How to configure wifi router Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

By | 10.12.2018

How to set wifi router Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

Keenetic GIGA 2 router from new product line of Zyxel, specially for which has developed a completely new platform NDMS V2. This model is characterized by its versatility and impressive hardware «stuffing» that can cope with high loads.

This is especially true for those users who daily share large amounts of information in a work or entertainment purposes, for example, using file-sharing networks.

Among other features Keenetic GIGA 2 can be noted:

  • the ability to download files at speeds up to 1 Gbps (if permitted by the provider of the bundle);
  • working as 3G/4G router, if your device is to connect a USB modem;
  • support for removable drives;
  • support the Torrent client is already built into the software shell;
  • significantly increased overall speed of data transmission.

Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

Next, we consider the details of the connection and settings of this router.

Connecting the router

Let’s look at what we’ll find in the box with the device:

  • router;
  • power adapter;
  • network patch cord;
  • instruction in Russian language;
  • guarantee;
  • brochure and advertising information.

The connection device is a few easy steps:

  • unpack the device;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  • connect the power adapter and connect it to the network;
  • Internet cable from ISP connected to one of the WAN interfaces.
  • using a patch cord, connect the LAN port connector and the network adapter on the computer.


Proceed to configure the router Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2. First we need to authenticate to access the web interface:

  1. on the PC open any browser and copy in the address bar «», press «Enter»;
  2. once in the menu, enter the user name and password («admin» both times), click «Login»;
  3. in the next dialog box, choose Russian language (upper right corner).

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

Configure Internet protocols

Your router is now ready for further work. Consider the main types of Internet connections that we may encounter.


The Protocol of this type uses the provider Beeline.

To configure the connection in this case, you will need:

  1. in the web interface go to the tab «Internet» and then choose «Login» from the drop-down list.
  2. the design of the Protocol network access, specify the «L2TP»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  3. in the description field enter the name of the future connection.
  4. «Server address», the username and password found in the contract from the service provider;
  5. In the authentication field, enter: «chap», «pap», «mschap»;
  6. click «apply» to save the changes.

The configuration of the connection to the Beeline completed.


Proceed to install PPPoE connection that is used by the company Rostelecom

  1. go into the interface, open the tab «Internet» and «Authorization»;
  2. types of Protocol specified PPPoE;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  3. the username and password found in the contract with the provider;
  4. set automatic configuration of IP settings;
  5. the server name and description is optional;
  6. select «Apply» and exit.


To install a wireless network we need:

  1. click on «wifi Network»;
  2. next, in the tab «access Point» set to «Enable»;
  3. specify the name of the network in the «SSID»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  4. in the «Protection» referred to WPA-PSK which will provide the best compatibility;
  5. in the «security Key» create a password for a new connection;
  6. «Apply» to save the settings.

Attention! When you specify a security key (password) is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • it should consist of one word written in Latin letters and figures;
  • to be at least 8 characters and not exceed 63.

This setup is finished – restart the router and check the connection.

Video: Quick setup ZyXEL Keenetic GIGA II

How to set IPTV

IPTV, or digital TV, provided by the provider is becoming more popular. To activate this function, go through the simple setup process:

  1. go to the menu of the router, using the address «»;
  2. specify a password and a username (default «admin» in both fields);
  3. go to the tab «Network»;
  4. click on «Connect» and then «Broadband Connection»;
  5. here, activate the two options «Use connector» and «Use for Internet access» by checking them;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  6. agree with getting automatic IP configuration;

Attention! Some providers may not support automatic IP setting. In this case, select «No IP address». To verify this information from the technical support provider.

  1. in front of the port, which will later be used to connect IPTV set-top box, click «Insert»;
  2. the saved settings.

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2


The importance of timely software update probably knows every user. Outdated software can not only start to falter, but often does not support the latest features added by the manufacturer to the device. To maintain stable operation of the router, you must regularly update its firmware, which is it a kind of «operating system».

Will begin this process:

  1. connect the router to the computer using the cable;
  2. go to its interface, select «System» and «Firmware», where identifies the current version of firmware installed on the device;
  3. go to the official website of the manufacturer – «»;
  4. then find the «classification of products», then «Network equipment»;
  5. in the section «Routers», we find our model – Keenetic GIGA 2;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  6. go to her page and go to the «Support» tab, click «Firmware»;
  7. upstairs in the list that appears is the number of the latest firmware version, if a newer version is available than the one installed, download it;
  8. specify the directory where to store the file and wait until it is downloaded;
  9. after the download is complete, unpack the archive;
  10. go back to control panel and click the «Browse»button;
  11. specify the path to the downloaded and unzipped file.
  12. run the firmware and wait for the process to complete, after which the system reboots.

Important! During firmware update do not unplug the power or remove the cables from the device – it not only stops the update process, but also lead to serious malfunctions of the equipment.

Change the factory default password

After you install and configure the router highly recommend that you change the default password that will help prevent unwanted connections from the outside. So:

  • go to the tab «System» then «Password»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Zyxel Keenetic GIGA 2

  • then make up and enter a new password twice;
  • save the changes by clicking «Apply».

We remind you that the default username and password for this model is «admin» for both cases.

As you can see, the setup of this model is somewhat different from its predecessors. Keenetic GIGA 2 is becoming more widespread among users of choosing optimal price of the device and its capacity. Setting up and preparing for work will take you very little time – just follow the above instructions or ask questions in the comments to the article.

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