How to connect computer to computer via usb cable?

By | 10.12.2018

The pairing of the two computers via the USB port for data transfer

To connect «computer to computer» via a cable it is necessary in the case of buying a new device that needs to transfer account information or personal files from your old PC or use it as a distributor of Internet. In this process there are some subtleties, so let’s consider them in more detail.

Cable type

Connecting 2 computers using an ordinary usb cable it is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • possible failure of both devices;
  • incomplete information transmission;

Windows Easy Transfer Cable is a type of port through which is possible a secure connection. Externally it differs from an ordinary usb controller (little box between two plugs).

Less likely to use Smart Link, because it works after the installation of a special USB Link to an active mode Hot Swap. The stability of the session is possible with OS Windows 98.

Specifications for interfacing computers

The main technical characteristics of cable Windows ETC, through which you can connect two computers include:

  • the data transfer speed is 20 MB/s, but the rate may vary depending on the activity of antivirus software and speed of the machine;
  • cable connectors USB Type A;
  • chip tuning Prolific PL-25A1;
  • length 1 m.
  • working in OS Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Connecting two computers via cable

How to connect one computer to a second computer via a usb cable? Connect follows this principle:

  • the program is run system file Total Commander;
  • start by selecting «network»/»connect using ports lpt/usb;

    Attention! These 2 actions are performed on two machines.
  • to determine the importance of one of the cars: one to use as a server, the second as a software component that uses the resources of the server (remote);
  • when you query for Total Commander which port you want to connect (usually a window POPs up in case of multiple connectors at the same time), choose USB;
  • the session terminate command to the server to interrupt for a remote machine to disable (valid intercourse Ctrl+Shift+F).

The advantages of pairing one or the other computer via usb carry high potential edit, browse, delete, files, directory synchronization. Disadvantages – the inability to run programs.

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