How to connect to 4g on the tablet and the network on iPhone 5s

By | 10.12.2018

How to connect 4g phone and network on the iPhone 5s

Tablets, portable computers and other office equipment convertible is firmly established in our everyday life thanks to its versatility and ease of construction. Their occurrence in the market of technology has resulted in the displacement of desktop PCs, netbooks and laptops. Similar trends are observed in the creation of high-speed wireless network connections. 4G connectivity at the moment can be called a novelty, as it is not fully formed by the developers.

What is 4G

To properly connect something possible only in the case if you know the nature and characteristics of the connected element. 4G is the modern standard for wireless communication, characterized by a high data transfer rate. As the last word in the development of wireless Internet, it is actively implemented by all mobile operators. At its core, this new is an improved version of the old generation networks. A direct proof of this can serve as 3G and 2G technologies.

Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

Network generation 2G allowed us to make the connection of digital and provided us high-quality voice connection. It came to replace the 3G technology has given the possibility of users with sufficient speed to transfer data and watch videos online.

As for 4G, it has not yet been developed to the end, but, of course, will connect the best from the old ways of connection and novelty of technical ideas.

How to connect 4G modem

Manufacturers of portable computer equipment and the majority of mobile operators are actively highly popularized 4G technology. In this regard, the logical question becomes: how to connect 4G Internet to the tablet or another gadget?

Main ways in which 4G connectivity of the Internet can be considered:

  • using mobile router with support for 4G;
  • using the laptop;
  • using hotspot;
  • using a smartphone that has a built-in 4G-modem.

The process of setting up any 4G device takes one minute to half an hour. It is absolutely not difficult and gives you the ability to connect the device to any user.

Video: How to connect 4G USB modem to the computer

Via a Wi-Fi router

Directly 4G USB modem can only be connected to your laptop or computer. Tablets, iPads, iPhones and other portable wonders need at least a Wi-Fi or network cable. The problem of connecting several types of computer technology can solve Wi-Fi router.

Connection 4G-modem with a router with the following:

  • check the device compatibility (depending on the model modem you need to find the router);
  • attach the modem to the USB port of the router;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • go to settings and press to arising tab «Network» then «Internet Access»;
  • of the four modes of operation to choose, or «3G/4G Only or 3G/4G Preffered»;
  • save the changes «Save».

After all the join operations, the device will give the Internet at all. The router must support 4G, otherwise all settings will be simply useless.

Via laptop

The easiest way to connect the 4G modem is a direct connection through a laptop. Only in this case does not require any additional device, only the right setting and the modem, which will turn into a router.

Connect to laptop USB modem, you can follow these rules:

  • connected to the USB port notebook modem device;
  • activate the device (just need to follow all pop-up Windows on the screen);
  • go to the menu «start» — «All programs» — «Accessories»;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • click on the tab «Command prompt» and select «Run as administrator»;
  • go to «control Center network and sharing» and choose «Change adapter settings»;
  • in the connections window, choose what has access to the Internet;
  • click on the connection right click and select «Properties»;
  • in the properties window select the Access tab and put a checkmark in «Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet»;
  • select the created connection, click «OK» and close the window.

Don’t forget that universal instructions on how to create those connection through the laptop does not exist, because modems and providers are many and different. But the General setting is still there and he is one.

Using Wi-Fi hotspots

The most modern shopping centers, cafés and shops set their hotspot Wi-Fi points of access. Despite the fact that this method of connection 4G modem not the best, it exists and sometimes can be free.

The join algorithm using point of public access to the following:

  • connect the modem to a portable computer;
  • go to Network connections and find wireless Wi-Fi network with the name of your provider;
  • in your browser, open any website (instead of it you should see a page for your Internet provider services);
  • when the access point is free, the page is a big button «Connect for free» and click; if the paid – need to pay to obtain the password, which is then entered along with the username in the special fields;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • move to «Settings» and successively click on the tabs on the emerging «Network», «Internet Access»;
  • in a special window among the proposed modes opted for «3G/4G Only or 3G/4G Preffered»;
  • save the changes «Save».

Connect in this order is possible with any devices with wifi adapter.

How to connect a 4g modem to the Android

If the tablet has a built-in 4G modem, it significantly simplifies the connection. But if you have a cheap device that is focused on working with networks of an older generation or even Wi-Fi’em, you need to know how to connect 4G Internet to the tablet yourself.

Standard procedure:

  • plug the modem;
  • go to the tablet consistently in the «Menu», «Settings», «network» and select «network Type»;
  • select mode LTE/CDMA create a 4G connection.

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

We must remember that the settings may vary slightly depending on your tablet model and operating system. The most difficult will be to create a high-speed connection to the Android operating system. This system is just not able to recognize the 4G modem as a separate device.

To Beeline

Mobile operator Beeline provides the ability to connect to 4G Internet with only the special SIM card and modem.

Algorithm connect is a little different from ways to connect to other providers:

  • selected tariff plan, card and modem (one provider);
  • connects a USB device to a special connector on the tablet;
  • in turn, open the tabs: «Internet», «Modems» and click on the name of «USB device»;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • in the «configuring the connection to mobile network» set the checkmark in «Enable modem» and «Use for Internet access»;
  • in the field «Operator» Beeline to select, and press the «Apply»button.

The installation can be considered complete.


Mobile operator MTS is one of the largest providers of 4G communications. He has quite good coverage, and it means that the connection is really fast and rarely intermittent.

In order to get Internet on MTS modem, do the following:

  • select a subscription service plan and buy a SIM card;
  • to buy a modem from the provider;
  • to connect the communications device to the USB port of a gadget;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • after connecting the modem open tabs: «Internet», «Modems» and click on the name of «USB device»;
  • in the «configuring the connection to mobile network» set the checkmark in «Enable modem» and «Use for Internet access»;
  • in the field «Operator» select MTS and press the «Apply»button.

Connection setup is extremely simple and does not technically different from installing other types of mobile 4G connections.

To MegaFon

MegaFon is one of the most common operators that provide 4G services connection. How to connect 4G the megaphone the modem to the tablet? The answer to this question read below.

Standard connection sequence is the following:

  • choose a tariff plan and the included SIM card in the device;
  • connect the modem to the USB connector;
  • go to the menu «Internet», then «Modems» and click on write USB device;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • in the window «configure network» mark with a tick the «Enable modem» and «Use for Internet access»;
  • in the field «Operator» MegaFon select and click «Apply».

Turns out it’s pretty simple, but first you need to buy the card operator and the portable communication device from the service provider.

Connected 4G on iPhone 5S

The latest model iPhone 5 is best combined with the communication standards of the 4th generation. Currently, LMT 4G network work for all phone models from Apple.

But in order to access the wireless Internet of the new generation on the IPhone 5, you need to ensure you meet the following conditions:

  • the phone is running the new iOS version;
  • must be the newest operator of the installation (Carrier Settings);
  • to check settings go into «Settings» — «General» and «About»; if available then after a few seconds a window appears «Carrier Settings Update», which you need to click «Update»;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • after clicking the window does not appear – so it’s all OK, and the phone is on 4G mode;
  • next, go through the corridor of the tabs «Settings» –> «CellularData» and turn on Enable LTE.

The connection is established. Do not forget the following: it is necessary to use a 4G SIM card in order to be in the coverage LMT 4G.

Operator MegaFon

For owners of high-tech products, the Apple company MegaFon has made available the widest 4G network in Russia.

The algorithm to connect the subscribers the following:

  • check the version of your IPhone and buy a 4G card from MegaFon;
  • updated operator settings under «About phone»;
  • connected one of the Internet options, go to the website of the provider;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • go to «Settings» and select «Enable LTE».

If your gadget supports 4G and all the settings you have made correctly, on the IPhone 5. the top panel displays значокLTE.

To Vodafone

Beeline was one of the first providers of 4G communication standards. This mobile operator became the first official provider of wireless Internet and a new generation of Apple products.

Connect your «Apple purchase» to the network of the operator in the following way:

  • check the 4G device;
  • buy USIM card from the operator Beeline;
  • updates provider settings by going to «Settings» — «General» — «About phone» (that is, updating the firmware);

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • after downloading the update in «Settings» choose «Enable LTE».

The connection process will be complete if you did everything right.

The operator MTS

Cellular operator MTS is one of the largest Russian suppliers of 4G communications. No doubt, the company could not «offend» the users of Apple products in the provision of high-speed Internet to their corporate acquisitions.

Connect 4G Internet from MTS on your phone or IPhone use the following:

  • buy USIM card from MTS;
  • load the new provider settings by going to «Settings» — «General» — «About»;
  • after the firmware update you should see «Carrier Settings Update»;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • if the window does not appear, then the updates are already installed and 4G mode in the operating state;
  • go back to «Settings» and select «Enable LTE».

That’s all the wisdom of the installation of the latest communication standard for this operator.

Check the Internet

The lack of Internet connection is one of the main reasons because of which the settings seem out of place and useless. But do not rush to conclusions.

The presence of a 4G connection can be verified very easily:

  • for phones and tablets from Apple at the top of the screen should be the icon to «LTE»;

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

  • for tablets and phones running on Android-based top of the screen must contain the designation «4G».

    Как подключить 4g на планшете и сеть на iPhone 5s

Do not panic if such symbols you will not find on the screen of your portable device. Make sure first that are in the coverage area of the provider.

One of the main differences between the connections of the 4th generation is their data transfer speed. This communication standard is the latest enhancement of mobile Internet, the main problem which for a long time was its slowness. If you choose this method of access to the Internet, you need to know the sequence of actions required to successfully connect a 4G modem to tablets and other portable devices. Without this expect to receive all the benefits of the mobile Internet is not worth it.

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