How to connect a USB flash drive to the TV if there is no USB

By | 10.12.2018

How to connect a USB flash drive to the TV if there is no USB

Modern cinema has long stepped beyond that originally proposed by the Lumiere brothers. We are now able to have your own cinema at home and enjoy the creations of the filmmakers on the big screen at any time. To do this, just throw the movies on a flash drive and connect it to the USB connector of your SAMSUNG TV.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

Most modern models allow you to do this without any problems. But how to connect a USB flash drive to the old TV? The absence of older models, the USB connector adds to the problems, but in this case it is possible to find a solution. Just need to know what other ways are there of connecting the portable media to a regular TV, and use them in everyday life.

How to connect pendrive to the TV

There are three main connectivity options removable media to your LG TV:

  • via a USB port – the easiest and convenient way;
  • using the DVD player (or rather, its through a USB connector);
  • via a USB connector of the media player.

All three methods are fairly simple. But there are other connectivity options. At their core lies the use of a USB connector. For example, you can connect the tablet or a powerful phone via the port on the drive. But how to connect a USB flash drive to a TV without USB input? Configured with the appropriate interface, it can be done via HDMI or SCART.

Connected using the USB connector

Connecting via USB port is the easiest and convenient way.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

Most modern TVs have this useful and functional device. Usually the connector is located on the rear panel of the TV. All depends on the model of SONY TV. Sometimes it can be found on the front or side panel.

After connecting, the only thing you need to do:

  1. toggle image with button TVAV;
  2. to select already on a flash drive the video file you want to play.

If the screen will register an error playing the file – this means that your TV simply does not support the specified format. This trouble can be avoided if you know what formats can reproduce exactly your model. Using the Internet for video you can choose the type of download or use Convention files.

Video: how to connect a USB flash drive to iPad?

DVD player – watch movies from a flash drive

Do not be upset if the TV does not have USB port. The flash drive can be connected via the DVD player. However, will have to use the same USB port. Some may show inappropriate use of portable media in the case where it is possible to play DVDs.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

But for most to work with a flash drive much easier. If the player is already available, it is sufficient to connect the drive to a USB port. You can then turn on the player and the PHILIPS TV, and then calmly to enjoy watching. Those who have such a device yet, you can buy a small economical model, which will serve as an intermediary in your relations with blue screen.

Media player — Explorer video flash drive

Media player is a modern device that has become a good alternative to a DVD player.

Using it, you can also connect the portable drive to the TV. To do this, simply connect the player and TV, and then connect to the latest USB.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

If the media player is still not available – this is not a problem. On the market modern technology, there are many models of the economy that will help for a little money to establish contact between the stick and TV.

How to connect tablet to TV via USB as a USB flash drive

Any modern mini-computer can act as a portable memory, and quite successfully, as it turned out. If you want to see the movie on the big screen, it is enough to download it and know how to connect the tablet to the TV.

There are several basic variants of connection:

  • using HDMI cable;
  • using other cables and connectors;
  • using the docking station;
  • via a USB cord.

Before attempting to connect, we first need to determine the capabilities of the tablet.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

Connect with tulips and other cables is a problem solving solution. This type of connection requires certain knowledge and skills. In addition, you will have to pre-purchase a few adapters and cables. Today this method is no longer relevant, get with it video never guarantee the playback of files in a decent quality.

The best option is to use HDMI cable. It allows to create a standard connection for tablets. The main thing is to buy a cord. The device you will produce subsequent configuration in the first connection.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

The simplest way remains connect your tablet to the TV via USB cable. For this you just need to connect two devices. The tablet, in most cases, it will appear as removable media, and you will be able to select a file for playback. Most modern computers are sold complete with a USB cable, so you likely won’t have to buy it separately.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

Owners of large plasma TVs will not be superfluous to think about buying a docking station, even if you are completely satisfied with the result of the work with a USB cord. The station has a lot of different connectors and connectivity options, and also helps to reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the tablet.

Problem viewing movies from a flash memory

Modern TVs has leaped forward in its development and allow us to view the photos, videos and listen to audio through portable devices. Flash drives have a relatively small amount of memory, but they are easy to use. TV to connect a portable memory is sufficient to have only one USB port. The stick can quickly throw the necessary file and immediately begin viewing.

There is no need to use something else. But the use of portable memory is not a guarantee that there will be no problems when playing. Quite often users are faced with a number of nice moments that do not allow them to enjoy watching a movie on the big screen. To solve any problem is to know its causes.

As it turned out, the reason for the occurrence of conflict situations between the stick and TV abound:

  1. Reason # 1 – the TV does not see the portable drive. This is the most common issue when connecting. The reason for this can be incompatible with system requirements file format, much of the media, incorrect formatting, or the inability of the port to outside connections. In order to safely enable a USB flash drive and enjoy the film, initially you need to understand what formats the TV supports. It is advisable to use drives of very large volumes and before connecting to watch main characteristics of the user. In that case, if the connector was the service and it is not possible to play the files, it is possible to unlock and use for other purposes. Unlock procedure is not simple enough. It is better to contact the webmaster to resolve this problem.
  2. Reason # 2 – the TV sees the flash drive but cannot see the information on it. Before downloading, you must know which types of files can play TV. Device formats must match.
  3. Reason # 3 – TV does not read all files. You can easily view photos or listen to music, but if you play a video the TV says «playback error» file — this means that it does not support its format. To solve this problem is quite simple. Need to know what formats the TV supports, and download files in them. Another way is koncentrovana files, convert to the desired format. There are many programs that allow you to do it quickly and without quality loss.

The TV may not recognize the flash drive. It has its own reasons and very often they can be addressed independently.

Install Flash Player on TV

To view files from external media on your TV is possible, if it has Flash Player. For each brand of televisions, there is a special software. The installation of third-party programs such as Adobe Flash Player, will not give the desired effect. For example, PHILIPS TVs have an established service is a Smart TV which allows you to view movies and other media files online.

But in some models of SONY TVs, designed by the manufacturer of a set of functions that allows you to play files from external media in mind technological limitations. Functionality always depends on the brand and model number of the TV. His newer series, the more technological capabilities.

Video: IPTV on Smart tv

The development of modern computer technology provides us with a unique opportunity to combine the power of TV and office equipment. Sticks and other portable hard drives, are intermediaries in these relationships. They enable us to enjoy photos, music and movies on the big screen. Model almost all modern TVs equipped with USB port that allows at any time to connect a USB flash drive and play back the information recorded on it.

Как подключить флешку к телевизору, если нет USB

But to this rule there are exceptions. There are TVs that have no such USB connector. Very often is the old model with quite limited functionality. In such cases, the drive can be connected via a number of third-party devices, such as player or tablet. This needs to possess them and know how to properly connect it together. Files will be played, but sometimes problems can occur. These problems can be solved if you know the causes. Knowing the essence of the problem to find a solution is always possible, the main thing – to have desire.

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