disk. In addition, the system can automatically remove older, but if the user disable the «system Protection» on the local disk, all the points made for him previously will be deleted.

Missing the point of resuming Windows 7, what to do?

They can disappear, in addition to W7 if you have a different OS, as well as the Defragmenter can delete them together with shadow copies of data. In addition, you may not have enough memory for them or the system clears on their own.

It is impossible to create point?

To solve «can not create waypoint» go to «control Panel» choose «administrative tools», then go to «Services». In the opened window find the «volume Shadow copy» double click and change the status to «manual». After this inconvenience will be eliminated.

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